A Customer Handed Over A $100 Tip, But Changed His Mind After Witnessing The Waiter’s Reaction

It is custom to tip waiters, especially when they’re good hosts, one is inclined to give them a bit more. One generous customer took this to a whole new level with his tip, yet the waiter’s reaction was not what he expected.

Waiter Catches His Eye

Maurice Green was enjoying a meal at a Don Pablo’s restaurant in Dallas, Texas. He was happily tucking into his favorite dish. He noticed a new waiter working today who he didn’t recognize. The waiter was a young man called Johnny, he was very friendly and it turned out he’d had been in some financial difficulties.

Curiosity Gets The Better Of Him

Green engaged with his waiter because he suspected that the guy was feeling down. Green asked how his day was going and after letting out a sigh, the server admitted that it had been “kind of rough.” Green was not surprised; “I kind of sensed that,” he said.

Christmas Gift

It was December 2016, and what better time to be generous than Christmas? After hearing about Johnny’s terrible day, Green handed over his $100 tip. That’s when the waiter reacted and made Green change his mind.

Unexpected Generosity

“I want to sow into your life,” Green had said as he passed Johnny the $100 bill. Johnny took it and looked down at the ground, rendered speechless for some moments. His lips were pursed and it was clear he was holding back tears.

Can’t Believe His Luck

Johnny gathered himself and a few moments later said, “You just paid off my car, sir.” Then he rubbed his eyes and put the tip into his serving apron. Noting his reaction, a woman dining with Green said, “Aww,” as the waiter leaned over to shake Green’s hand.

You’ve Had A Bad Day

Green subsequently explained why he’d decided to give him such a substantial tip. “I wanna sow into your life because I can see you’re working hard and I think you’ve had a bad day. So, God told me to sow into your life big time.”

Pointing The Finger

Then Green thought for a moment and realized it was actually the woman sat opposite him who’d made the suggestion. “Well it was actually her,” he said pointed at her. “She said ‘give him 20% plus add a zero to it.’ So, I said, ‘Babe, I’m going to do better than that.’”

And Then Some

“I’m going to give him the 20% and then $100!’,” he continued. “Keep being who you are, keep being nice, don’t let people frustrate you, because people are not nice, and this family – the Green family – wants to bless you. Merry Christmas

Wiping Away Tears

As Green spoke, Johnny used a napkin to wipe the tears from his eyes. It’s clear that he felt immense gratitude towards the stranger and his amazing act of kindness. Between Green’s words of encouragement, Johnny softly said, “Thank you.”

Just Not Enough

The waiter’s reaction made Green realize that $100 just wasn’t enough. He then took out more money. “You know what? We can do better than that. Here you go, another $100, here you go!”, he said as he held the cash out, waiting for Johnny to take it.

Was This Real?

The boy covered his eyes with his hands, scarcely able to comprehend what was happening to him. “Here’s another $100,” Green repeated, as Johnny finally took the bill. Still in disbelief, he backed away, covering his face once more.

Christmas Spirit

By now, Green was properly gripped by the Christmas spirit and didn’t want to stop there. “You know what?”, he said once more. “We can do better than that, here’s another $100!” Amazingly, he took out yet another note and handed it over to the incredulous waiter.

What Did He Do To Deserve This Blessing?

Johnny stood rooted to the spot for a moment as he continued to shield his face. “Here you go. There you go, son. Come on!” Green exclaimed. Johnny then moved in and gratefully palmed the final Benjamin. “That’s $300,” Green said. “You just got blessed.”

Goes Viral

The whole amazing interaction was caught on video and uploaded online. Not surprisingly, it soon went viral, with the uplifting scenes of Christmas generosity being viewed millions of times around the world.

Questionable Motives

Many viewers felt compelled to comment on what they’d seen, and some were even reduced to happy tears. Of course, as with any viral video that’s shared around, some people questioned the motives behind the recording. But the majority recognized it for what it was.

Who Was This Man?

On the whole, the online community have praised Green for the kindness he showed towards Johnny. One of the top comments waxed lyrical about how lovely the moment was. It received over 100 likes and was written by La’shay Manning from Atlanta, Georgia.

Unexpected Day

Manning wrote, “I was very touched by what Maurice did, what makes the video so beautiful is knowing that there are still some good people in the world, knowing the fact that people can touch other’s hearts in unexpected ways, this was the most beautiful video ever.”

Worldwide Sensation

A year on, let’s hope that people continue to be as thoughtful and generous as Maurice Green, especially during the holidays. Green and his family deserve a round of applause for brightening up one waiter’s dreary day.