Clint Eastwood: “I Have Only One Regret”


Clint Eastwood has had more life experience than most in Hollywood. But not all is as it seems, and often the grass looks greener than it is in actuality. He has a lot of skeletons in his closet that are slowly finding their way out. Why has he chosen to reveal a deep secret after all this time? Let us find out.

Finally Opening Up

Recently the Dirty Harry star revealed for the very first time an incredibly personal story about an event that happened to him over 60 years ago – one that might make you see him in a very different way.

Burying The Story

In the world of Hollywood, only a small number of actors can claim to the same success that Clint Eastwood has built over the years. Born in San Francisco, California on May 31, 1930, the stone-faced performer was always destined for success in the acting world. But something happened years ago that the actor knew he needed to keep quiet about – until now.

Wild Reputation

Eastwood first made waves in 1958 with the television Western Rawhide. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the most well-respected actors in the industry. His memorable performances in movies such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Pale Rider and Dirty Harry, rose him to stardom.

Not Just A Good Actor

Even in the ’90s Eastwood was still delivering impressive performances in films such as In the Line of Fire, A Perfect World and the critically acclaimed Unforgiven – proving that he had not lost his acting skills. However, the latter Western movie also highlighted his other passion: directing and he jumped on board with this, even though he had something to hide.

Still Something To Be Uncovered

Yes, after achieving everything there was to achieve in front of the camera, Eastwood began turning his attention to working behind it. He made the biggest directorial transition in the ’00s, winning awards for movies such as Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River, and Letters from Iwo Jima. He had really proved himself as a respected director.

More To Come

And he wasn’t done just yet. Despite collecting numerous awards for his acting and directorial work, Eastwood is still showing Hollywood how it’s done with his poignant stories and attention-grabbing camera work. It seems too that some of those stories are actually based on his own experiences.

A Little Help From My Friend

In contrary to his ultimate anti-hero character in the Leone’s Dollars trilogy, Eastwood actually saved a few lives. During filming, He and his co-star Eli Wallach did a scene where a bridge was supposed to explode. Eastwood sensed that something was not right, and he urged his co-star to retreat to a safe place, to which Wallach agreed. A minute later, the bridge was accidentally blown up due to a confusion on set. Wallach could have died if it weren’t for Eastwood’s advice.

If You Want To Shoot, Shoot

Clint Eastwood used to act in Western movies with John Wayne. During one scene when Wayne was filming, there is a saloon fight including a bunch of different adversaries. At one point, Wayne’s character has the chance to shoot another character in the back, and Wayne refuses to do so. When told that Clint Eastwood would have done it, Wayne said “I don’t care what that kid woulda done, I don’t shoot ‘em in the back.”

What Happened To His Marriages?

Over the years, Eastwood has had many different relationships following his famous movie name “The Good, Bad and Ugly”. Although he had countless affairs in his life, Eastwood has actually only been married twice. He married his first wife Maggie Johnson, who was a swimsuit model, in 1953. After having two children together, they divorced in 1984. His second wife was former TV hostess Dina Ruiz, whom he married in 1996 and divorced in 2014 (There are many more juicy details on this to come).

First Wife

Clint Eastwood’s first marriage was to one Maggie Johnson who he met through a blind date. They fell for each other hard and were quickly engaged but young love proved to be short lived. Clint called the marriage off. While he was engaged to Maggie, Eastwood had an affair with another woman and allegedly got the woman pregnant. The resulting child was given up for adoption.

He Just Couldn’t Help Himself

Eastwood met actress Sondra Locke in 1972 and they began dating while he was still married to his first wife, Maggie Johnson. Locke, who was also married at the time to a close friend, moved to live with the actor in his home in California. After a few years, Locke and Eastwood had separated. Unbeknown to her, Eastwood was unfaithful to her for most of the time. What else had he been hiding that would come out of the woodwork?

Rat Revealed

The actress was initially unaware of Eastwood’s infidelities until she was contacted by a journalist, who then informed her about his other family. This rocked her world upside down, and it was later revealed in an expose article by Star in 1989. The tabloid reported that Eastwood was having an affair with flight stewardess Jacklyn Reeves for many years and bore him two children (Scott and Kathryn) although the birth certificate reportedly said: “Father declined”.

A Shocking Story

Sondra Locke was Clint Eastwood’s long term girlfriend who lived with him for over 13 years. The two met while on the set of The Outlaw Josey Wales, and while Eastwood was still married. Locke ended up writing a tell all book that got released in the mid 1990s titled The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly, and revealed a wealth of juicy information. One of our favorites – Clint Eastwood allegedly liked to be called “daddy.”

