How One Utah Couple’s Family Changed Unexpectedly Within 24 Hours

High School Sweethearts

Kaley and Jeremy met when they were children in elementary school. Back then they were only friends, but little did they know that they would grow into something much more special as time went on. The two also went to Junior high and high school together.

Junior Year

The two started dating during their junior year back in 2004. And, while in high school, Kaley and Jeremy’s relationship took a step forward. They were very much the high school sweethearts and fell in love with each other. Still, nothing could have prepared them for what was to come.

A Large Family

Since high school, Kaley and Jeremy knew that they were destined to be together. They were soulmates in every sense of the word and deeply in love. To them, everything seemed perfect. They even spoke about how excited they were to start a family one day.


Both Kaley and Jeremy dreamed of having a large family one day. They wished to have multiple children to share their overflowing love with. But unfortunately what had started as a dream, quickly turned into a nightmare that neither of them expected.

An Incurable Disease

At a very young age, Kaley was diagnosed with Lupus, an incurable disease that can be life crippling. She struggles with flare-ups of the disease and has to take strong medication because of the condition. Kaley didn’t know whether the incurable disease would shorten her life. What she also didn’t know was that the medication that she had to take would have an adverse reaction…

Married Life

Three and a half years after the Kaley and Jeremy started dating, they decided that the time had finally come to tie the knot. The couple got married in a beautiful ceremony with their closest family and friends. Just like many other happy couples, the two started having thoughts of creating a family a few years after being married. The two already had a dog, but they had so much more love to give that they felt they needed children to love and nurture. But not everything worked out as planned.


After a few years of trying for a baby with no success, Kaley and Jeremy began to suspect that something wasn’t right. Perhaps there was an issue with one of them, preventing the couple from getting pregnant.

Find Out

Going off their suspicions, both Jeremy and Kaley decided that they should go to the doctor to find out what the issue was. As it turned out, Kaley was in fact experiencing complications preventing the couple from getting pregnant. This was news that devastated the couple.

Not Giving Up

After looking into all of their options, Kaley and Jeremy decided that they would try fertility treatments. With Kaley’s health issues there was a chance that the fertility treatments wouldn’t help, but the couple wasn’t about to give up on their dream. Kaley went through the fertility treatments and they took a toll on her already poor health. After trying again for a long period of time, there was still no success in getting pregnant. Things weren’t looking good for the couple, so they were forced to go back to the doctors.

More Bad News

At the doctor’s Kaley and Jeremy were confronted with more bad news. Due to Kaley’s Lupus, the fertility treatments had no effect. That’s when the couple decided that they should start looking into other options to expand their family. The couple was adamant that they would have the family of their dreams; there was no way that they would give up now. They had their family there to support them through the entire process and help keep their spirits up. They also gave them some inspiration the couple decided to act on.


The Inspiration

The inspiration that Kaley and Jeremy received from their families was the idea of fostering or adopting a child in need. Kaley’s father was adopted and her sister even adopted a foster child into the family, so that option was something familiar to the family. “Ever since I was a teenager, and I knew what fostering and adoption was, I wanted that to be a part of my life whether I was able to have children biologically or not,” Kaley said. She wasn’t about to let a few setbacks get her down.


All Options Considered

So, after countless attempts to get pregnant naturally, Kaley decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps and foster a child. To the couple, nothing felt better than helping children in need of a home. Yet, at the same time, they wanted to keep all of their options open. At the same time, Kaley and Jeremy were looking into private adoption. The only issue? Private adoption is incredibly expensive and people wait for years upon years to receive a child if they qualify for adoption in the first place. The couple was in for some huge surprises.


Over The Moon

Even though private adoption is so expensive, the couple was head-strong and determined. Even though they didn’t have the money, they knew that everything would work out just as it was meant to. If it was their destiny to adopt a child, they would find a way to pay for it. That’s when the good news came in: they were getting their very first foster child. The couple was over the moon with excitement. Nothing made them happier than helping a child in need and giving them the love and attention that they deserve.


The Pain

Kaley and Jeremy grew very close to their foster child. But there was one thing that they weren’t emotionally prepared for, which was the loss and pain of having to give foster children away. In general, though, fostering a child is only a temporary arrangement. The pain of losing their beloved child was devastating. Could Kaley and Jeremy really deal with anymore pain and disappointment? Only time would tell.


Kaley and Jeremy knew that the road to having a family, at least for them, was going to be a long one full of road bumps. But they never expected the heartbreak that they would have to endure after giving away a child they loved. But it appeared that their luck was turning around. They received a call saying that there was a woman who was interested in giving the couple her baby. Jeremy and Kaley were over the moon with excitement. They were finally going to have a family, or so they thought!

The Fall

Eventually, the bad news came. The woman had decided that she wanted to keep her baby and not put it up for adoption. Jeremy and Kaley were disappointed, but after all they had already been through, they weren’t giving up hope. A few months after the first adoption fell through, Kaley and Jeremy received another phone call from the adoption agency. The couple had been chosen to adopt a baby that was due to be born in about five months. Would this just lead to another disappointment, or was luck really around the corner?


