Cute Beach Towels to Help You Live Your Best Summer Life


Summer is here, these cool towels will give you beach cred, and will get the heads turning round the pool. You will want to add these to your packing list.

Popsicle Towel

Popsicles for peak summer vibes and it won’t set you back more than one single Hamilton

Surround Sound

Rounded so it feels new and different, with room to spare for all your friends.

Pineapple Print

What it would look like if at the design pitch meeting, D&G compiled a list of pretty things and piled it all on one beach towel (millennial pink, pineapples, polka dots, check, check, check).

Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Chic tassels so you can imagine you’re sunning in the South of France or something.


They had us at the “wider than a twin bed” part. Save this for your bae-cation when you want to share a sun spot for two.

Terry Towel

Yes, it’s technically a bath towel. But when it’s this thick terrycloth and that pattern? It’s not meant to be hidden in your dark bathroom year-round.