Heroic Nanny Saves Child’s Life, But With A Cost

There are some people who do not hesitate in panicked situations. This is the heroic story of how one women would ultimately save the life of a helpless child.

The Start of a Family

To their unrivalled joy, this Californian gave birth to their child, a young boy that they would love unconditionally. Their worlds would revolve around their beloved little, Fox. Like most parents, These parents wanted to offer their child all of the very best experiences in life.

A Stumbling Block

Parenthood can often be a difficult and challenging endeavour. Parents often can be overwhelmed by the prospect of caring for a helpless and dependent child. Though this couple had the best intentions, the first time parents would initially struggle, they just didn’t know where to begin…

Money is a Priority

The parents knew wanted to offer their son a comfortable, healthy and happy childhood but money proved to be a huge issue. Amidst the difficult economic times, both parents struggled to find work. They began to lose sleep over their dire financial situation, how would they take care of Fox?

Busy Work

The cost of raising a child can be daunting. Thousands of dollars are needed to provide for a growing child, not to mention the future costs of extensive schooling. They desperately needed to make money in order to care for their son but after months of searching for work, the couple became desperate and they would soon make a difficult decision.

A Terrible Situation

While looking for work that would help their situation, both parents knew they couldn’t spend too much time away from their young child. None of their attempts to find adequate work were successful. They dreaded the realization that they would have to make a tough decision, they needed to be separated from their son if they wanted to provide for him.

A Third Parent

The desperate parents, ultimately decided they needed loving professional help in order to offer their son everything he deserved. The came to the realization that simply could not do it alone, they began to look for a nanny. But they were determined to find someone extraordinary, who had the compassion to take on the role as loving third parent to their baby.

The Search

It was a dangerous world out there, the parents were adamant they wanted to find someone who was fit to raise their son, who was able to keep him from harm’s way and instil the values they wanted Fox to have. The had heard of stories of mistreatment by nannies and were determined to settle for nothing less than the best for their son.

Finally, Success!

Whenever the parents weren’t desperately looking for work, they would search for the perfect person for the role. They searched the internet for the ideal candidate. After countless hours dedicated to the arduous search, they believed they had finally been successful. They had found their nanny.

The Perfect Candidate?

Her name was Caroline Maurer. She was a well-respected and committed student with straight A’s and had first began babysitting at just seven years old. She loved children and had a passion for child education. Though she initially seemed too good to be true, the parents hesitantly set a meeting to see whether the young girl was as worthy of the role as her profile suggested…

The Encounter

It was the first day that the Davis parents and their son met the lovely Caroline. The young girl blew the parents away. She was everything that they had been looking for. She was caring, compassionate, passionate and attentive. The young woman was a true natural and Fox seemed to take to her immediately.

So Happy

Fox’s parents were overjoyed to have found Caroline. They knew they made the right choice, inviting Caroline into their lives. Courtney later told the press, “I would always say she’s better than we are. We were first-time parents and we learned so much from her. Truly I felt we lucked out.”

A Beautiful Relationship

Fox and Caroline soon forged an unbreakable and special bond. Ultimately Carole would care for the infant from when he was just 4 months old, to his current age of 2. These were the most important years in a child’s early development. The relationship would soon be tested when the nanny was forced to make a decision in a life or death situation.

An Unexpected Situation

The incident occurred one fateful evening. Caroline was taking young Fox on his daily walk. They wandered the surrounding streets of the neighborhood, enjoying the fresh air and view of the stars. The pair was completely oblivious to the imminent danger that would soon threaten the helpless nanny and child…

A Serious Threat

After cautiously looking at both sides of the street, Caroline made her way across the street while pushing Fox’s stroller. Despite her caution, the babysitter would not be prepared for the danger that would soon arise. Seemingly out of nowhere, a reckless driver turned a corner and hurtled towards Fox and Caroline.

Drunk and Dangerous?

The sound of the wheels skidding uncontrollably on the oncoming road terrified Caroline. The car was clearly out of control with the driver showing no signs of slowing down to avoid catastrophe. At this point, Caroline knew the situation could be fatal for both her and Fox. What was she going to do?

The Biggest Decision of her Life

In this moment, thoughts and horrifying scenarios flooded Caroline’s mind. She feared for her own life, but the young woman was even more afraid for little Fox. It would take too much time to remove him from his buckled seat in his stroller. She cared more for Fox’s life than her own, it was then, as adrenaline coursed through her veins, that she would make a courageous decision.

