The Most Hilarious Sign Fails From Around The World

Lost In Translation


Slip And Fall Down Carefully

This comical sign has got slightly confused. It was supposed to say be careful so you don’t slip but it definitely got lost in translation and hilariously tells walkers to slip and fall down carefully which is very funny, because when you slip and fall by accident, most of the time you don’t fall down carefully at all, in fact, if you slip and fall you tend to go flying everywhere and are totally out of control. Funny.


Instant Death

We don’t think that Newcastle tramway authority thought this through very well If touching wires causes instant death, how can you fine a dead person $200? Hmmm. They obviously wanted to scare people into not touching the wires, but did they want people to think they would die, or want people not to want to pay a lot of money?? Either way, their mistake has made a very funny and ridiculous sign.

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Harry Potter Vibes

This contradictory sign looks like it should be at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. How can you be aware of something that isn’t there? What do you think it was trying to say instead? We have no idea what this could possibly mean. Maybe animals that might pop up on the road unexpected, or weather conditions that you might not be able to see, like ice on the road. Whatever they meant, it went horribly wrong, but also gave us something to laugh at.

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Rain Rain Go Away

Thanks for telling us something so mind blowing we would never have guessed that when it rains there is water on the road! This sign is extremely informative and helpful to all drivers who now will understand that if it rains they must be careful of the water on the road.




This is very funny, telling users to use their own brain. We bet many readers of this will have been slightly taken aback by the directness of the sign, but it is very funny, warning us that we actually have to use our brains instead of relying on a sign or reading something that tells us what to do. It definitely makes us more aware of how often we do rely on outside sources to do the thinking for us.



Do Not Touch Yourself

We have absolutely no idea what this sign meant to say, but it is very funny and slightly inappropriate, to say the least. We think that it is telling shoppers not to touch the items in the store, and if they want to see something, they should ask and the sales assistant will help them out, but what it translated to was absolutely not that, and somehow became very sexual.



Beware Of Missing Foot

This sign is enough to scare off many customers, it looks like it came from the set of a Halloween movie or a Halloween party as a prop. We are not sure what it means, can you have a guess? We think maybe its trying to say ‘Mind The Gap’ like in the London Underground, well this is much more entertaining than that.



Soup For Sluts

Who knew sluts had their own special type of foods? This is hilarious, ‘cheap, fast and easy’ underneath ‘sluts’ just made this mistake even funnier. Imagine picking this up and going to pay for it, would the cashier even think twice? In America you would definitely get some funny looks if buying yourself soup that was madespeciallyly for sluts. This is very comical and we wonder how many women have bought this as a joke.


Watch Out

This sign is trying to instill fear into drivers clearly. However, how tall does a vehicle have to be to hit both the sign and the bridge? We bet it definitely made people duck though. Have you ever driven into a car park with the sign above the car saying the height limit, and it almost touching your car so you duck your head. This wouldn’t save you if you hit the sign, but it is funny how we automatically do that.

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Don’t Be Edible

For goodness sake, don’t be edible. This sign is so wrong yet whatever it was trying to say, it was extremely polite. What could exterior girdle food possibly mean? We are totally at a loss for this one, but we think it is absolutely brilliant, and whatever it meant to say, we are glad that the translation went horribly wrong, for our entertainment purposes.


Caution Sharp Edges

This comical sign is having a joke with the readers, telling them not to touch it as it has sharp edges, and then really small underneath telling them that the bridge is out ahead. We think this is work of a comedic genius, and very engaging, whilst providing a lot of entertainment. It is fun to have a laugh every now and again, and when signs can do that and make your day that bit funnier, we are all for that!

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Senior Citizens Get Special Treatment

This very funny car wash sign is telling senior citizens that they get a discounted price, however, it reads very differently. It seems as though senior citizens get to be washed and vacuumed for just $15.95. Senior citizens always get a good price on things, even if it’s to be washed themselves! whoever wrote the sign, definitely did not read it back to themselves before putting it on display, but it made our day!


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Control Your Pee!

When bike riding, steep hills can be frightening. This helpful warning sign, lets riders know that there is a steep hill coming and that they should watch out. It very comically tells riders to watch their pee, in case they pee on the way down the hill from fright or speed. You just never know what could happen so thank you for the smart warning.


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Please Be Safe

This hilarious sign tells people not to go near the fences, as the animals on the other side could eat them. Instead of saying that it is bad for them, it says that it is bad for the animals saying that by eating humans it could make them sick. Such a caring sign, caring for both humans and animals, and in such a comical way, it will make the readers of the sign think twice about going near the fence, that’s for sure.

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This funny sign is poking fun the state of Arkansas and the people who live in the state. Basically saying that people who live there can’t spell very well. They expertly showed this by mixing up the spellings on the sign, and hilariously wrote ‘if you can read this then you’re not from here’ If you are reading this and you are from Arkansas, we hope you find this comical.


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Thanks For Noticing

This hilarious sign is thanking people for noticing that this notice is new and that their noticing has been noted. We think this is very funny and definitely will make people’s days a little funnier and put a smile on their faces. What about you? We bet its been on a few Instagram stories.



No Smoking

This no smoking sign is kind of a bit ominous but nevertheless definitely gets people to think twice before they light up a cigarette. It is definitely making a joke, however we wouldn’t like to imagine anyone being on fire.


