Groom Stopped His Wedding Vows – And Confessed His Love For Another Girl

A Very Unexpected Speech

There are many types of wedding speeches. From funny best man speeches, to the father of the bride toasts. Yet this wedding vow, was one like no other before, and certainly unexpected.

Crowd Waits Anxiously

So what made this particular wedding speech so unexpected and shocking? When the groom got up to say his speech, it was not what he had originally planned….

An Unexpected Twist

Everbody knows that weddings can very emotional occasions. Celebrating true love is always a wonderful and sentimental thing. This groom was not quite prepared to be taken aback by all of the unexpected emotions of the day. With the crowd watching anxiously, he knew this would be one of the biggest moments of his life.

Where It All Began

The best man videos the speech, which begins at the wedding of a seemingly happy couple. Jessica, the bride, looks simply stunning in a white floor length dress, tiara and veil. The groom, Jefferson, also looks very smart in his suit and bowtie. He was a little nervous, hands shaking, as he read through what he was going to say, or what he thought he was going to say.

The Start Of The Vows

As the video begins, the couple are reading their wedding vows, standing in the middle of a reception room with all their family and friends around them. The bride has just finished by thanking him for loving her so much and she cannot wait to spend their lives together.

Veering Off The Path

Jefferson starts to read his vows out to his bride, but it becomes apparent not so long into reading his prompt, that he decides to change what he was going to say. He took a deep pause, wiped his brow and began to look up from his paper.

What Made Him Change His Mind

Jefferson had been planning this speech for months and months, his bride-to-be thought that he was out late most nights leading up to the wedding to practice what he was going to say in his vows. The bride knew how important it was to her love to get their wedding vows just right. She didn’t think anything of where he was, or didn’t even feel the need to ask. She left him to it, thinking that he wanted to get it perfect.

The Perfect Wedding

The ceremony was everything that Jessica could have hoped for and more. She had saved up for this day for over a year, so that she could have the wedding of her dreams. The scene was set for the wedding of a lifetime. She didn’t dream that the groom would surprise her the way he eventually did.

A Turn of Events

The bride’s dress was perfect, the venue was idyllic, some of her guests had flown in from overseas, what more could she have wanted? There was her man standing in front of her ready to pour his heart out. She thought this was the wedding day of her dreams. She was going to be in for a reality check.

Not Quite The Usual Speech

The video continues, and it shows Jefferson telling his guests that there is someone else in the room that he loves. Guests began turning to one another, wondering what he could mean, and who this anonymous person is. The bride tried to remain calm and listen to what he had to say.

Was This Actually Real?

From the moment that the couple met, they were inseparable. They had no doubts in their minds that they would not end up together. Jessica had counted down the days until she could call him her husband, but now the reality was not matching up to what she had imagined, standing up there with the whole room looking confused, what was going on?

Someone Else Took His Heart

Jefferson then turned away from his fiancée, and began scanning the room for this other person. According to the groom in his speech, this other girl was the one who made all his dreams possible. There had to be an explanation for this.

Significant Other

The groom was talking about someone very significant, someone both he and his bride had been extremely close to. The guests were really starting to look nervous, the bride tried to remain calm, but she was also too unsure of where this was going.

Just The Two Of Us

But since they met, it hadn’t been just the two of them in the equation. Something made this relationship a lot more complicated. There was another factor here that had definitely caused a strain at some points of their growing love.

Not Always Sunshine And Roses

Even though their love for each other was strong, there were other factors that got in the way of their relationship. And one certain factor was not going anywhere that was for sure, but would it really get in the way of their special day?

The Other Girl

The subject of Jefferson’s big speech was Giovana, and little did the bride know, that she was going to play a major part in the what would be ceremony of Jefferson and Jéssica.

Another Love In His Life

Giovana was Jéssica’s child from another relationship and soon to be Jefferson’s stepdaughter. And it was time for her to hear what her new stepdad had to say to her on such an important day.

No Longer Just Her And Her Mother

The groom began by kneeling down in front of the little girl. Then the video zooms into him launching into his actual planned speech – one, that did not leave a dry eye in the house. First, he lists all the things that she does that annoy him, such as poking him and eating his food.

Digs A Little Deeper

But then he digs deeper and the audience wait in anticipation. The little girl also did not know what to expect, but waited to hear what her new step-dad had to say.

Words They Will Never Forget

He tells Giovana that if he could ask God for anything, he would ask for her to be his daughter. As the groom continued his heartfelt speech, the rest of the room looked on in awe of this pure declaration of parental love. The bride looked truly moved as she watched on.

A Sweet Gesture

Still kneeling down in front of everybody, the groom tells the little girl that he loves her like she is his own, and promises to always love her, protect her and try his best to make her happy. The groom, the little girl and the bride continue to cry tears of joy.

Those All Important Words

Then he finishes his speech by telling his stepdaughter, “I love you!” And with his voice quivering, the groom is at the point of breaking down, making it an even more emotional scene. By this point, both little Giovana and Jéssica are wiping tears from their eyes, too.

More To Come

Just as the guests are blowing their noses, and it seemingly can’t get any more emotional, it’s Giovana’s turn to say a few words. She takes the microphone from Jefferson and thanks him for his words. To conclude the video, the little girl then tells Jefferson that although he is not her biological dad, he is a “father of heart.”

Not A Dry Eye In The House

During her short speech, Giovana wipes tears from her face, while Jefferson kneels in front of her, sobbing. And finally, once they’ve both announced their love for each other, the two share a heartwarming embrace as the wedding guests applaud them.

The World Moved

Quite possibly the world’s most emotional wedding speech video, it caught the attention of millions of people who cannot stop watching this moment.

Magnanimous Attention

The video has now been seen ten million times in less than eight months since being uploaded to YouTube. With all of the negative content on the web today, it’s easy to see why this heartwarming tale had such an effect on viewers from around the world.

A Beautiful Reaction

The online reaction to the beautiful video, has been overwhelmingly positive, with many people commenting on how amazing it was for Jefferson to address Giovana like that on his big day. to make sure the little girl was also made to feel special on the couple’s wedding day.

Lessons To Be Learnt

One YouTube user, Jochelle Recto, wrote something that would resonate with a lot of people who saw the video. “Even if the language is foreign, it still made me cry.” Yes, there’s certainly no doubt that this stepdad and stepdaughter have a relationship that can only be described as beautiful, and there is a lesson to be learnt to many men out there, on how to make the world cry from one speech.