Hilarious Moments When Moms Leave Dads In Charge

Dads See The World Differently

Mum’s be prepared. If you are going to leave your baby home alone with your husband, anything could happen. This is a genius idea.

10 Minutes Later….

Oh dear, this is what happened when a mother turned her back for literally 10 minutes. Well even if this is a parenting fail, this hilarious picture will be there forever for the child to laugh at when they grow up, plus they are an internet sensation. We think your dad did you a favor!

Just A Quick Snack

Oh, the games that Dads play. This new father just couldn’t wait for his baby to wake up before devouring a slice of delicious cake. Very innovative we must say. On the other hand, a mother probably would have waited for her baby to wake up, while this dad cleverly created a placeholder for his plate. ‘Let Them Eat Cake’

Who Needs Disney World

This Daddy cool worked out the best way to give his kids a good time, without forking out thousands on a trip to Disney Land. However, if his wife saw the funny side of this adventurous ride is a different story, but her kids have gone viral. Plus these kinds of activities make childhood memorable. We got your back Daddio.

A Child And His Beer

This dad’s babysitting hack is the perfect way to unwind in the sun whilst watching your kid- Best of both worlds! While the baby is relaxing in the swing, the dad is getting some good old vitamin D, quenching this thirst and kudos with his wife for giving her some free time. We don’t think this is a fail, we think this dad found true success.

The Cheerios Challenge

Do you remember the Cheerios Challenge that went viral in 2016? Hilariously Parents tried to stack as many Cheerios on their babies head as possible, while they were asleep. Unsurprisingly it was mostly dad’s that tried out this funny task, and this father nailed it.

Don’t Stop Me Now

Multi tasking is truly an art, and this dad has it down to a fine one. He didn’t let late night feeding time stop him from his video game. Dad’s take note, this is how it’s done. We wonder if his wife knew what he was up to.

Innovation Is Key

Ever had those moments where you question someone’s parenting skills? Well, this is perhaps one of those. This dad thought it would be a good idea to pick his son up with a plunger. Funny yes, but who bets the plunger is going to lose suction with the kid falling to the ground?

Dad’s Hairstyling Choice

If you ask your dad to put your hair in a bun, be careful with the instructions. This little girl’s dad seemed to have his own hilarious interpretation.

Daddy Beautician

Dad’s who have daughters have to pick up many new skills along the way. This daddy learned how to be a beautician, but maybe he should have watched a YouTube tutorial first. His reaction: “My daughter’s toes look like they were dipped in nacho cheese.” It’s clearly Nacho day daddy!

A Bottle And A Beer

It was feeding time for this dad and baby, so he thought outside of the baby bottle. This father attached straws together so that he could taste a nice cold brew while his baby was delighting in milk. Win win.

Baby In A Dresser Drawer

New dads take note (or not). This daddy wanted to surf the net, but his baby needed a nap. So what did he do? He created a nice bed in his desk drawer. Well, this father definitely threw the rule book out of the window.

This Dad Doesn’t Get It

What not to do when shopping with your kid 101. This daddy needed to pick up some essentials at the grocery store, but instead of getting a big shopping cart, he decided to use his kid instead. Hmm did his wife see this photo? We wonder if he needs a chaperone next time.

Now This Is How You Dress Them

This funny photo went viral when Ellen Degeneres caught sight of it. This daddy sent his kid to daycare with no t shirt under their overalls. It’s safe to say his wife was very unimpressed.

A badass Baby

And this is why dads shouldn’t be left alone with their babies for too long. When this mother went to work, her husband found a way to amuse himself- and the rest of the world. This picture went viral inspiring other dads to dress up their babies. Halloween inspo right there.

I Said A Hair Tie Dad!

When his little girl asked him to tie her hair up, we are pretty sure that this is not what she meant. Nevertheless, her hair wasn’t going anywhere! This new invention may catch on.

Time For A SKirt

This dad gets the award for father of the year in our eyes! When he was worried that his daughter would feel left out wearing a dress, he decided to join her to make her feel more comfortable. Awwwwww

Nothing That The Tongue Cant Fix

Who needs a napkin when you can use your tongue? This dad had the right idea when he dropped ketchup all over his baby’s face. We wonder what the baby was thinking.

Just Tell Mom

Dads love to mess with their kids, but what will happen when the kid gets mom involved? It appears that this dad didn’t want to face the wrath of mom when he refused to pick his child up from school. Did he change his mind when the threat ‘i’m telling mom’ arrived? Kids take note.

Cool Down Time

Wow, she was blown away with her dad’s idea. Was she in pain or enjoying the blow to the face? Whichever the answer, dads don’t try this at home!


Don’t Always Listen To Your Kids

This boy desperately wanted a Cletus haircut from The Simpsons and his father agreed. We don’t think he considered the consequences. We wonder what his mother said.

Hold On Tight

Photoworthy yes- However very risky. This dad’s bright idea was funny but a fail in our eyes. Who knows what happened after the shot was taken.

Predictive Panic

Imagine thinking your parents are the epitome of a loving couple, and then you get this message from your dad. Oh how the panic sets in. Thankfully it was a mistake! Phew. On another note, these parents are definitely still young at heart going to Disney Land.

Don’t Drop The Baby

Well, this father certainly took a risk just for a good photo. That croc looks hungry. Hashtag Fail.