Deputy Was Dragged Into The Forest By Three Men, But His K9 Partner Wasn’t Ready To Give Up


Police officers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and there’s no doubt about that. While on patrol one day, this police officer found himself in a situation that could have been fatal.

Just A Seemingly Normal Day

Todd has been in the police force for over 20 years, but what was about to happen to him, would scar him for life.

Partners In Crime

Todd and Lucas share a strong bond because they’ve been together for a long time. They captured tens of criminals together and Lucas knew that his role was to protect Todd from harm’s way. And so he did!


Lucas is one of the most loyal dogs we have ever seen and we’re not surprised that he ended up saving Todd’s life. His bravery made him a national hero and we promise you that you’ll be impressed as well. Here’s how everything started.

Outskirts Of Town

It was just a regular day for Todd Frazier and his dog partner. They were cruising around the outskirts of the town when Todd saw a car stopped on the side of the road. Being a deputy, he decided to check out what was happening.

Regular Check Up

The deputy got out of his car and headed towards what he thought was a passed out driver on the side of the road. Little did he know, something was about to happen to him!

Just Another Day On The Job

When you leave the police station each morning, there is always an inclination that something might happen, whether positive or scary, but police officers often crave the thrill and adrenaline. The deputy woke up that morning however, expecting it to be a quiet day as i had been for several weeks already Boy how he couldn’t be more wrong.

Not On High Alert

It just shows, that you can never have your guard down when you are a police officer, because you never know when life might come and bite you in the behind.

Out Of Nowhere

Out of nowhere, two men grab the Deputy and start dragging him towards the woods. The two men were holding Todd by his hands and he couldn’t do anything. Luckily, he came up with a brilliant idea that would end up saving his life!

Danger On The Horizon

It was just a normal day on the job for Todd and, as always, he had his best friend by his side. The police dog was not only Todd’s partner but also his guardian angel. It was more than loyalty that connected these two friends, and when Lucas felt that Todd was in danger, he acted on instinct!

Scary Moment

As the man was being dragged into the woods, he opened the door of his car by pressing hard on his keychain. You won’t believe what happened next!

Don’t Mess With A Man’s Best Friend

Lucas, the man’s dog partner comes out the car as soon as the doors open. The two men who were trying to hurt the Deputy had no idea that the dog was around. And when he realized that Todd was in danger, he did the unthinkable!

Screaming For Help

Todd was trying to scream for help, but the two men were not letting him. The Deputy was fearing for his life at that point, especially when he heard what the two men were planning to do with him!

Threatened His Life

Todd said that as he was being dragged through the woods, the two men told him that they were going to slit his throat! Can you imagine what Todd felt like when he heard that? Fortunately, Lucas was now out of the car, and you won’t believe what he did!

Criminal Behaviour

Lucas spots the criminals and he immediately attacks them! Lucas bit one of them so hard that they got scared and ran away. What do you think Todd did next?

Calling For Backup

Todd didn’t waste any time and he called for backup and an ambulance because he got cut in the process. How bad do you think his cut was?

A Bit Cut Up

Fortunately, the attackers didn’t hurt Todd but they cut him on the forehead. The cut was made with a box cutter and Todd was taken straight to the hospital when the backup arrived.

Not The First Time

The interesting thing about this is that this wasn’t the first time that a police officer was attacked around that area. This is when Todd knew that the two men who tried to kill him were a certain kind of menace but who were they?

Identity Revealed

Bass later conceded the incident may have to do with gangs in the area. ‘We’ve been stressing this for months and months now. It’s no different from last week. We get a BOLO (be-on-the-lookout) from the state alerting us that the Gangster Disciples have put out an SOS, or Shoot on Sight, for police officers,’ he said.

Near Death Experience

‘They told him they were going to slit his throat, and they were dragging him toward the woods,’ Chief Deputy Don Bass said according to The Clarion-Ledger. He said the men then planned on dumping the body after killing him. When asked if the incident might have something to do with recent gangs stating they would attack any police officers they encountered on sight, Bass said: ‘At this point in time I don’t care.’

Multiple Bodily Injuries

Frazier suffered a two-and-a-half-inch cut to his forehead from what a doctor believes was a box cutter and multiple other bodily injuries.

Lucky For His Canine Friend

Todd got lucky because his canine partner was around, but he says that he will keep searching for those two men to try and bring them in. Isn’t it amazing how dedicated police officers are to their job?

Unusual Outcome

This terrific story shows us just how much dogs love their close ones. Even though having a dog as a partner is a bit unusual, no one can deny the fact that Lucas is a life saver!

Special Partner In Crime

Lucas is a special dog and his actions show us that K9 units can be super helpful to have around. This story would not have a happy ending if Lucas wasn’t around when Todd was attacked.

Important Role In Life Or Death Situations

Deputy Todd Frazier actually specializes in training K9 units and he strongly believes that every police car should have one. These dogs are highly trained and they play an important role in life or death situations.

Stronger Bond Than Ever

After having his life saved by a dog, Todd Frazier says that his love for dogs is stronger than ever! This should help us appreciate just how loyal dogs are.


Can you imagine how much it would hurt to get bitten by a dog? Good thing the two criminals found out! If you ask me, Lucas should’ve taken two or three more bites out of them.

Separation Anxiety

No one is ever going to separate Todd and Lucas from now on. These two share a special bond and Todd is surely never going to check up on any cars without his partner by his side ever again.