The Most Hilarious Valentine’s Day Fails That Will Make You Think Twice


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and couples everywhere are looking forward to a day of romance. Yet, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. We’ve rounded up some of the most hilarious Valentine’s day fails on the internet in the hopes that you’ll avoid making some of these ridiculous mistakes.

Expensive Eats

We all know the idea. After a romantic candlelit dinner, the boy nervously orders dessert, it arrives on the table and after the first bite, it is revealed that a diamond engagement ring is hidden in the cake. Unfortunately, this couple got themselves a visit to the emergency room for Valentine’s after the girlfriend swallowed the ring whole.

Literally Bringing Home The Bacon

Everybody loves bacon. The smokey taste and that delicious smell simply cannot be resisted… but bacon roses? Not so much. This meat lover had the bright idea of gifting his loved one this peculiar bunch of edible roses. Well, let’s hope she wasn’t a vegetarian.

Snug As A Bug

When your loved one thinks that getting you a giant life size knitted mitten onesie is a romantic gift, you know you have to train them again.

Expectation vs Reality

There’s nothing quite like receiving a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from your Valentine. Unfortunately, this girlfriend’s floral gift didn’t quite live up to her expectations. Despite these blooms looking lovely in the catalog, once they made it to the front door they looked just a little worse for wear. Better luck next time, buddy.

Cage Him Up

For some bizarre and unknown reason, the internet just can’t get enough of the action star Nicholas Cage. This young valentine took inspiration from the celebrity meme and created a, um, unique gift for his loved one. The collage is complete with frills, suggestive images of the actor and a little pun. Funny, eh?

A Gift From the Heart

There’s nothing that says ‘I love you’ like good oral hygiene. His and Her tongue scrapers are not exactly our idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The unlucky recipient might have even taken this the wrong way. Let’s just say we wouldn’t be too thrilled. Better luck next time, love.

Last Minute Mayhem

It’s the night before Valentine’s Day. The local florist is closed, the chocolate aisle is empty and you’ve got to think fast. These forgetful blokes headed to the nearest store and went for one of the most original gifts out there… a card We’re sure their wives had something to say about this.

Pug Life

This lucky gift recipient received two of her favorite things; a grand romantic gesture and a new puppy! Sadly, forcing this adorable pup into the outfit left him looking more than a little distressed. We hope he got to share her chocolate.

Budget Gift

Some people don’t need grand gestures, fancy restaurants or expensive gifts. This couple opted for an especially low-key evening with their Valentine’s meal coming straight off the $1 menu at their local Mcdonalds. Forget real candlelight – they had an iPhone! At least they didn’t have to worry about making a reservation!

Veggie Surprise

This Dad might have pulled off one of the most Dad-like blunders in fail history. Thinking he was purchasing his wife a bunch of exotic flowers, this guy was actually bringing home a bunch of asparagus. After a good chuckle, I’m sure he was forgiven. Hey, at least they didn’t have to shop for dinner that night.

All He Needs Is You

This one almost didn’t make our fail list because this guy gets more than a few extra points for creativity. With two boxes of chicken nuggets, a little pun and a permanent marker he made himself a pretty thoughtful Valentine’s gift. Apparently, his girlfriend was not as impressed. Perhaps something a little less thrifty next year?

Bad Bakes

Baking is not for everyone. In fact, it’s more than just throwing together sugar, eggs and flour – it’s a science! This recipe might have looked picture perfect on Pinterest but the actual outcome of this ambitious endeavor left much to be desired. They might not have been Pinterest-worthy, but I’m sure they were delicious! As they say, it’s the thought that counts.

Regifting Regret

We all have been guilty of a regift but this one definitely takes the cake. There’s no excuse for such a blatant Valentine’s Day faux pas. No girlfriend wants to be reminded of her grandfather when she receives a supposedly romantic gift from her boyfriend. Perhaps this guy should get a second opinion before he hands over next year’s gift.

Sexism Fail

Everyone loves a good gag gift but this might have taken things just a little too far. This would have been a more appropriate gift for the cleaning lady rather than the longtime love of your life. Hopefully, his girlfriend has a good sense of humor and he avoided the dog box.

Hairy Situation

Men are always looking for interesting and unique ways to declare their love to their partners. Valentine’s Day is about showing your loved ones you hair, um, we mean care. This guy got creative with a razor and some shaving cream to show his girlfriend just how much he loved her. We think this comes off as pretty creepy rather than romantic. Just, no.

Kitty Love

Some people are not big fans of Valentine’s Day. The chocolates, the overbearing amount of pink and the crushing pressure to get your partner a spectacular gift can all be a little much. This cute kitty will most definitely be joining the hoards of haters. He looks less than pleased to be a part of someone’s declaration of love.

Lost in Translation

Ordering something over the phone can be a nightmare. This unlucky Valentine learned the hard way that things don’t always go according to plan. We’re pretty sure they were actually looking for a heart-shaped cake and not a confection with the words actually written on it. Perhaps the bakery should reconsider who they have taking the orders…

Pizza Perfect

Nobody says no to a good pizza. There’s something about the cheesy deliciousness of the Italian dish that most people just can’t get enough of. But it’s Valentine’s Day and maybe this guy should have put a little more thought (and cash) into his future girlfriend’s present. We’ll give him points for the pun though – we had a laugh!

Forever Alone

For those of us who don’t have a special someone in our lives, February 14th can be tough. With everyone around you declaring undying love to their partners with gifts and flowers, it’s difficult to forget that you are all alone. This guy made the most of it! He spiced up his lonesome TV dinner with rose petals and candlelight – how romantic!

Flower Fail

This started off as a cute idea. This Valentine opted for something more interesting than a bunch of red roses and went for a quirky lion-shaped arrangement. Unfortunately, what arrived on his doorstep looked a little more lopsided than expected. Next time, we hope the florist skips the wine before heading to work.

Apology Cookie

Baking is hard. You have to get everything just right in order for your creation to come out looking absolutely perfect. Despite this lady’s best intentions, she couldn’t quite achieve the desired cookie shape she had so been hoping for. Like we always say, it might not look good but it doesn’t matter if there are cookies involved. We’d be happy to use our imagination and dig in!

What me?

Spelling is very important. You might not have thought so when you were in grade school but if this guy had paid attention in English class he might have avoided this embarrassing Valentine’s Day fail. We’re assuming this cookie was supposed to say ‘Hug Me,’ instead of ‘Huge Me.’ It doesn’t quite make sense but at least he tried.