Hilarious Mistakes In Your Favorite TV Shows You Probably Didn’t Notice Until Now

Monica’s Apartment Mishap


The famous hit sitcom Friends followed the hilarious happenings of a group of six 20-something best friends in ‘90s New York. There were many mishaps that you might not have noticed. For instance, the number changed on the door to Monica’s apartment. In the show’s first season, the apartment number was 5, but it later changed to 20 to indicate that she lived on a higher floor. Weird.

The Disappearing and Reappearing Ribbon on Seinfeld

There was a lot to be said about Seinfeld, although it was often referred to as a “show about nothing.” As fond of it as anyone was, like any TV show, it still wasn’t immune to the occasional mistake.
In the season 3 episode “The Red Dot,” Elaine gets a sweater as a gift and Kramer wraps its red ribbon around his neck like a scarf. The scene cuts to a long shot of him lying on the couch and the ribbon isn’t there. The camera returns to Kramer again after some “yada, yada, yada” and the ribbon miraculously returns!

Melisandre’s Inconsistent Necklace on Game of Thrones

Consistency, or lack of, is some that can make fans particularly angry if loose ends aren’t explained. The hugely popular HBO series Game of Thrones has some magical elements that aren’t guided by the laws of the world we live in, but nevertheless, some things just don’t make sense. Fans were outraged by the apparent continuity regarding a particular enchanted necklace. In season six, the Red Woman, a.k.a. Melisandre, removed her ornate jewelry to reveal that it harnessed some kind of dark magic that kept her appearance young. But in season four she was seen without it and looked totally young and gorgeous. Wait, what?!

Boy Meets Wrong Side Of The Road

The popular ‘90s series Boy Meets World was set in the US, and not the UK… So why were Cory, Topanga, Shawn and Eric seen driving on the left side of the road in the show’s opening sequence? It had audiences wondering why the foursome in the red Mustang convertible had veered to the wrong side of the road, despite there being no apparent traffic to pass on the seemingly empty rural road.

The Futuristic Water Bottle on Downton Abbey

Part of what was so alluring about this Drama, was its spectacular attention to detail, of 19th Century England. However, there was one big blunder that caused a lot of outrage. A plastic water bottle somehow made its way onto a mantelpiece in the background of a publicity shot of Hugh Bonneville and Laura Carmichael. The “bottlegate” incident spurred a ban on anything modern from the set.

Mulder’s Wedding Ring on The X-Files

Many X-Files fanatics flipped out when agent Fox Mulder unmistakably was seen wearing a wedding band in the season 5 episode “Travelers.” Although the plot line hadn’t mentioned him getting married, it sparked fierce debates about a possible union with an elusive past love interest. Mulder actor David Duchovny had recently married Tea Leoni and kept his wedding band on. Also, he didn’t mind playing into the possibility that his character had a mysterious marriage backstory.

When Monica on Friends Wasn’t Courtney Cox

This one will make you want to go back and watch season 8, episode 5 of Friends again. Pay close attention to the part in “The One with Rachel’s Date” when the camera goes back and forth between Phoebe and Monica talking in the Central Perk coffee house. At one point the scene focuses on Phoebe and mega fans were quick to call “imposer” when the actress seen at the edge of the frame is definitely not Monica.

When Phil Forgot He Was A Trapeze Artist

Phil Dunphy’s lovable goofiness is part of what makes Modern Family so great. While part of the glory is the popular series’ varied writers, it seems something fell through the cracks when Phil fulfills his dream of tightrope walking in season three. However, in the show’s first season Phil revealed he was already an expert at the circus-style skill. Huh?

A Penny For Your Seat Sheldon

The show is very careful to establish that Sheldon chooses a “spot” in every place he frequents. He did so in Penny’s apartment, and in the Cheesecake Factory, and he sits in the same spot in the cafeteria every day, not to mention, choosing only the sweet spot to sit in cinemas. But, in “The White Asparagus Triangulation” in Season 2, Sheldon apparently ignores everything that makes him Sheldon and randomly sits on Penny’s couch to discuss Leonard’s failing relationship with Stephanie.

