Funniest Office Holiday Party Fails


Tis’ the season for office holiday parties. The biggest event on your calendar, they can be fun, but they can also be a big fat FAIL. When the mulled wine is flowing and the party games start, your employees might accidentally let slip more than they wanted to. Tension between co-workers rise to boiling point and the rest of the office might end up enjoying a free show. Let’s take a look at these hilarious party fails.

Hide And Seek

When the loud music and dancing gets too much at an office party, the good thing is that you can go sit at your desk to get a short reprieve. Looks like this lady took that a little too literally. We wonder who found her first the next morning in last night’s attire.

When In Doubt Converse It Out

This Santa couldn’t find the cups to drink his festive punch in, so he used his initiative and used what as around him. His converse came very handy for the situation. Wonder if that beer had a hint of feet in it.

Didn’t Get The Memo

It looks like these guys were dressed as tinsel, and they have done a great job of looking the sparkliest and most tackiest. They look like decorations from Cindy Loo Whoo’s house in the Grinch.

Santa Baby

Mrs Claus seemed to have got her outfit at the children’s store this year. It might be a bit nippy in the North Pole in that. Well then again, office Christmas parties have no rules it seems.


There is nothing worse than when a creepy colleague comes slinking up to you at the office party with mistletoe in one hand, as he reaches it above both of your heads to say kiss me. As if the mistletoe automatically gives him granted access and not to mention super power confidence. It’s hard to get out of that one.

Awkward Boss Related Story

One of my coworkers drank too much and proceeded to hit on our boss. When she got up from the table to walk away, he stood up to follow her, tripped, and split his chin open. The next day he came into work with a busted chin and a bruised ego.” -Anonymous

A lot Can Happen In One Night

“After rolling into the office the morning following my company holiday party, I received a wide email blast providing a link to the photo booth gallery. “After scrolling through several hours of tame photos, I discovered a series of 25 pictures showing my boss hooking up with a colleague from a different department. “Both photo subjects were sent to HR.”

Santa Has Arrived

There is dressing as Father Christmas, and then there is this. He really went over and above to make sure he received the prize for best outfit at his office party. We are not too sure that the award went to him, but we really appreciate the effort and enthusiasm that went into this, it certainly brought us a lot of entertainment.

To Bench Or Not To Bench?

Stumbling home after a wild office party is not the one. Sometimes you just need to take a little nap when waiting for the Uber driver to arrive. This Santa seems to have chosen the ground, and his fellow Father Christmas’ have to help get him up and home. Looks like it’s going to take a few of them.

Kids Say The Funniest Things

Kids are funny, they tend to repeat things that we have said, without us realizing that they really do absorb a lot of what goes on around them. This hilarious tweet shows what happens when kids accidentally get us into trouble by repeating things we did not want to get out into the world. We wonder what happened next……

Dress Code-So Wrong

This lovely lady was so proud of her DIY Christmas tree jumper, with hand sewn tinsel and baubles and its very own star. Yet when the office party dress code is party wear, this is not quite what was meant. Never the less, she definitely will win an award for most terrible Christmas jumper.

Santa Pile On

When there is free liquor involved, and the dress code is Santa, you know something is going to go down. This hilarious photo shows the pile on #fail.  We wonder if their boss is on the bottom of that.

Santa Statue

When this Santa ended up having a little too much fun the night before and found himself on a precious monument. The fire brigade even had to escort him off, with a ladder. This we can firmly say is the result of a great office party! He seems a bit too smitten with the horse statue. Maybe it’s Rudolph’s new replacement.

Santa In Party Clothes

Santa looks to be getting a little too close for comfort here it seems. At this Christmas party father Christmas seemed to have opted for a suit to really get into the office party spirit, that or go under cover. He also decided to change things up and grow a mustache instead of his usual long beard. Really moving with the times aren’t you Santa.

Festive Fashion Police Needed- Send Help

Wow, there are Christmas jumpers, and then there are Christmas jumpers, and these look like they have just come out of Whoville. There must be an award for these two. The great thing about Christmas is that really, anything goes. This is the time of year, that the uglier and more garish the jumper is the better. Listen, they probably won’t be under the mistletoe, but never the less Santa would be proud.

False Sense Of Super Hero

After the music starts, and the drinks are flowing, the office party is lit and you and your colleagues have hit the dance floor. Something always seems to happen once everyone starts to relax, they tend to forget that tomorrow the real world starts again and you will have to see everyone. People tend to think they have super powers and can do whatever they want in this moment and it will be forgotten forever. Oh how wrong!

