The Unknown Wives Of WWE

Catalina White | Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger and his wife Catalina White make one hot couple that’s for sure. White is not just an arm piece, she has featured on the pages of Maxim Magazine, gaining a lot of attention. The couple married in 2010 and have two beautiful children together, Presley Pearl and Sterling. They love a good selfie.

Maria Kanellis | Mike Bennett

Maria is a very devoted wife as she worked hard to help her husband’s career. Maria was known as one of the most stunning women to enter the ring but she is now more focused on helping her husband’s wrestling career. While Bennett has yet to make the big leagues, the couple are still working together to make him a big star. They recently made a comeback with their appearance on the WWE event, Money in the Bank.

Kimberly Kessler | Randy Orton

Orton and Kessler are the young hot newlyweds in the wrestling crew. Did you know? Kessler was actually a fan of Orton before they met. Orton has stated that his wife has brought out his ‘cuddly’ side and she makes him enjoy his life more. For pictures of the young and in love newlyweds, check out their Instagram pages, you will be addicted.

Rebecca Curci | Shawn Michaels

Rebecca Curci first got the attention of Shawn Michaels when she was working as a dancer on WCW. Shawn has spoken about watching Rebecca on television and stated that she was, “the most beautiful, sexiest woman I had ever seen.” Thankfully for him, Rebecca was attracted to Shawn also and the couple began a whirlwind romance that never ended. They eloped in Las Vegas very shortly after they started dating. The couple got married in 1999 and they have been together ever since.

Brie Bella | Daniel Bryan

You probably know Brie’s twin sister Nikki who is engaged to John Cena. Nikki and Bella share a lot more in common than being twins. They both shared a career, became actresses and models, and their partners in life are both wrestlers. Before Brie found a future and fell in love with wrestler Daniel Bryan, she was linked to Richie Kotzen from the band Poison. Bryan and Brie recently welcomed their first child, Birdie.


Brandi Rhodes | Cody Rhodes

Brandi, who is known professionally as Eden Stiles, found her way into wrestling in an unconventional way shall we say. Brandi was originally a figure skater, turned news reporter come anchor. She was then promoted to be an announcer for WWE where she met Cody after interviewing him. The couple said it was love at first sight and they got married in 2013.

Marisa Mazzola | Shane McMahon

This married couple is one of the longest lasting relationships in the wrestling world, and in the limelight that is a huge success. The pair grew up together in their home state of Connecticut. Their friendship quickly blossomed into love and they got married in 1996. They expanded their family over the years and now have 3 sons. When she is not busy being a doting mom, Marisa can be found running her production company. Shane is also in business as he owns part of WWE.
Marrisa-Mazzola (1)

Amy Polinsky | Corey Graves

These two make a great looking couple and have been happily married for 8 years. Graves and Polinsky have two daughters and a son and Graves spends as much time as he can with his kids as he is often away from his job as a wrestler. When he is not wrestling, Corey works as a piercer and a tattoo artist. Polinsky is the COO of a fitness business called Stay Down INC.

Karina Steen | Kevin Owens

Kevin and Karina have the kind of relationship that we all dream of. The pair have been married for over a decade but they seem still as blissfully in love as ever. Kevin constantly posts on his social media pages about his love for his wife and they even have matching tattoos! They have two children name Elodie and Owen ( Yes we know Owen Owens) and they are enjoying their family life together.

Angelina Love | Davey Richards

Davey Richards was most notably married to hunky bodybuilder and champion wrestler, Christie Summers until sadly their marriage ended. Five years after they divorced, Davey met and married Canadian blonde bombshell, Angelina Love. They fell in love quickly as they were introduced, engaged, and married all within a year. The year after, the couple had their first child, a son named David. Perhaps he will become a wrestler just like his dynamite dad.

Denise Hartmann | Christian Cage

Want a good romantic story with a fairytale ending? Denise Hartmann and Christian Cage have shared quite the fairytale. Denise, who was born in Germany, was on vacation in England when Cage was on tour. Their holiday fling turned out to be the real deal and the couple fell in love. They married in 2001 and had a daughter named Isla. The couple have been married for over fifteen years and they live in Florida.

Nattie Neidhart | Tyson Kidd

Nattie Neidhart also goes by the name Natalya in the wrestling world and she has the title of being the first female 3rd generation wrestler worldwide. Neidhart and Kidd began dating in 2001 and eventually got married in 2013. We guess they needed to make sure they were right for each other, but it definitely worked! Kidd has known Nattie since she was only twelve and the two are still inseparable and very much in love.

