The Most Embarrassing News Anchor Fails Caught on Live TV


There’s nothing quite like watching a catastrophe unfold on live TV. These unlucky news anchors got to experience what it’s like to make a blunder while the whole world watched. Thanks to the joys of the internet we get to have a good laugh at these on-air disasters again and again. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve curated a hilarious selection of some of the most embarrassing moments caught on live television.

Strategic Placement

Sometimes it’s tough for women to be taken seriously in the workplace. This attractive weather girl thought she was doing some impressive weather reporting, while, the tech guys had decided to poke a little fun at the anchor by strategically placing a large red arrow that was pointing at more than just the wind activity. We doubt the viewers were paying their full attention to the forecast…

Ridiculous Reporting

This reporter had an unlikely guest on his segment. A gutsy onlooker made an appearance looking magical in a pink tutu and a unicorn mask. Impressively, the anchor managed to keep his cool even while the woman cried out in her strange unicorn language. We wonder what she was for Halloween that year?

Making a Splash

Everyone has had an embarrassing fall. Fortunately, most of us are not being broadcast on national television. This Dutch reporter quite literally made a splash in her interview with the local mayor when she lost her balance leaning against the side of the boat. The mayor was ready to dive in and save the unfortunate damsel in distress but not before removing his mayoral medal.

Let’s Get Physical

Romanian weather anchor Roxana Vancea exposed just a little more than expected while trying to demonstrate a short workout routine for her viewers. The vivacious weather girl performed an enthusiastic set of jumping jacks without noticing that one of her… assets had made an unplanned appearance. After a quick adjustment of her dress, Vancea continued like a pro. Needless to say, the wardrobe malfunction turned her into an internet sensation, especially among male viewers.

Surprise Guest

Nobody likes to be snuck up on. This reporter got the fright of her life once she realized she had an unexpected guest in her segment. When the reporter eventually noticed this guy was standing directly behind her she let out a scream of terror and completely lost composure. Don’t worry lady, we’d freak out too.

Bugging Out

Katya Leick was attempting to report a segment from the top of a tank at Fort Reilly army base when she was suddenly attacked by a swarm of giant buzzing cicadas. Ever the professional, she tried to maintain her cool and was managing just fine until one of the little critters landed on her face. After multiple takes and more than a few freakouts, she eventually got through the piece without a hitch.

Shakey Footage

These news anchors were expecting just another day in the office. The great powers that be seemed to have other plans. In the middle of the live segment, Los Angeles experienced an earthquake. The cameras rattled, the overhead lights shook and the reporters screamed in girlish fear and ducked beneath their desk. We think this was an appropriate response, but more than a few people found their reaction absolutely hysterical. Hey, what would you have done?

Need a Tissue?

We all know the woes of having a bad cold and having to work through it. Well, this reporter certainly does. A long and particularly persistent booger dripped out of her nose during a live broadcast. After unsuccessfully thrashing her head to the side to remedy the embarrassing situation she opted for a strong sniff. Maybe she should have taken the day off.

Bug Invasion

Fox59 Meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark is definitely not a bug fan. During her daily weather report, producers switched to an overhead shot of Indianapolis. Quite suddenly the frame was invaded by a hornet, due to the proximity of the bug, the hornet looked more like something out of a horror movie. Jennifer let out a screech and fled the studio. She returned, apologized and promptly achieved internet fame for her giggle-inducing reaction.

Wardrobe Wars

Women can be particularly catty when it comes to fashion. Things got a little heated on Australia’s Nine News Now when five out of six women on the segment showed up in white. Amber Sherlock (center) was having none of it. Sherlock and Julie Snook (left) came to blows over the fashion faux pas. With their mics still recording, the women had a catty exchange with Sherlock even threatening to leave the segment altogether. Luckily for the ladies, the incident was not live but somehow made it’s way onto the world wide web, much to our delight.

Love is on the Air

Everyone knows that anchors get some help from teleprompters, but this reporter experienced just how embarrassing some unscripted content can be. The Alabama-based anchor was tricked into announcing her very own marriage proposal. Thinking she was receiving some breaking news, she read that she was being proposed to. Fortunately for the lucky guy, she said yes.

An Unlikely Criminal

Channel 3 was airing a particularly serious piece covering the disappearance of a local girl. When it came time to air an image of the suspect, the channel did not feature a mugshot of a man but instead displayed the image of a hamster. Without even as much as a giggle the anchor stated, “Well, no this is not Rodney Stanger obviously.” We hope the little guy got off easy.

Unscripted and Suggestive

Like actors, sometimes anchors like to divert from the script and get chatting without the help of the teleprompter. This reporter learned the hard way that this is not always the best idea. Before introducing the weather forecast, the male anchor told the meteorologist, “Maybe we can canoodle before you get into it.” She politely rejected the offer. After realizing the comment was inappropriate, he admitted he did not know the correct definition of the word ‘canoodle’ and claimed that he thought it just meant to chat. Next time, we recommend he pick up a dictionary before going off script.

The Uninvited Guests

Ah, kids. They can get parents into some sticky situations. Guest expert Robert Kelly was live on air discussing the impeachment proceedings of South Korean president Park Geun-hye when his two daughters happily waltzed into the room without an invitation. Kelly’s wife soon makes a panicked appearance and rushes the kids out of the room. The incident gave some much needed comic relief to the segment and millions across the globe all had a good chuckle.