Ugly Sweaters Go A Long Way

Chrimbo time is the best time for dressing up and going a little crazy with the lights and the glitter and tinsel. Anything really goes this time of year, and for the most part, the more out there the better. This #officepartyfail tweet is so funny. She went to the holiday party wearing something she thought was cute, and won the award for it being the ugliest outfit. Nice work.

Well Hello There

This hilarious was taken by his colleague, and went all over the company’s internet server. The party got a little too much for him, he needed to find a quiet place that was familiar and safe, and of course that wasn’t at his desk, it was under his manager’s desk. He really made himself at home. This is definitely the sign of a successful office holiday party.

Not Much Luck Santa

Santa’s little helpers are always there in his time of need. Tonight it seems he needs a little extra help, but these little elves look like they are having some fun of their own. The bench really is such a happy place. It brings people together, it helps you when you need a good old nap. It is just the gift that keeps on giving. We can relate to this all too well, can you?

Just One Step Too Far

Office parties seem to bring out the wild side in us all, it is that night where nothing else matters, and you bond on another level with your co-workers, and often their plus ones. This guy probably wish he didn’t go back for more of the fruity Christmas punch the day after.

Dancing On My Own

This tweet is so funny, boss’s in the work place rarely let their hair down and need to keep that stiff upper lip persona of having their stuff together and being the team leader. Yet as soon as it is the office party, they seem to break down that wall straight away and unleash the real them.

Be Careful Who You Speak To

Oh Linda! Linda thought she would bitch about her boss’s new scheme to Leonard at the Christmas party after she had drank a few cups of the Christmas punch.  No time like the present she thought, so proceeded to tell Leonard everything she thought about her boss, only it wasn’t Leonard that she told… it was actually her boss.


Something about being at the office holiday party gives you a false sense of confidence and that anything goes. There are some moments where you feel invincible, and the infamous festive party is definitely one of them. Even people you never liked you begin to love, ugly co-workers become suddenly super models, and the boss you hate is now the best boss in the world. Oh Christmas, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

You Have To Go In The Next Day

According to Huffington Post:”You have to go to work the next day. If you don’t, everyone will know why, and they will sit around and talk about your bad behavior the night before twice as much. If you’re there, they have to sneak around and do it behind your back, which will cut down on the office gossip by at least 50%. You’re already in trouble, don’t make it worse.” You got told.

Photocopying On Christmas

These two colleagues got caught running away from the party to go and explore the rest of the office, when they were discovered in the photocopying room trying to photocopy funny body parts. They don’t look like they care one bit that they were caught. That must have been some strong punch in that cup.

Choose The Theme Wisely

When choosing the theme of the office Christmas party, think wisely, is all we will say. It is always slightly disconcerting seeing your boss in tight pvc or lycra and wearing a bright pink wig. Not sure that is something you can bounce back from, no matter how many trips to the punch bowl you go. Happy holidays!

Office Slip n Slide

This company in Australia turned their office into a huge slip n slide. How epic is this, yet we wonder how many accidents happened. We wouldn’t mind spending our work day sliding down a soapy floor. This is the definition of taking office bonding to a whole new level.

You Did What?

The day after the office holiday party is a mixed bag of events. You are extremely hungover, but it can be really fun when you find out all the gossip. Yet not so fun, when you are the gossip and your co-workers make you feel even worse for your antics and won’t let you live it down all day, and the day after the that. Was it all worth it?

Do Not Play Poker

One rule when dressed as Santa at the office party and drinking his magical punch, do not play any party games. You do not know what could happen or how much money you could lose. Santa’s always seem to get in a brawl, this looks like it could end in tears, or one of these guys being on the naughty list. The guy on the left appears to be losing his vision slightly.

Not The Right Time To Tell Everyone What You Think

Very often in the spirit of the party, workers feel that it is their right moment to say what is on their mind, and tell their boss everything that they think of them. For the sake of your job, don’t do it dressed as a Christmas pudding in front of all your co-workers.

Read The Dress Code

There is always that one person that forgets to read the dress code. This poor guy came to his office party in a full evening suit, dressed to impress like 007. Yet everyone else got the memo that casual wear was appropriate. At least it’s Christmas and after a few drinks and party games no one will even notice. He does stick out like a sore thumb, but if you can’t be a fool this time of year, when can you?