The Wedding Ring Giveaway on Will & Grace

In the launch of the series, friends of Will and Grace; Rob and Ellen are both seen wearing wedding bands on their hands although it was later understood that they were only planning to marry two seasons later. Perhaps the writers thought fans would forget that little detail…well, it turns out they didn’t!

Bob in the Mirror on Twin Peaks

The art of a good director’s job is to recognize when something impromptu happens that makes for great footage. An on-set goof during filming of the ‘90s murder mystery series Twin Peaks served as the inspiration for co-creator David Lynch to create one of the most ominous villains in modern television history.Frank Silva was working as a set dresser when he accidentally trapped himself in a room during filming for the pilot. During the shoot, his image was captured in the reflection of a mirror behind actress Grace Zabriskie. Lynch decided to keep the scene and thus Silva landed the part of the demonic entity BOB.

The Perplexing Pizza in Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was a huge sensation, so much so, that when protagonist Walter White threw a pizza onto the roof of his house in a fit of rage in season three, it started a craze in real life. All of that attention on the pizza also raised some observations about the pepperoni pie. Eager onlookers couldn’t help but draw attention to the fact that there was a different amount of toppings in different camera angles.

The One With Rachel’s Vanishing Necklace on Friends

The season 2 episode in which Ross finds out about Rachel’s feelings for him, made some Friends fans do a double take. Rachel finds out that Ross and his girlfriend Julie are getting a cat. When the camera focuses on her when she says “together,” she’s not wearing a necklace. When the scene cuts back to her, she is suddenly donning a delicate accessory around her neck. It then disappears AGAIN in the subsequent shot. Hmmmm.

Homeland‘s Accidental Reveal

No matter how good a TV show’s script is or how talented the actors may be, there are always bound to be small mistakes that keen audiences will pick up on. Even in award-winning shows like Homeland, there are blooper bits. It would take someone with CIA-like observance skills spot this one, but in one episode of the action-packed spy thriller, Saudi diplomat Mansour Al-Zahrani (Ramsey Faragallah) is interviewed in a bright room full of windows. That pesky sunny glare ended up revealing a reflection of the film crew in his glasses.

The Wrist Brace Switch on Frasier

We know there is a lot to keep track of when it comes to making TV shows, but some oversights seem so obvious that it’s a wonder how they got missed (or even worse, how someone purposely let them pass). And that’s what we’re asking about the Frasier episode “Something About Dr. Mary.” In the season seven installment of the popular Cheers spin-off, Daphne suffers a wrist injury after Niles mistakenly kicks her while trying to show Martin his martial arts skills. Well, he failed, as did the continuity of the placement of Daphne’s brace. It’s first seen on her right arm but then moves to her left.

When Ross Accidentally Said ‘Rachel’ on Friends

This was another case in which an honest mistake actually became the inspiration for a major plot development. One of the biggest mistakes in the plot of Friends was actually written in because of a real-life blunder. Ross infamously said Rachel’s name at the altar during his wedding vows to Emily. The whole scenario transpired after actor David Schwimmer messed up his lines and said Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s during filming of another scene. The concept stuck however and became one of the show’s biggest scenes.

Flash Forward Fiddling in The Tudors

History experts and critics have been quick to point out the show’s shortcomings when it came to the narrative centered around the 1500s-era dynasty of King Henry VIII of England. One of the several mistakes found in the show was in Season 2 when court musician Mark Smeaton (David Alpay) plays the violin – the type of which didn’t exist in England until the 18th century.

