Who’s Dan Bilzerian’s New Girlfriend


You know those internet celebs that you see all the time on social media, but don’t actually know who they are, don’t know their name even? Well this is one of them, but boy is she a sensation. Why you ask? Well its an interesting one, and the way she got famous is even more interesting.

No One Knew Who She Was

Her name is Claire Abbott. You probably saw her picture floating around the internet, but chances are you didn’t know her name until now.  Here is the girl who caused Dan Bilzerian to leave his wild ways.

An Accidental Celebrity

Claire became internet famous totally by accident. She posted some photos of herself in a bikini to her Facebook profile, and it all just happened from there. Abbott was only fifteen years old when she first posted the bikini photos. They went viral and spread like wildfire. She was an overnight sensation just like that.

Setting Up Shop

When Claire became aware of how popular her photos were online, she went with it. In response, she started multiple social media profiles. She was on YouTube, Twitter and of course, Instagram. Claire, who wanted to be a singer, hoped the attention would help her music career. Abbott started racking up followers immediately.

The Fame Grows

Claire’s social media accounts where instant hits.  The comments sections were just brimming in compliments. Her numbers were growing daily. Her photos also kept spreading around the internet. She was featured on many blogs and reposted on many forums. And the question still remained who really is she?

Through the Roof

Claire posted all sorts of things online. Along with photos of herself, she also posted fashion advice. She noticed, however, that there was a direct relationship between how many photos of herself she posted and how many new followers she got. So she experimented with this. Abbott started posting a ton of shots of herself. Pretty soon, her Instagram was up to  over 500,000 followers.

Opening Doors

Claire’s internet fame rose to such a place that it began opening up a world of possibility for her. She wrote on a fashion blog, “In terms of social media, I have a fashion, fitness and lifestyle based Instagram that has really exploded recently. I started showing pictures of myself on Instagram a couple of years ago and it’s transformed from a hobby into a really exciting part-time job that has opened up a ton of great opportunities for me!” The more visible she became, the more famous she got. There appeared to be no limit on her celebrity.

Her Fans Quite Literally Loved Her

Claire was one of the first people to become famous from  social media. Many, many girls have followed suit. But Claire was definitely a pioneer. There was something about her that just captivated her fans.  Claire received multiple marriage proposals from complete strangers. She didn’t accept of course. The internet can be very dangerous, especially for a beautiful social media celebrity.


In an interview with The Idle Man, Claire recommended that aspiring Instagram celebrities should just be true to themselves.“Post pictures that are authentic to you.”  This way people who are interested in the same things will then follow you and take an interest, well at least this is what happened to her. Some were a little too interested.

So Where Now?

Claire’s fame was largely based off the vague feeling conveyed in her photos that she was somehow accessible to the common guy. She had a “girl next door” look and friendly face that was different than the typical model look. She was alluring and intriguing. she had such a sense of innocence about her.

Life On The Top

There was even an entire SubReddit dedicated just to her pics. Seemingly everywhere you looked online, there was a photo or two of Claire floating around. People wanted to know more about her life, and girls wanted to know how they could be her, guys wanted to know how they could be with her.


Making Famous Friends

Claire partied with Dan Bilzerian in 2015. She posted a couple photos of her with the famous bachelor to her Instagram but quickly deleted them. Rumors circulated that the two were a thing. At least a temporary one. The rumors were never confirmed.


Dan Bilzerian is a poker player who is mostly famous for his playboy lifestyle. He dates very beautiful models and lot of them. Lots and lots of them. His social media is basically pictures and videos of big boats,  good looking women and money. It still isn’t known if he and Claire ever had a relationship. But they sure look close here.

Namechecked by Maxim

In June of 2016, Maxim Magazine posted about Claire. They referred to her YouTube channel and “scorching Instagram feed.” The post was shared four thousand times. A whole new host of admirers arrived on her virtual door step. One commenter remarked that she had a “nice pair of… Eyes…”

Fashion Advice

Claire used her Instagram to give fashion advice and tell other girls her top tips. She became so popular and a fashion icon. She even inspired other celebrities to do it too. She would show her weekly outfit choices and where she buys her clothes so other girls could adopt the same look.

Looking Back

In her Idle Man interview, Claire was asked what she would tell herself if she could go back in time. her answer was interesting. “I would tell her that it’s so important to keep things in perspective… It is easy to get swept up in the fame and excitement of having such a social presence, but you have to remember that it could disappear at any second” wise words Claire.