Nattie-Neidhart (1)

Beth Phoenix | Edge

Edge began dating Beth in 2011 and the couple celebrated their marriage together in 2016. Both Beth and Edge were well knoen wrestlers in the world of WWE but they did not actually start to become an item until Edge retired from his wrestling career. Edge has had failed marriages in the past and Beth is his third wife. Beth and Edge live in North Carolina along with their two young daughters named Ruby and Lyric.

Beth-Phoenix (1)

Bess Katramados | Big Show

Big Show definitely lives up to his wrestling nick name as he is famous for being the all time largest wrestler to fight in WWE.  We wouldn’t want to be his opponent. Big Show married his second wife Bess 15 years ago and they have been together ever since. That is true love. They have two children together and mostly keep out of the spotlight. Big Show is planning on retiring from the world of wrestling, which will give him a lot more time to spend with his wife and kids.

Beth Britt | Jeff Hardy

Jeff is famous for being one half of the Hardy Boyz team. His real life brother Matt is his partner and the two make a strong team. Jeff and Beth met a long time ago in 1999 and got married in 2011. They have two daughters named Nera Quinn and Ruby Claire and their relationship is still going from strength to strength. Besides wrestling, Jeff has other hobbies including music and art. He is definitely a family man and spends his spare time with his girls. Awwww.

Shaul Guerrero | Aiden English

Aiden and Shual are another pair of wrestlers that have ended in holy matrimony. Shaul has wrestling in her genes as her father was also a professional wrestler named Eddie Guerrero. Shaul used to fight under her professional name, Raquel Diaz. Guerrero’s husband Aiden is still in the wrestling business and he is a part of the brand SmackDown. The couple recently wed in 2016.

Stephanie Houck | Heath Slater

Not only is Heath a professional wrestler, he also spends his time volunteering for philanthropic causes alongside his wife Stephanie. Although he is a tough nut to crack while he is in the ring, in reality, Heath is a softie and loves giving back to society. Slater travelled to West Virginia to help victims while they were experiencing severe flooding and Stephanie ran a fundraising page to collect donations for the victims.


Candice LaRae | Johnny Gargano

Gargano is a newcomer in WWE but he is becoming more well-known in his weight category. Candice, who married Gargano is September of 2016, is also a wrestler but she works on her own. Candice stars in a YouTube channel along with her partner Joey and they run a show called “The Candice & Joey show.” We can bet that you will be seeing a lot more of these two wrestlers in the future.


Lizzie Karcher | Brian Myers

You may not be familiar with Brian Myers’ name as he goes by Curt Hawkins in the wrestling world. Myers has had some ups and downs in his career. He won the World Tag team Championship twice but now has had a losing streak of one-hundred consecutive games. His personal life however, is going a lot better than his work life as he and Lizzie just welcomed a baby girl into their family. They are happily married and we are happy for them.


April Elizabeth | Jason Jordan

We did not know until now, that WWE wrestler, Jason Jordan was once studying in school to be a dentist! Jordan later opted for a career change as he decided to become a professional wrestler. While this may seem like a big change, Jordan was actually wrestling professionally throughout college. His wife April is incredibly devoted to him and lets her Twitter followers known everything that her husband is up to. They both have great smiles and make a lovely couple.

Lisa Riddle | Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle is a well rounded fighter as he does mixed martial arts as well as wrestling. Riddle has been working his way up in the world of wrestling and even won the Rookie of the Year award in the Wrestling Observer newsletter. That is not the only title Riddle can be proud of, as he also has the titles of husband and father. Lisa Riddle was one a wrestler and gymnast but she now focuses on raising the couple’s three children.


Trisa Hayes | Tommy Dreamer

Trisa Hayes may seem unfamiliar to you, that is because she is better known by her stage name, Beulah McGillicutty. Hayes wrestled for Extreme Championship Wrestling instead of WWE. Since then, she has retired from the sport and has devoted most of her time to being a mother, beautiful brings a tear to our eye. Hayes is married to fellow wrestler, Tommy Dreamer who is also an actor. The couple have twin girls named Kimberly and Brianna.