What Would Come Out?

In her autobiography Locke wrote: “Clint seemed astonished at his need for me, even admitting that he’d never been faithful to one woman — because he’d “never been in love before,” he confided. He even made up a song about it: “She made me monogamous.” That flattered and delighted me. I would never doubt his faithfulness and his love for me.” But it would later turn very sour.

Pillow Talk

There are some other interesting facts and in fact shocking secrets from Clint Eastwood’s life hidden within the pages of this book. One of these discoveries includes the fact that one night, Clint started having fun with Sondra Locke, and his version of bedtime talk was asking her if she had flossed.

Dark Secret Is Out

Locke clearly had a bone to pick with Clint Eastwood, and even went so far as to claim that Eastwood forced her to terminate two of the pregnancies he caused her, as well as forcing her to become sterile. In an interview with People Magazine, a friend of Clint’s says that he would not be surprised if this was true, given that Eastwood is a moral person and believes that a mother and a father should be married.

Interesting Circumstances

Clint Eastwood bought Sondra Locke’s former husband Gordon Anderson a house in Bel Air, California. Anderson, a sculptor, had never consummated his marriage with Sondra despite marrying her in 1967. It was definitely an interesting situation, that Anderson was always in the picture, and him and Sondra acted more like very close friends than they ever did a couple. What else would he do?

Nasty Lawsuit Unfolds

A huge lawsuit blew up, whereby Sondra Locke sued Clint Eastwood after she claimed that Eastwood single handedly sabotaged her directing and filmmaking career. After a messy and drawn out court case, the couple settled out of court. Clint’s representatives said that he was happy with the decision, while Locke held a press conference saying she will never have to work again. Did this affect his career?

Vile Temper

Although Eastwood and Locke were together for 13 years, they never married. The relationship ended in acrimony, and while suing her former lover, she claimed he was a cruel man with a vile temper who dumped her by locking her out of the home she believed he had given her, and stated that he made her have two abortions during that time.

Sewed His Seed

The American actor has been spreading his genes very well. His beautiful daughter Francesca has grown up and made a name for herself in Hollywood as a model and an actress. She is the daughter of Eastwood and Frances Fisher (Famously known for her role in James Cameron’s Titanic). Francesca has already cemented herself slots in movies such as Outlaws and Angels.

Delving Into His Private Life On Screen

In a very un-Clint Eastwood move, his family became the center of a reality show on E!. The 2012 show, Mrs. Eastwood and Company, followed Dina Eastwood (his then-wife) and their children through their lives in Carmel By The Sea. Unsurprisingly, Clint himself was not a big fan of the idea about the show, and he only appeared in three episodes throughout its run. It only lasted ten episodes.

His Son Dishes The Dirt

Clint Eastwood’s son says his dad didn’t help him at all get into acting. Scott Eastwood, 31, says Clint , 86, made him pay his way through college and audition for minor roles in his films. Until five years ago, Scott was juggling work as a bartender in San Diego with rushing to acting try-outs in Los Angeles.
he told the Sunday People . “He could have made it easy.” The young actor finally got his break and is starring in the new Fast & Furious 8 after parts in Suicide Squad.

Not One Bit Of Help

Scott, father-of-seven Clint’s son from a relationship with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves, still lives in San Diego and recalls of his bartending days: “I would work all night, study my lines until three or four in the morning, fall asleep, then get up at 7am and drive to LA. “I would audition for parts and then drive back down to San Diego to work that night.” Speaking of his dad’s worth ethic he stated “He believes you have to earn your way in life and I agree, although there were a lot of times when I would be angry with him because I knew he could have helped me out with money.”

What About Now?

Clint Eastwood has been dating a woman named Christina Sandera since 2015. However, interestingly for us, Sandera is many years younger than him, 33 to be exact. The two met while Sandera was working at a hostess at the hotel that Clint owns. Recently divorced, her ex husband said in court papers that Sandera has a problem with drinking and as well is typically only out for money.

What Else Would Come Out?

After his name had been dragged through the mud through the tell all book, and his many relationships and children he fathered. Would Clint still be respected in Hollywood? Was his career tainted from all of his skeletons in his closet coming out to say hello? One more story that would haunt him was yet to be unearthed.