Growing Close

This time they thought things were going to be different. As the baby still had some time before being born, Jeremy and Kaley decided that they would get to know the mother and be with her throughout the entire pregnancy.
Over the span of four to five months, Jeremy and Kaley did everything that they could for the mother. They went with her to all of her doctor’s appointments, paid her expenses and offered her their moral support. The three grew very close.


Making Room

As the baby’s due date grew nearer and nearer, Jeremy and Kaley made sure that they had everything ready for the newborn. The couple was thrilled and waited in anticipation for the day that their daughter would be born.
Preparations for the baby were already complete, the nursery was ready and the house baby-proofed. They even moved into a bigger house just to have more room for her. Then, just a week before the due date, tragedy stuck.


Just one week before the mother was due to give birth, she decided that she didn’t want to give her daughter away for adoption after all. The couple was devastated. It seemed like all of their hopes and dreams came crashing down around them. Not only did they lose a child, they spent an incredible amount of time and energy being with the mother for all of her pregnancy. However, there was even more shocking news to come. The mother had been arrested and was facing prison time!

False Hope

At this point, Jeremy and Kaley received their third foster child, but this time it was two sisters named Haven and Indie. Both of them were under two years old. But this time the couple prepared themselves for the inevitable… that they would be taken away.


Not wanting to close off any of their options, Jeremy and Kaley decided to continue pursuing private adoption. And as luck would have it, they found out that there was a woman in a neighboring state of Arizona about to have twins. She was interested in putting them up for adoption but the couple, due to their past heartbreaking experiences, was cautious. Hopefully this time they wouldn’t be let down again. After everything they had been through, they didn’t know how much more they could take.

The Possibility

By this point the couple was already at the ends of their ropes, not knowing if they would ever be able to have a family that they could call their own. The family they had always dreamed of, but couldn’t have naturally. Jeremy and Kaley traveled back and forth to Arizona to get to know the woman who was potentially going to give her twins to them, taking more of their time and money. But it was something that was worth it for them, even if it seemed like it was just for the possibility of starting their family.


Kaley and Jeremy had already drained their bank accounts with the previous adoption attempts. But to them, some things are just more important than money. To have a family that they could love and cherish was priority number one. Now they were faced with the option of getting two babies. Something that they never thought was possible.

Grains of Salt

Just as Kaley and Jeremy had expected, the aunt of one of the girls they were fostering reached out to them. She expressed an interest in taking Haven and Indie. So, the couple prepared themselves for what they knew was going to happen from the beginning. In the meantime, they kept traveling back and forth from Utah to Arizona to visit the mother of the twins; the twins they were potentially going to adopt once they were born. But again, they took everything with a grain of salt.


Finally, the due date for the twins came and the mother shortly went into labor. Jeremy and Kaley rushed to Arizona to meet her, crossing their fingers that this time everything would work out smoothly and they would come home with two baby girls. Jeremy and Kaley adopted the twin girls and finally, they had the family that they had always hoped for. But little did they know they were in for the surprise of their lives on that same day.

Backing Out

The very same day, Jeremy and Kaley received another phone call. One that shook them to their very core. The call was in regard to their two foster daughters. Their aunt apparently had backed out of taking them. Since she was the only close relative that was interested in taking them, they had nowhere else to go and Jeremy and Kaley were going to be allowed to adopt them should they want to. It was a phone call that they never expected in their wildest dreams.


The phone call presented Jeremy and Kaley with a very unique problem. Just having two newborns in the house would be a full-time job to take care of, but would they be able to handle four children under two years old.

Quadrupling in Size

They knew that they could manage two children, but four? They may have had their doubts, but according to Kaley, it was the easiest decision that she had ever made. They agreed to adopt all for children into their family.And just like that, in only 24 hours, Jeremy and Kaley went from zero children to four children. They couldn’t have been happier with their big family. But how would they handle all four of the children, and how would they afford them?

Loving Support

After everything that Jeremy and Kaley had been put through, they were just happy to all be one big happy family. The couple had spent years upon years trying to make their dream come true, and it ended up that they got more than they bargained for.


Kaley made the difficult decision that she would leave her career in order to stay home with her four new baby girls, while Jeremy would continue to work. The expense of having so many young children quickly started to pile up. The family would go through an entire large container of baby formula a day, and around 25 diapers per day! Now that’s a lot of diapers. After the babies got off the formula, they went through a gallon of milk a day, easily!


With Kaley and Jeremy’s blessing, their aunt put up a GoFundMe page on the condition that she only ask for the amount of the adoption fees, which altogether left them in debt for $20,000. The GoFundMe page only got up to $6,000 when they were suddenly invited onto the Rachael Ray Show to share their story. On the Racheal Ray Show, something happened that shocked both Jeremy and Kaley.

The Rachael Ray Show

Kaley, Jeremy and their four children appeared on an episode of the Rachael Ray Show to share their amazing story with audiences worldwide. They admitted that traveling across the country was very difficult for them. Even going to the grocery store was a hassle and always very expensive.


During the episode, Rachael Ray surprised the new family with a $15,000 check from US Bank. That, plus the money that they received from the GoFundMe page, managed to get the large family out of debt, which was mostly legal and adoption fees.