Feathered Fail

Reporter Brittany Kleyn was preparing for a live broadcast when a rogue parrot took a seat on her shoulder. The unlikely guest turned out to be a lost pet named Lola. The incident went viral and actually helped Lola reunite with her concerned owner. Nothing like a happy ending!

Snow Ways

On-site weather reporting can be a nightmare. Anchors have to endure some extreme conditions, from desert heat to the biting cold of a snowstorm. This Milwaukee weather reporter lost her cool during a live broadcast after spending hours covering a particularly nasty bit of weather. “I’ve been here since, what, 3:30 this morning, it is now, I don’t even know what time it is, 9:45. I’m exhausted, I’ve run out of things to say. It is snowing, and it sucks here!” she declared. Her unscripted rant was met with laughter and sympathy from both viewers and her producers.

Shake it Off

Men are always expected to handle hairy situations in an effortlessly cool, masculine manner. This Fox reporter didn’t quite pull off the tough guy act when he was attacked by a large flying insect during a live broadcast. In a very dramatic display of emotion, he began screaming and flailing his arms about. After the bug made a quick exit he awkwardly looked at the camera, asking, “Was that live? We were live? Oh… brother.”

Murder is No Laughing Matter

Reporting a murder is supposed to be very serious business but when this reporter caught a glimpse of this suspect’s mugshot, she just couldn’t help having a giggle. The Michigan anchor experienced a rather untimely laughing fit during a live broadcast covering a gruesome homicide. Oops?

Fed Up Footage

Everyone knows who the Kardashians are. The social media-obsessed family has got more than their fair share of media coverage over the last couple of years. Apparently, just like the rest of us, this anchor has had enough. On Good Day Orlando this reporter simply refused to cover a story about Kylie Jenner naming her rabbit ‘Bruce.’ “I’m sick of this family. It’s a non-story. Nobody cares about this family anymore,” he exclaimed.

Hellish Heat

Now that’s hot! This Arizonan weather anchor, as well as the audience at home, was more than surprised to discover that local temperatures were well over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, one city’s temperature reportedly reached heights of 2,960 degrees. The soaring temperatures were obviously due to a technical glitch and the weatherman played the error off like a pro, recommending viewers to “get out while they still can.”

High Surprise

This BBC reporter was covering a particularly serious story about a hefty amount of drugs being confiscated and subsequently destroyed. The 8 ½ ton pile of drugs contained heroin, opiates, hashish and other various narcotics. How were they destroyed, you ask? They were set alight. Considering that most of these recreational drugs can be smoked, this was a pretty silly move. Both the cameraman and the reporter got ridiculously high and broke into fits of hysterical laughter. Unsurprisingly, the segment was cut short.

Attack of the Birds

This reporter was in the middle of covering a story about a bird infestation when he received an unwelcome gift from one of the birds featured. Walking beneath a tree full of birds, one of the feathered fellows pooped on the anchor’s shoulder. Sadly, this was not the worst of it. The reporter looked up, continued talking and some bird poo found its way into his open mouth. Hopefully, there was mouthwash on hand.

She Prefers Dogs

There are a few things guaranteed to make a news anchor’s job a little harder, one of them being handling an animal on air. WJW’s Kathleen Cochrane was covering a story on a case of animal abuse when someone handed her a cat during the live segment. You can probably guess what happens next. The grumpy feline begins to growl and squirm and ultimately claws the reporter in the face. Ouch.

Is That a…

Anchor Siobhan Riley of Flint Michigan’s WJRT shot to internet stardom after she accidentally drew a particularly inappropriate shape while mapping out a local construction site. Riley drew two large circles connected to an oblong shape which ultimately looked like… well, you get the idea. It was an innocent mistake which made more than a viewers smile.

On Set Snooze

Working long hours can be tough on anyone. Most people can get away with having a quick snooze in between shifts but it’s hard to pull off when you’re being broadcast around the world. On an early morning show of Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson had fallen asleep during the commercial break and his cheeky co-hosts neglected to wake him up. His colleagues and the audience had a good laugh at his expense. At least he got a little shuteye.

Crash Course

During coverage of a helicopter crash in Seattle, this news team was airing images of the event posted online. The first picture was the scene of the crash, the following images started to veer into weird territory. The next picture was of Edward Scissorhands, the next pic was of an omelet… but the station had saved the worst for last. A picture of a man’s naked crotch live on air. The anchors continued as if nothing had happened but what was seen could not be unseen. Nothing like a little x-rated error to lighten the mood.

A Kinky Confession

Readers, hide your kids! During a live segment, this reporter made a rather kinky confession. While covering the subject of disciplining children the male co-host asked his colleague whether she had been spanked as a child. Her immediate reply was, “As a kid, no.” This unmistakenly implied she had been spanked as an adult. To each their own!

Did He Really Just Say That??

Political commentator Glenn Beck has never shied away from controversy but this wildly inappropriate comment certainly takes the cake. In a 2007 segment of his CNN Headline News program discussing the leaking of celebrity nude photos, Beck said to his female guest, “I’ve got some time and a camera. Why don’t you stop by?” Clearly the comment was meant to be a joke but the suggestion received a deadpan response. Sorry Glen, sexism is so 2016.