Messy Love Life

CLint just could not seem to stay in love with the woman he was with. During his time with actress Frances Fisher, shefound out about his affair with Jazz singer Dina Ruiz, only via the gossip columns. Eastwood had apparently told his partner of five years that he wanted to go on a boys-only golfing weekend. In fact, he was meeting up with Miss Ruiz. Fisher, who played the mother of Kate Winslet’s character in Titanic, learned of the affair only when she saw a photograph of the two kissing. This rocked her world.

Delving Into The Past

Long before he got into acting drama followed him in a different sense. Eastwood was drafted to serve as a swimming instructor in the U.S. Army way back when in 1950. It coincided with the war in Korea. A 21-year-old Eastwood stepped up for the good of his country just after coming out of high school, young and naive, but feeling like he had a duty to fulfill.

What Would Happen

He was stationed at Ft. Ord in California – an army post that has been closed since 1994. To make ends meet, he would serve during the day while working nights as a bouncer. However, one journey during his service almost turned fatal for the seasoned actor.

Thrown Into War

Eastwood found himself aboard a World War 2 bomber plane, after deciding to hitch a ride with a fellow serviceman. However, after flying through some severe weather conditions, it was decided that the plane would have to make a crash landing in the waters of Point Reyes.

Dangerous Territory

Although they successfully landed, Eastwood and the bomber’s pilot spent hours in the Pacific Ocean. The frightening event found Eastwood in dangerous territory and miles away from any land. The Army veteran had no choice but to swim for his life – even as day turned to night. He was frightened and freezing but had to push on.

Nightmare Scenario

After several long hours trying to reach the shore, Eastwood eventually found himself at a relay tower in Bolinas – pulling himself up a cliff face to escape the nightmare scenario that had been thrust upon him. Only recently, Eastwood finally decided to open up about the events of that horrifying day that have haunted him for so long.

What Actually Happened

In an interview by The Telegraph, Eastwood recounted the trauma, “It was stormy and we went down off of Point Reyes, California, in the Pacific. I found myself in the water swimming a few miles towards the shore. I remember thinking, ‘Well, 21 is not as long as a person wants to live.’”

Still Scarred

Thankfully, he’s alive and well today, but the events of that almost fatal day are still clearly fresh in his memory and have never left. Eastwood told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, “We went down at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon” – despite the fact that it happened more than 60 years ago. It seemed like yesterday to him, and he admitted to still suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from the event, which affected his work.

Replaying The Horror

He said in the interview, “I could see the Marin County coast from a distance. I don’t know how far it was — it seemed like 50 miles, but it was probably a mile or two. Then it got dark. It was quite a way into nightfall before we reached it.”

The Truth Buried Resurfaces

It goes without saying that this harrowing incident made an impact on a young Eastwood before his discharge from the U.S. Army in 1953. However, after 60-plus years of burying the personal tale of survival, Eastwood recently revisited it in his 2016 feature film Sully.

Art Imitating Life

Serving as another biopic in the actor/director’s incredible movie collection , Sully tells the story of pilot Chesley Sullenberger, who miraculously landed an almost doomed plane on the Hudson River. The 2009 heroics brought back old memories for the cinema master.

Channeling His Life Into His Work

Eastwood acknowledged some of the story’s similarities to his own predicament in the ’60s, telling The Telegraph last year, “I suppose having been in a similar situation as the pilot I would have chanced a water landing rather than go someplace where there’s no runway.”

Directing His Life

He added, “And of course Sully was familiar with that area. He knew where the helicopter ports and ferryboats were, so he picked the right spot, where everyone could get to them fast. It wouldn’t be like being out in the middle of the ocean. He knew that somebody would see them.”

Critical Acclaim

The motion picture received brilliant reviews upon release, with most critics highlighting lead star Tom Hanks’ performance, as well as the movie’s coherent retelling of the events that took place that day on U.S. Airways Flight 1549. It also grossed $238 million at the box office, a smash hit for the director.

His Crucial Piece Of Advice

Eastwood told The Telegraph before the movie’s release, “Anybody who keeps their wits about them when things are going wrong, who can negotiate problems without panicking, is someone of superior character and interesting to watch on film.” Judging by the film’s commercial and critical success, and the result of that fateful night many moons ago, he was right.

Through many ups and downs, Clint Eastwood has faced adversity head-on – more often than not overcoming it. This recent revelation just confirms what we already thought about an actor, director and war veteran who is fearless in all aspects of his life – and that now includes surviving an emergency landing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when he was just 21 years old.