Claire found it extremely off putting when guys would try and ask her out on dates through social media. Well this is the price you pay for being Instafamous. Never the less she says she wants to meet someone organically, and someone who wants to get to know her outside of her social media fame.

Claire’s Favorite Things

During an interview, Claire remarked that she’s “addicted” to ice cream. She says she could eat it every day.
She also said that her favorite song is “Unaware” by Allen Stone. It surely served as inspiration for her own songwriting.
Despite the bubbly social media presence, all was not completely well with Claire. Fame was taking its toll.

Dropping Out of Fame

If you look up Claire Abbott, as you may have done already, you will find that all of her official social media accounts are now dead. The only one not deactivated is her Facebook fan page, which hasn’t been updated since December of 2016.
Nobody knew where Claire went or why she had taken down her accounts. Even her YouTube channel, dedicated mostly to her music, was bereft of videos. Claire had apparently had enough of being famous. We don’t know if she’ll ever return to public life. She just vanished hocus pocus into thin air as if she never existed.

Copycat Accounts Spring Up

When Claire gave up her crown as social media queen, tons of impostor accounts popped up to try to capture her search traffic. They were obviously fake. The accounts simply reposted her old photos, that had been making the rounds online for months or years. Claire was gone. But where?

The Reason She Quit

Rumors circulated about why she just fell off the face of the social media Earth. According to some people, the reason that she dipped out of her social media accounts because nude photos that were allegedly hers had surfaced. However, Claire says she quit because she wanted to get serious about her music. She wanted to pursue her dream of being a singer-songwriter. And she was tired of only getting attention for her striking looks. Being harassed by millions of strangers around the world must take a real mental toll.

Claire’s Music

Claire is most known for her covers of popular songs. However, she also writes original music. Some of her music can still be found on YouTube. Just not on her official page. Her 2012 original song Fighter got over 300,000 views.

A Somewhat Shocking Revelation

Claire’s life appeared to be close to perfect. She was young, gorgeous and rubbing elbows with Dan Bilzerian. But reality was darker. She posted a photo of herself in a hospital. It was accompanied by a confession that she had been struggling with multiple mental health conditions for years, including anxiety disorder, severe depression and borderline bipolar disorder. “I have chosen to share my unfiltered story because I feel an immense responsibility as someone who has experienced the recovery process to share with those who are struggling that there IS help.” This was definitely the dark side of fame.

Many Girls Are Following In Claire’s Footsteps

Claire wasn’t the first girl to become famous on the strength of her looks. But she was one of the first to do it using only her own social media as promotional tools. She served as a model, both literally and figuratively, for lots of girls after her.
The world of Instagram modeling has taken off in the past few years. It can also be dangerous with girls thinking they need to look like an Instagram model and that was what Claire wanted to avoid- being a bad role model.

Big Money for Big Accounts

There’s more to be gained from being a popular Instagram model than just attention. There’s some serious money to be made.Instagram models can win sponsorship deals and lots of free merchandise. Top YouTubers can support themselves full-time just off of their views. It’s easy to see why so many people would try to follow in Claire’s footsteps. Even if they led away from fame, ultimately.

A Smart Marketing Strategy

Instagram models provide marketers with built-in audiences led by spokespeople they already trust. Paying them to showcase your products in their photos makes strategic sense. It certainly makes more sense than buying ad space on television. Marketing continues to change as our media habits do. Claire was ahead of her time, and got out at the right time if you ask us.

Want To Be Famous?

If you want to become Instagram famous, a good first place to start is looking like Claire Abbott. After you have that covered, think about what categories you want to target. The most popular Instagram accounts are typically related to fitness, travel, food, fashion and other lifestyle stuff. Keep in mind that people who do get famous tend to go slightly crazy. Whether they become known through social media or in more traditional ways, fame is not a comfortable garment to wear every minute of your life.

Where Is Claire Now?

Claire has been completely silent for many months. It is completely unknown what she will end up doing, or if we’ll ever hear about it. For now, her old photos still have lives of their own. You’ve seen her before, and you will probably see her again. Hopefully she gets what she wants and comes to be known for something other than just her good looks. We hope she pops up on the music scene and takes the world by storm with her music and that she can become a spokesperson for dealing with the limelight and the dark side of fame.