Kristin Eubanks | Ryan Parmeter

Ryan Parmeter is better known in the world of wrestling as Conor O’Brian. He is signed to both Smackdown and WWE and his wife also used to be involved in professional wrestling. Her stage name was Krissy Vaine but Eubanks now works as a model. Eubanks recently gave birth to their first child and now spends her time taking care of her newborn. Will the baby follow in the family footsteps?


Reby Sky | Matt Hardy

It seems that professional wrestlers often end up tying the knot to each other. This was the case again for Reby Sky and Matt Hardy when they got married in 2013 after dating for two years. The couple welcomed a son, Maxel, who is probably one of the most famous offspring of a professional wrestling couple. While the couple seem happy today, they have had some challenges in the past including calls made to the police and restraining orders. Yet now they enjoy the quiet life.

Lauryn Laine McBride | Jerry “The King” Lawler

This well-known couple is famous for their surprising age gap. The engaged couple have thirty-nine years between them as Jerry is 66 and Lauryn is just 27. However, age does not seem to affect their relationship as the couple have been together for over six years. Despite their plans to get married, Lauryn has accused Lawler of domestic violence and he has been suspended from wrestling as a result.


Jackie Gayda-Haas | Charlie Haas

Many of the pro-wrestling marriages have really stayed strong just like them in the ring, and one of those relationships is Charlie Haas and his wife Jackie. The couple got married in 2012 and since then, they have welcomed four children into the world. They have also been putting time and effort into their family business, which is a nutrition store that they own. Jackie was in the advertisements for the company and she definitely not look like she has given birth to 4 kids. They are one strong couple!

Naomi | Jimmy Uso

Naomi was a cast member on the reality television show, Total Divas in additional to being a famous professional wrestler. Naomi has tons of talents as she is also a music producer, dancer and singer. The star even did back up dancing for the artist Flo Rida. She married the love of her life Jimmy Uso in 2014 and she said of her husband, “He’s my best friend, my supporter and we’re inseparable, seriously.” We love them.

Sarah Backman | Bo Dallas

Like many of the other women on our list, Backman is now retired but she was once a well-known professional wrestler. Backman had a very successful career and even won the Arm Wrestling Championship an incredible 8 times! Backman is surrounded by wrestling in her life as her dad is the famous Mike Rotunda. Backman married Bo in 2014 and now works as a real estate broker.

Karen Jarrett | Jeff Jarrett

Karen has been romantically involved with two other professional wrestlers. She was also once married to Kurt angle who is a gold medal Olympian. After the pair divorced in 2008, Karen took a break for relationships for a few years before she met and married Jeff Jarrett. The couple have two children, Kody and Kyra. Before she was involved in the world of wrestling, Karen was once an exotic dancer. She is now an executive consultant for Global Force Wrestling.


Renee Young | Dean Ambrose

Who does not love Dean Ambrose and Renee Young? The couple are known for posting photos of each other on social media and they just look so in love. No one knew that the couple even tied the knot until Renee revealed that they were married when she said, “Marriage is nice.” Fans were excited to hear the news as they have been a couple for a few years. The couple resides in Las Vegas.

Lauren Hashian | The Rock

The Rock is likely the most famous professional wrestler that ever lived. Even though the Rock is no longer in the ring we can smell what he is cookin’ and he has made his way onto the big screen, acting in many of Hollywood’s biggest movies. Women around the world were pretty jealous of of Lauren Hashian when the pair started dating in 2007. Many jokes memes were created when it was announced that Lauren was pregnant with their child as fans said The Rock was having a pebble. Their daughter Jasmine was born in 2015. Hot couple award right here.

Becky Lynch | Luke Sanders

Here is another wrestling power couple that we can’t get enough of. These two wrestle for different brands as Lynch is a superstar in the WWE ring and Sanders wrestles for Ultimate Fighting Championship. This is a more recent couple as they began dating in 2016. They look very much in love from their social media posts and we hope this relationship lasts!

Charlotte Flair | Bram

Charlotte Flair is another daughter of a famous wrestler. Her father is none other than Ric Flair who is often considered the best wrestler in WWE history, imagine having him as your dad. Flair recently got traded to the SmackDown brand and got into a public fight with Naomi. Bran married Charlotte in 2013 and even Ric thought they made a great couple. Unfortunately, the world is not always full of happy endings and they ended up parting ways in 2015. We hope they find happiness.