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Cheating Husband

This funny sign is exposing a naughty man for cheating on his wife. He probably didn’t expect that these would be the consequences, and the whole town would find out about his straying tendencies. It is a clever thing to do on the wife’s part for wanting to humiliate him as much as she could, we believe that it probably worked too! Imagine driving past this sign, you would definitely not want to be him right now.


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Hiding From Wife

This hysterical sign from a bar totally describes many scenarios that have probably happened a lot. When a wife calls the local bar to find out if her husband is there hiding from her. We bet so many men asked the bartenders to lie for them, that they realized they can start charging for such a service.




Some signs are very self explanatory. This one could not be more obvious, however who ever placed it there, felt the need to explain further and explain that this STOP sign, is in fact a STOP sign. Thank goodness for that, What would have happened if it had not have been there? People reading it would never have known. A big lol for this.


Caution Funny Signs Ahead

This is very comical, warning the readers that what they will read is going to be funny. Road trip signs are the funnest, coming up to signs on the side of the road and seeing what they will say, is so entertaining, and this will definitely make the readers chuckle and wait to see what signs will come up.


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Cryptic Signs

This sign is super creepy, with the hooded figure alluding to the fact that the end of the world is close. We would be frightened if we saw this sign. We wonder if the person holding it was trying to play a joke on the drivers but that could cause a crash in fear.




This is such a confusing sign, we don’t even think that those who put it there know what they were trying to convey. The arrow points to the road, but then there is a big question mark, which leaves us with a big question mark. So we can’t even imagine what drivers must be thinking. Maybe it is telling them to watch the road for unknown objects or animals. Hmm we are not sure at all. Nevertheless it is a big fat fail!


Discount Or No Discount

This hilarious sign is trying to lure customers into the store by offering a big percentage off items, so that they will come and spend big money. However, the sign reads 0 % off selected items meaning that there is actually no sale available and you won’t receive any big deals to save you money. We wonder how long it took them to notice. Very funny, they were in fact doing a lot of damage instead of good, and we bet lots of drivers drove off thinking that the store was extremely stupid.


Men, Women And Aliens

We think this toilet sign is referring to children as aliens. It is quite funny but also very strange. Perhaps it is referring to the baby changing part of the rest room, and this symbol best described babies to whoever was designing it. Well we sort of get it, crying creatures who don’t speak properly.


Grab Me Now

These delicious items on the menu are so good that the restaurant owners want you to grab them right away. Especially the cock variety. You can choose from an array of cocks, from a normal one, a light version and a zero. We wonder if what they meant was actually a coke light? This is a genius mistake, we wonder how many people told the restaurant that they got the sign very very wrong.


This Sign Has Been Hacked

This is very funny, whoever did this has a great sense of humor. They clearly hacked the sign so whatever it was supposed to say it no longer does. The work of a comic genius.


Do Not Enter, Entrance Only

This sign is extremely contradictory and very confusing. Do they want you to stop and not enter, or to enter? It says Do Not Enter very sternly, telling the driver to not even consider entering the space, but then underneath says Entrance Only. This is extremely confusing we think it was probably supposed to say exit only and that they got it wrong, who ever was supposed to check this sign did not do a very good job.

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Ummmmm What Now?

We think this is supposed to say shouting, as the little man appears to have headphones on, however the spelling mistake looks a little closer to something ruder. This is very funny and we bet has caused many laughs. Please No Shiting.


Simpsons Signs

We love the Simpsons, and how the episode is making fun of signs and how we seem to obey them and listen to whatever they say. Often signs are very contradictory and this is what Lisa is reading. Keep Out, but actually enter if you want because it is just a sign and what can happen if you ignore a piece of plastic with some writing on?

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Do Not Feed The Elephants

This comical sign is telling visitors not to feed the elephants, we wonder what sort of management problems it will create by feeding them. We love elephants, they are such playful animals and gentle giants. We would find it hard not to feed them and see them putting food in their mouths with their cute little trunks. But we couldn’t possibly upset the management.

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Just In Case You Cant Read

Just in case you didn’t know that STOP means stop, this very informative sign shows the driver that they must not turn left, or right or go straight or backwards, basically do not head in any direction. We think it is a tiny bit over the top and un-necessary if you ask us, but funny.

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Today’s Special

At this fish and chips restaurant, customers were very lucky to buy one fish and chips for double the price and then receive another one absolutely free! Are they stupid or trying to trick the customer in thinking they are getting a bargain, when in fact they are just paying for two sets of fish and chips? This is absolutely hilarious.

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School Sign Gone So Wrong

The writer of this sign either cant spell, or is channeling the scene from the movie Billy Madison, where Adam Sandler sings, ‘back to shcool, back to shcool to show my daddy i’m not a fool.’ We hope so, we really do.

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Save The Roaches

This funny sign is telling people not to throw their cig butts on the floor, in order to save to roaches. The problem is, that nobody wants to save cockroaches, they are horrible crawly things that pop up and scare everyone immensely, and they seem impossible to kill.

funny sign - don't throw cigarette on floor

We All Scream For Ice Cream

We love this post, we can definitely identify with this, shouting until our parents would get so sick of us that they had to give in and get us what we wanted. Especially Daddy. How many of your kids have done this to you? Dairy Queen is so delicious you just can’t say no.