The Lost Gaffe that Spurred Conspiracy

The ABC hit show Lost was known for dropping foreshadowing hints and clues from week to week, driving fans to re-watch earlier episodes for anything they might have missed. Online conspiracies raged when viewers noticed an indistinguishable black beam figure in the background of the plane crash in the pilot episode. The mysterious object was seen above a jet engine, spurring murmurings of island smoke monsters or another big mysterious reveal. Much to the disappointment of fans, the show runners eventually explained that it was only a computer graphics mistake. Sigh.

The Cup That Changed Colors on Friends

The Friends cast was always seen hanging out at their favorite coffee shop, the Central Perk cafe, at all hours of the day. One particular scene in the fourth episode of season two caused fans to question. Rachel is talking to Ross about the attraction of not rushing at the onset of dating. The camera pans back and forth between them and although Ross seems to be sitting in the same place wearing the same outfit, the cup behind him changes color from red to green and back again! Maybe it was just Gunther?

When The Cards Moved By Themselves on Frasier

Sometimes only the most ace observers notice the slight inconsistencies that occur after scenes are put together in the editing room. Such was the case in the season 1 episode of Frasier, “You Can’t Tell a Crook by his Cover.” Frasier and Martin are sitting at a poker table and the frame cuts to Frank examining a bowl on the other side of the room. When the camera pans back to the two men, the cards on the poker table seem to have moved position by themselves.

The Disappearing Passengers in the Sex and the City Opening

Sex and the City is recognized the world over by adoring fans as one of the most defining shows of the late 1990s and 2000s.The show iconically opened with the iconic theme song by Groove Armada and the urban street sequence with Carrie Bradshaw being splashed by a bus with her poster plastered on it. For six seasons, that intro never changed. And if you look closely, neither did the fact that when the bus first enters the frame it is full of passengers and as the opening credits end with the bus is seen in the background of a flustered Carrie somehow empty.

The Baffling Sons of Anarchy Break-In

Ride or die fans were enthralled with the criminal adventures of the bad boy bikers on Sons of Anarchy. In a scene where Opie breaks into a car using a metal jack, the camera cuts to an interior shot and it’s seen that the door is already unlocked. It might not say much for the production team’s attention to detail, but actor Ryan Hurst still deserves props for a valiant performance. ‘A’ for effort…

The Seinfeld Newspaper Switch

Seinfeld is known for its hilarious antics, and in the case of this flub we can’t help but laugh (but maybe it’s because of what’s going on in the scene). In the season 3, episode 17 “The Boyfriend,” George bursts out of the bathroom into Jerry’s living room and falls on the floor as his pants fall down. A newspaper that he was holding also falls to the ground on George’s right side (the audience’s left). The camera cuts to a reverse shot as Jerry enter through the front door and the view shows George lying on the ground with the newspaper now on his LEFT side.

Joey’s Changing Wardrobe on Friends

Like most popular TV shows, many fans of the Friends series have rewatched the series more than once time since its original run. Especially as it is on Netflix now. This means that fans are picking up on mistakes. One such episode, is where Joey is frantically trying to find the “Hot Girl” in the building that Ross lives in. When he finally finds what he thinks is her door and knocks on it Joey is wearing a dark purple shirt. When Ross answers and the camera angle changes, Joey is suddenly in a black shirt. Oops!

Map Mess Up on How I Met Your Mother

One example of that was in the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. The sixth season “Subway Wars” episode had its fair share of Microsoft product placement, but that advertising stunt led to an unintended reveal. At one point Ted pulls up a map on a laptop using Bing and it showed Los Angeles as his location instead of NYC.

The Seinfeld Crew Seen in a Reflection

Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer are the instantly recognizable, inseparable foursome that the show Seinfeld centers around. While the dynamic between the four played out great on-screen, those who are quick to catch TV slips noticed that the group was bigger than it appeared in a scene of the episode “The Parking Garage.” In the sixth episode of the third season, the friends are seen coming out of a parking garage’s stairwell. The camera catches them emerging from the door and a car drives past the frame revealing the reflection of the camera crew in the window in the frame’s lower right-hand corner.