These 40 Rare Historical Photos Will Leave You Speechless


Back before photos, we could only learn about other parts of the world through drawings or paintings. The majority of people lived their entire lives without ever having had their appearance, or their day-to-day world, recorded.

Since the first photograph was taken in the late 1820s, history has been captured. Now we can actually see real life events as they happen, and connect with past events in ways that were impossible for most of human existence. Not only are these historical photos notable for being incredibly rare and fascinating, they will also change the way you look at famous moments of the past. These are definitely worth taking a look!

American soldiers return home after World War II, 1945

American soldiers on their way home from World War II, 1945. We can just feel the excitement through the picture, that was held on board that ship, with thousands of men eager to return to their loved ones.


The Nation’s Sweetheart

This photo depicts an aerial view of the flowers left outside Buckingham palace after the death of Princess Diana, 1997. She was loved worldwide and her memory still lives on.


Phone Booth Fun

This comical black and white image shows how young ones would entertain themselves back in 1959, long before internet and television. We wonder just how many they managed to fit into the phone box. Oh innocent fun, we can’t imagine millennials doing this today.


Statue of Liberty

18,000 officers and men formed the Human Statue of Liberty in Des Moines, Iowa in 1918. The photo was taken as part of a campaign to sell war bonds during the first world war. This is really an astoundingly incredible picture.


Berlin Wall

This adorable image shows young German children building their own Berlin wall, 1961. Colored pictures had not yet been invented at this time. It shows the innocence of youth in one beautiful shot.



This amazing shot shows 400,000 people attended the historic Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. People from all over the country flocked to the dairy farm for days filled with music, partying, and free love. If only we could turn back time so we could have seen what it was like.


Beautiful Hearthrobs

Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot go for a stroll, 1968. This shot looks almost like a magazine editorial shoot. Bardot was a hottie, and he was a heart throb. Together they look really cool in the shot as if they knew they were being photographed.


Venice Canal Never Before Seen

The Venice Canals being drained and cleaned, 1956.


Coming To America

Women from Burma arrive in America, 1935. This rare and interesting image shows the stark contrast in ethnic cultures and traditions. Before the world of photographs, people would not have known about these women and their tribe.


Chinese Airstrike

A crying baby sits looking at the wreckage of a Chinese airstrike on Japan, 1937. Whoever captured this, really got an amazing snapshot in time at the terror of what was going on and this innocent baby who had been affected by such an atrocity.


Soldier loving animals

A loving and caring soldier feeds a hungry kitten, 1917. It was the middle of WWI, the ground was full of snow and rations were scarce, but never the less this kind soldier wanted to help the homeless kitten.


Man’s Best Friend

A dog holds onto his tiny owner, 1920. This cute image shows that dogs really are our best friends. However we wonder if he kept his balance long enough or if he fell forward into the water.


River Thames

Swimmers dive into the River Thames, 1934. The black and white image captures this moment perfectly, as onlookers watch as the daring divers soar through the air to land into the cold water of the Thames. The scene looks serene and peaceful almost like a painting.


The Real MGM

Everyone knows the lion that roars at the beginning of every movie that MGM produces, but very few people have ever seen the behind-the-scenes footage of how workers captured it. These photographers needed to be very careful during the process.


Rare Image Of Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge in the middle of its construction, 1935. Wow what a picture!



The A-bomb going off in Nagasaki, 1945. The smoke rising into the air from the explosion has created some what of an art work in the sky. Engulfing the clear sky into a demonic and eery monster. It is interesting to see how different cars were back in those days too.


Interesting Tool

This unique and surprising tool was supposed to treat heart problems somehow. This picture was taken in 1852. It is so interesting to see how they tried to treat ailments back then.


Some Like It Hot

A rare image of a friendly Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon filming Some Like It Hot in 1958.



Audrey Hepburn and Anthony Perkins talk on a plane, 1962. It is crazy to think that back then people smoked on airplanes and just about anywhere. Wow she was truly breathtakingly beautiful.


Soldiers Napping

This lovely picture portrays tired soldiers in Poland take a nap with their new puppy, 1945.


Lennon Love

Bob Dylan and John Lennon chat, 1965. Now this is an amazing shot. Two legends chatting about who knows what. They were kings of the music industry back then.


John Lennon Recording

John Lennon recording at Abbey Road, 1965. This is another incredible image.



Hitler stands in a crowd following the announcement of World War I, 1914. No one knew then that his member of the crowd would change the course of history years later.


MJ In The Future

This amazing picture shows a magazine from 1985,  where they attempted to guess what Michael Jackson would look like in the year 2000. For them, the year 2000 must have seemed like an eternity away. We love the mustache, however they definitely got it wrong.


Eiffel Tour

A man riding his bike down the Eiffel Tower, 1923. That is very comical, we wonder if anyone has tried that trick.


Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini posing for a photo, 1899.


The Worlds Smallest Store

The “world’s smallest store,” London, 1900. This image is a bit scary, the guy selling from the small store  looks a bit frightening. It is interesting to see what London looked like in those days, and thanks to the power of photos that is possible.


Real Life Titanic Footage

Survivors of the Titanic, 1912.


Genius Einstein

Albert Einstein poses with Native Americans, 1922 in this lovely heart warming picture.

Hitler’s Bunker

The bunker where Hitler killed himself. This image is eery and even the paintings are not straight on the wall, giving a feeling that something is not right. Hitler came here to end his life with the Russians liberated the concentration camps.


War Of Battleships

This incredible birds eye view image shows a battleship running aground during WWII.



Rare photos just before and after Ghandi’s assassination, 1948. These shots in black and white give it an even more special effect.



Ernest Hemingway sits in a bathtub, 1922. We wonder if this is where he got his inspiration from.


Rare Shot Of Two Evil Leaders

Lenin and Stalin pose for a photo, 1922.


Vintage Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, age four, 1950.


Throwback For Putin

This throw back shot shows Vladimir Putin in his younger years, 1970. He looks like he is posing for a modeling shot, all broody and serious with his hands on his waist glaring into the camera. He knows his angles.

Lumberjacks Amazing Find

Lumberjacks stop for a picture next to several felled California Redwood trees. These don’t look real, this discovery was amazing.


Paris crash

In 1895, a train in Paris overran its buffer stop due to the conductor trying to make up for lost time. He was traveling too fast, and the train crashed through the side of the building and spilled onto the street below.


Bruce Lee We Love You

This beautiful picture shows Bruce Lee receiving his training, 1955. We think it should be hung in a gallery.