The Funniest Captured Coincidences

Moonrise Kingdom

When one resident of a small quaint Swiss town snapped this beautiful photo, church members swooned over the  beautiful symbolism of the setting where the mountains and the sky meet.

Road Trip

We love this photo. This little doggy is literally acting out the car’s license plate and it is just the perfect moment. We bet the people in the car behind, who took this photo just couldn’t believe what a perfect coincidence it was, being in the right place at the right time. This little pup is the cutest.


This coincidence could not have been more perfect. In the exact spot that the sign says ‘Do Something Special. Give Blood” a car’s plate read vampire. Brilliant, just brilliant. We love these rare moments. It’s definitely a Twilight moment right here. A vampire comes to drink all the blood at a red cross.


This moment is comedy and coincidence gold. This truck right here is trying to take a short cut under this tunnel and gets smashed up, while the truck reads ‘on the road to success there are no shortcuts’.  We think the driver should have read that phrase before going head on into a tunnel. Oh well you live and you learn.

Life Imitating Art

This picture is just the cutest thing ever. Captured at just the right moment and in the perfect position. This little guy likes to yawn, he has his own shrine on the wall. Well if he was our dog he would have a shrine too that’s for sure.

Sweet Like A Yam

This is just priceless. A sign advertising properties in the window of the sweet potato cafe, and the broker’s name is Federick Yam. What are the chances. Oh we just love it when a coincidence like this happens out of the blue. We wonder how many people noticed this when they walked past or into the cafe.

Say Cheese

Well isn’t this just the sweetest thing. This little pup has his very own shrine on the wall dedicated to him, so he knows he’s the king of the house. It is almost like he is a guardian watching over the family. This picture is so adorable, this is the exact pose from the picture. He is one happy canine, just look at that smile.

Taylor Swift

This moment could not have been more perfect, What are the chances, that two trucks would be driving side by side simultaneously, at the same speed and both in the perfect positioning to read ‘Taylor Swift’. It was meant to be. This is one of our favorites.

Nothing Is Written In Stone

This is very ironic. The sign reads ‘nothing is written in stone’, meaning that nothing in life is set, and things happen for a reason, and things change all the time. Yet the actual sign is written and set in a stone block on the ground. Very comical if you ask us.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Don’ t you just love it when you see a rainbow after it rains. As if the heavens are open and saying hello. Especially when there is a full rainbow, it is truly magical. This coincidence is also amazing! This store is called rainbow, and a huge full stunning rainbow is shining directly over it, illuminating it. Wow.

Sniff Sniff

This dog didn’t seem to realize that the dog’s butt it was sniffing, is in fact a drawing. This is a very funny photo. We wonder if who ever drew this had a plan in mind for this to happen.  We love the image, cartoon and real dog together, it is actually quite artistic.

Let Me Grab Your Head

This little baby was having a whale of a time on the beach eating his Doritos, when a man got in his way. This is such a funny photo. The proportions make it seem that the boy is squeezing the man’s head, This is a brilliant coincidence.

What Lol

What are the chances that at this exact moment, two cars ride side by side together and their plates read ‘what lol’. This short hand text is very funny and typically what people write to each other in WhatsApp messages.  The plates are very  cool and current and in with the times. This is a comical coincidence.

An Eagle Fly

This is a truly amazing picture if you ask us. A majestic bird spreads his wings while flying near the Eiffel Tower, making it seem as though the magnificent structure has wings. The clouds in the sky at this moment also add to the effect of the image.

No Dogs Allowed

It’s as if this little doggy knew what the sign said and is laughing at the rules. The dog perfectly positioned itself on the No part of the sign and looks so innocent. This coincidence is very comical. Dogs always know how to lighten a mood or be naughty but look at their owners with cute little eyes and wagging tail and melt their hearts so they can never be angry at them.

Hello Birdy

What a coincidence. This guy was reading up about birds when bird watching. When all of a sudden, a little bird landed on the exact page about its own breed that the boy was reading about. As if he was interested in himself. Wow this is such an amazing moment.

Safety First

Well isn’t this ironic. The metro talks about safety whilst immediately going head first and crashing into a car. Well it does say that safety begins with you, is that an insinuation that it isn’t actually the fault of the metro driver and that it is the responsibility of the car? We cannot be sure, but this is an unfortunate coincidence.

Obedience Training

Well isn’t this comical. This pup just went for his obedience training and even passed with flying colors. Only to come straight home and rebel as soon as he was back in the comfort of his own home. He comically tore up his certificate and lay down as if to say “I give up”.


It does not get much cuter than this. This little kitty is imitating the Einstein picture behind it. This was captured at such a perfect moment. Do you think the little feline saw it and was trying to copy it? We just love everything about this image.

Pet Shop Boys

This is a brilliant coincidence. One shop is called The Pet Shop and the other side of it, is a shop called Boyes, so together it reads the name of the famous band The Pet Shop Boys. This is very funny, how many people noticed this do you think?