Was it the Right Choice?

Caroline’s desperate shrieks pierced the quiet night, despite her pleading for the car to stop, the vehicle continued to speed towards Fox and Caroline. She saw her life flash before her eyes, she saw images of her beloved family and friends, of the many months she had spent at Fox’s side. Her whole life stood before her, Caroline wasn’t ready to let go of all of that…

Caroline’s Bravery

Caroline used all her strength to push Fox’s stroller out of harm’s way. In the mere seconds that the incident took to unfold, Caroline stood before the speeding vehicle, knowing she would take on the impact of the car after pushing Fox’s stroller out of the vehicle’s path. A terrifying though took hold of her: Would she survive?

The Impact

Instinctively, Caroline raised her arms to protect herself from the oncoming vehicle. The car had slowed but the impact launched Caroline off her feet, throwing the woman a few feet through the air. The pain she experienced was unbearable, she knew she was injured, but she knew she had to ensure that Fox was alright.

Fox’s Trauma

She looked up to see Fox in his stroller, miraculously, the stroller had been pushed out of the vehicle’s path. When the little boy saw Caroline in her still terrified and injured state. The little broke down. He began sobbing uncontrollably, saying “Caroline I love you!” repeatedly.

Helpless Caroline

Caroline’s injuries to her hands rendered them unusable. The little boy was still stuck buckled into his stroller, and though Caroline was desperate to comfort Fox, she soon collapsed in agony. Thankfully, help would soon be on the way…

The Hero Nanny

The paramedics soon arrived, along with Fox’s distraught parents, who were immediately contacted by the medical professionals. When they arrived on the scene, they were relieved to find Fox had miraculously escaped uninjured, despite being traumatized by the incident. Then, they looked to see where Caroline was, desperate to discover if she had been as lucky as little Fox.

True Courage

Caroline had been taken in to the ambulance for immediate medical attention. The concerned parents peered into the vehicle, only to find Caroline battered and bruised, her arms and hands were covered in blood. One of the paramedics on hand told Fox’s father that she had courageously saved Fox’s life. Caroline was indeed declared a hero.

How was Caroline?

Caroline was rushed to the nearest hospital to have her injuries accessed. Doctors soon found that she had suffered fractured bones in her hands, wrists, and arms. Her entire body was also extremely tender from the devastating impact of the car. Both of her hands were cast and bandaged, they were unusable.

The Nanny’s Resolve

Despite her extensive injuries, Caroline did not her brave decision to risk her life in order to save little Fox. She had made the choice without a moment’s hesitation. The young woman believed that her injuries were an easy price for the preservation of beloved Fox’s life.

Grateful Parents

Fox’s parents were overcome with emotion, they felt guilt, relief and so much gratitude to the young woman. They knew that little Fox owed his life to Caroline’s heroic quick thinking. Sadly, Caroline’s weeks of recovery would mean she was not fit to continue her studies and care for Fox. Her work and studies were paused indefinitely, doctors were unsure whether Caroline would ever regain the mobility of her hands.

Forever Damaged?

Caroline’s broken bones proved to require months of recover and physical therapy, due to the severity of her sustained injuries, the young woman may never have full strength in her hands again. Little Fox visited his beloved nanny regularly. Their bond had grown even stronger since they had survived the ordeal. Sadly, Caroline’s injuries may have been more extensive than they initially appeared to be…

A Long Recovery

Caroline struggles with bouts of dizziness and recently underwent an MRI to gauge whether she had sustained head trauma that was overlooked in her initial assessment. Caroline is hoping to get at least 80% mobility back into her hands. Sadly her progress remains slow and it seems she has a long journey ahead of her. Caroline’s story would soon make headlines…

No Regrets

Caroline and Fox’s miraculous story would be picked up by the American media. Millions were touched by the nanny’s heroic actions. Her Facebook page was flooded with warm wishes and messages wishing her well. Caroline would soon require multiple surgeries but she has no regrets, sharing, “Saving Fox is the best possible outcome to a terrible situation and I would do it again in a heartbeat – he has my heart.”

Gone But Not Forgotten

Though she has received so much public support, Caroline has admitted the ordeal has deeply effected her. “Since the accident, it has been a struggle to see the joy, humor, and sunlight. Saving Fox is the best possible outcome to a terrible situation… The healing process has felt embarrassingly slow, amorphous, lonely, and unpredictable – so I just kept swimming.” Caroline continues to improve with each passing day and little Fox will forever thank her for her courageous actions.