Rochelle Roman | Baron Corbin

If you do not know him by his stage name, you might recognize him better as Thomas Pestock who was a NFL player for the Colts and the Cardinals. Corbin definitely has an advantage over other wrestlers as he stands at a towering height of 6”8. While there is not much information on the internet about his girlfriend Rochelle, we can imagine she might be tall. Corbin is keeping the height in the family as the two own a Great Dane named Xander.


Sarah Jade | Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista is also referred to by his stage name, Drax the Destroyer from the movie franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy. Wayyyyy before he became a famous actor, Bautista was a wrestler who most definitely instilled a lot of fear into his opponents. The star got married in 2015 to Jade the apple of his eye. She graduated with a degree in honors sociology and now dances professionally in pole dancing. Bautista is a lucky guy.

Jessica Lockhart | Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho married his high school sweetheart in 2000 to the dismay of many loved up fans. They now have twin daughters and a son and are still very much in love despite rumors that there are been extramarital affairs. Instead of a wedding ring, Chris chose to get his wife’s name permanently inked where his wedding ring would normally be. They are happily married and make a wonderful pair.


Kristin Austin | Steve Austin

Known to his fans and the rest of the world as Stone Cold Steve Austin, this successful wrestler found fame on and off the ring. However, his marriages sadly have not reflected this so much. Before Austin married Kristin, he was married a number of times and even had charges made against him by one of his ex wives. He has finally found happiness it seems, and he and Kristin have been married since 2009.


Galina Becker | Roman Reigns

Reigns and his wife met many moons before he was a famous wrestler. Reigns was a football player at the Georgia Institute of Technology when he met Galina and the couple welcomed a daughter in 2008 named Joelle Anoa’i. In 2012, Reigns proposed and they wed later in 2014. Their daughter was a bridesmaid at the wedding housed hundreds of famous guests, hosted on a private island owned by Disney. What a beautiful picture!

Samantha Rotunda | Bray Wyatt

Sadly the spotlight can put a strain on relationships, and not all of our stories have happy endings. In 2012, wrestler Bray Wyatt and Samantha Rotunda shared vows together for better or for worse. The couple were married for five years, but rumors of Wyatt being unfaithful were too much for the couple to handle. It was reported that Wyatt was having a relationship with a female ring announcer, Jojo Offerman and it caused Samantha to end the marriage. The couple are parents to 2 children.


John Cena and Nikki Bella

We have already mentioned her twin sister, but Nikki Bella is also well-known for dating a famous wrestler. Nikki has her own career as a famous wrestler as well as being a model and an actress. She won the WWE Divas Championship twice and could be seen performing her moves until she recently stopped due to an injury. Bella is preparing to marry her wrestler fiancee, John Cena as the couple got engaged earlier this year

Jennifer McDaniel

Hulk Hogan’s personal life is going much better. He is currently married to his second wife Jennifer McDaniel after he divorced his first wife Linda Claridge. Hogan was recently fired by the WWE after his racist speech. Hogan and McDaniel started dating in 2008 and got engaged in Dec 2009.This couple finally got married in 2010 in an intimate ceremony. Hogan was 57 and McDaniel was 35 years when they got married. Despite the age gap and the fact that in 2012 Hulk Hogan was filmed cheating with Heather Clem, the couple are still together.

Michelle McCool

Michelle made her debut on SmackDown playing a fitness trainer character. McCool retired from professional wrestling in 2011, saying “I found myself beginning to week after week, not look forward to going to work as much as I should have.” Michelle has been married to Mark Calaway, a.k.a. The Undertaker, for 7 years. They began dating in late 2007 and were married in June 2010.


Rena Marlette Lesnar, who is best known by her ring name Sable, is a retired professional wrestler who has also worked as a model and an actress. She began her career in the WWE in 1996 and became known as one of the first WWE Divas. She feuded with fellow female wrestlers Jacqueline and Luna Vachon before holding the title of the second WWF Women’s Champion. After a brief hiatus, she returned to the WWE in 2003 and became part of a friendship/feud storyline with Torrie Wilson. in 2006 she married Brock Lesnar, an American professional wrestler.

Maryse Ouellet

Maryse Mizanin is a French-Canadian professional wrestler, actress, and glamour model currently signed to WWE under the ring name Maryse. She performs as the manager of her real-life husband “The Miz”. He is an American professional wrestler, actor and media personality. He is signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand under the ring name The Miz and is the current Intercontinental Champion in his seventh reign.