This is an ironic photo right here. The sign behind the soldier reads ‘Involved In Peace” yet his helmet in front of the sign, makes it read, uninvolved in peace. Many people who don’t believe in the war or troops going to fight, would agree with this way of thinking, that soldiers are actually not helping peace, but instead are disturbing it.

Beach Bum

Don’t you just love beach days, those lazy, hazy days. This guy certainly looks like he is enjoying himself. This is particularly funny, as his outline mirrors the outline of the mountains in the distance.

Holy Cat

This billboard sign for cat food shows a cat with open arms waiting for the food. Next to the sign is a big sign of Jesus doing the exact same movement with his arms open. What are the odds of this? The stark contrast of advertisements is very comical also. One religious, and one not at all.

My Heart Will Go On

This is very funny, and we think that maybe it might have been done on purpose. One of these movies is called hope floats, right next to the movie Titanic which is when hope absolutely does not float, in fact hope along with a huge ship sinks right to the bottom of the ocean.

Just Three Funny Letters

This photo depicts a van coming to fix septic tanks. Right next to the van, we wonder if you have noticed what the sign reads….. P, O,O. This is brilliant and one of our favorite coincidences.

Jack Nicholson

Les Mis is a famous play that became a world wide phenomenon when it hit movie theaters. This billboard was very comically billboard bombed by the face of jack Nicholson. It is right in the perfect place to look as if he has blonde hair and is the main face of the movie. Bad placement on their behalf, but funny for us never the less.

Lost And Found

This is just the picture of perfection when it comes to hilarious coincidences. On one side someone is selling a nutri bullet, and directly next to it, someone has posted a sign about their nutri bullet being stolen and asking who ever sold it to return it. This is just hilarious, but we feel their frustration. The sign even says ‘lost the receipt’.

Marriage Or Slavery?

This image brings up a comical debate. In a library the section has books under the topic of both slavery and marriage in the same section. Does that mean that they view marriage as slavery? interesting question. We wonder how many people thought about this when getting a book from these shelves.

Perfect Fit

This van hilariously has the slogan ‘we fit’ on the back of it, yet is pictured at the perfect moment trying to squeeze under a bridge but not fitting at all! Not even a tiny bit.  It looks very funny and a brilliant coincidence but it could actually look like it might have been a dangerous situation.

Cookie Monster

These two guys at the bar, complete strangers are both wearing jackets embossed with writing on the back. One of them reads ‘cookie’ and the other one ‘monster’ and they are both sat in the ideal position on the bar.

Perfect Placement

This is just a classic, and very funny at truly depicting the problem with American fast food culture. Many Americans are suffering with health problems and especially diabetes from the over consumption of fast foods and huge portions. Under the sign for diabetes there is an advertisement for a Macdonald’s menu. It just sums America up in one really.


Heart disease is linked to over consumption of fried foods and fast foods such as Burger King. It is ironic that a sign for heart disease has been placed directly next to a sign for Burger King. Quite funny actually if you ask us. Maybe it made drivers think twice about going for their double cheese burger and fries.

Subway Manic Incidents

This gentleman is innocently sat on the subway reading his newspaper. The comical thing is that the article he is reading is about subway maniacs and more incidents happening. What he doesn’t see is a man hanging upside down causing quite a stir at the exact same time as reading that article. That is a priceless picture moment we think.

Man’s Best Friend

What a pair these two make. Not sure about dogs being a man’s best friend. This guy looks like he is having a great time with this human. Both pondering about life, sat in similar positions and looking almost the same. We love this picture. We actually really want this bear.

Death By Nails

This is strange but never the less very comical. On the train a woman is reading a newspaper with a front page story about someone killed by nail biting, and the woman sat next to her is blissfully unaware of this statement and is deep in thought whilst ironically biting her nails. We wonder what death by nail biting actually means.

Stop Chewing

This pet groomer is supposed to stop dogs from chewing, but as you can see it is full of bite marks comically. The very guilty puppy is looking through the window in shame. He knows what he has done. This is a hilarious moment right here. We think that this product however is not so successful.


Oh that moment you are so excited to watch a DVD and get cozy. Nothing worse than opening up your Netflix package to find out that your DVD is broken, even worse when the movie you wanted to watch was actually unbreakable. Not so Netflix and chill for this person.

Resume In The Trash

The Verizon store wanted to let people know that they were recruiting for new people to work in their store and were accepting resumes. However they didn’t think very well at where exactly they positioned their sign in the store. The lovely friendly woman on the advertisement is pointing directly into the trash can, as if to say that your resume is going directly in the trash. Very funny but unfortunate.

This young boy seemed to pick the perfect chair to sit on. Slash is placed in the ideal position to lick the sticker of the ice cream on the back of his chair. We love this coincidence. Which was your favorite? Have you seen any funny moments like this before?