The 50 Most Stylish Celebrity Tattoos


These days, tattoos are seen as art, and are not only limited to the punk rock. Stylish ladies are treating ink as an accessory. From dainty stars to meaningful messages, many of the top actresses and models have created tattoo trends. See the most stylish designs on celebs you never knew they had.

Selena Gomez’s Message to Herself

They say once you get a tattoo, you’ll instantly want another—this must resonate with Selena Gomez, who has been inked a few times recently. Her latest tattoo, performed by Bang Bang, the tattoo artist to the stars, is an Arabic script phrase meaning ‘love yourself first.’ Take that, Justin Bieber.

Rihanna’s a Star

Rihanna is another ink queen, and a loyal fan of tattoo artist Bang Bang and he appears to be on her speed dial. Of her multiple markings, this one featuring flowing stars is our favorite—followed closely by…

The Ornate Wrist

This henna-inspired tattoo is quite the piece of art. It’s not for everyone, but one can’t deny its beauty and uniqueness, quite like Rihanna herself. It really suits her and is very delicate and pretty just like ms pon da replay herself.

Again, Rihanna. Shhh….

Let Rihanna dream up her next hit. This tattoo inspired so many others to get the same. She is such an icon and trend setter that many followed her with the exact same writing on their fingers. We think this was to her ex Chris Brown.

Miley Cyrus’s Undying Love

Miley Cyrus—the ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer—lives to that motto. Our favorite of her many inks is this one on her inner arm proclaiming ‘love never dies.’ Don’t stop because you can’t stop. She is famous for having many tattoos, and even an ode to her dog, her dead petz album, a blowfish, an alien and many more weird and wonderful ones. She rocks them.

Olivia Wilde’s Reminder

We just love ink that has deep meaning. Olivia Wilde’s stylish typewriter font pays homage to her late uncle Alexander. It reminds her to love everyone just as he did. Can we love her any more? We really like the choice of font here, and the loving meaning behind it.

Lea Michele’s in Tune

Instead of Lea Michele wearing her heart on her sleeve, she wears it (in the form of musical notes tattoo) on her shoulder. We have a thing for small little tattoos and we just love this, and the placing of it on her shoulder. It suits her a lot as she is extremely musical and talented as we can see from Glee which shot her to stardom.

Cara Delevingne’s Lion Finger

Cara Delevingne’s lion finger tattoo has its own impressive portfolio and has started an animal-finger-ink craze amongst the trendy crowd. Following this, Demi Lovato then did it on a bigger scale on her hand.  We think it reminds them to be strong and powerful, and to never forget to roar. Just as Katy Perry sings.

Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn’s Double D’s

What’s more stylish than two models and best friends getting matching tattoos of their initials and love for each other? The meaning is apparently an inside joke but has something to do with their last names if they were to wed. If they have a best friend break up, then not so good, but celebrities these days seem to treat tattoos as fun past times and don’t really think about the consequences.

and Cara Delevingne’s Label

The British model is one of two celebrities to make our list more than once. We know where she’s from (thanks to her tattoo) and we’re excited to see where she’s going. We think this is a very clever and funny tattoo, but just hope it doesn’t rub off, although with endless amounts of money, it doesn’t mean anything for  them.

Gisele, Star Model

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen drew this star on her wrist when she first moved to New York City because she couldn’t see the stars in the sky any longer. She made it more permanent a short time later and many  ladies have since emulated, and copied the exact tattoo, or put in different places. Who wouldn’t want to look like a supermodel.

Zoe Saldana’s Twinkling Heel

See? Yet one of the many stars on a star. We like the small ankle tattoos, it looks super sweet. We wonder what the meaning was for her, or if she wanted to be part of the star crew. Either way Zoe, we think that you’re rocking it.

Rita Ora’s Feather Finger

There’s something about Rita Ora’s feather tattoo on her hand that looks so peaceful. The location is key but there’s more to it than that—it’s so gentle and light (as a feather), which balances her pop star persona. The anchor is there to remind her to stay balanced and anchored. In her industry it is often difficult with media attention and people trying to change you, so this reminds her to always stay true to who she is.

Lena Dunham (Tina Wargo)

Lena Dunham’s tattoos are their own character on her hit show Girls with her confidence making them utterly cool. This tattoo, the name of the third episode from season one, is actually on the foot of super fan Tina Wargo. She tweeted the star and asked her to write the phrase in her own handwriting. Dunham obliged and sent the script on a napkin. How cool is she?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: We Heart You

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley could have anything tattooed on her wrist and the world would love it—this idol can do no wrong. Alas, this heart on her wrist is as lovable as she is. This is also an extremely popular tattoo for women, and was definitely copied from this beauty.

Emma Stone’s Flying Blackbird

Most tattoos have a story behind them. We don’t know if we will find one as awesome as Emma Stone’s. Sharing the Beatles hit ‘Blackbird’ as a favorite song with her mother is a lovely tale in itself—however, pal Paul McCartney personally designed the tat. We are not sure that anyone can top that.

Kate Moss’s Anchor

Kate Moss’s subtle anchor tattoo has been emulated by many other stars including Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff. Once a trendsetter, always a trendsetter. Small and discreet, these tattoos of little images can be found on many a celeb.

Adele Scores an ‘A’

Songstress Adele’s tattoo behind her ear is as enchanting as her music with the delicate lines and font. An A-plus in our book. The handwriting is beautiful just like her voice. The singer has an incredible attitude and she is fierce, this tattoo just really speaks to us.

Kendall Jenner’s Faking It (And We Like It)

They aren’t real tattoos (or even temporary)— they are ‘sharpie’ tattoos. Regardless, we are just as impressed with them as we are with Kendall Jenner herself. We loved the episode where the top model went to Vegas to get a tattoo, but then chickened out. We are not sure if she has one yet, but her little sister Kylie now has a few, even one of her ex Tyga, we bet she is regretting that one.

Demi Lovato’s Badge of Honor

Demi Lovato has grown up before our eyes. One can only imagine what it must be like to win some and lose some with the world watching. With her new tattoo, which reads ‘Now I’m a warrior,’ it seems she knows what it takes to be victorious. Her recent Youtube documentary allowed viewers to follow her life, and she let her fans in on her struggles with self love and being in the spotlight. This tattoo shows her courage and strength and we salute you Demi. She is a true role model for young girls.

Bar Refaeli’s Butterfly

Bar Refaeli’s proclaimed first and last tattoo is barely-there, but we love it. The white ink butterfly makes a stylishly less dramatic mark for those wanting something permanent without the world to see. It is subtle and beautiful and delicate just like her. She knows it’s there but can also be hidden, so she has best of both.

Jessica Alba’s Honest Truth

Jessica Alba has gone from being an actress to the founder of The Honest Co.—an eco-friendly family brand. The tattoo on her wrist is Sanskrit for the lotus flower that symbolizes spiritual growth. We’d say she’s living her truth. She has always promoted positive messages, and this is what we love about her.

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed’s neck tattoo is an unidentified symbol. Regardless of what it means, it’s elegant just below her hairline. It is small and cute, and it is in a great place to be covered up if she wants to, or out for the world to see. It’s kinda cool that no on but her knows what it means, like a personal note to herself.

Cheryl Cole’s Tribe

The stunning Cheryl Cole has an enormous tattoo of English roses on her backside that has drawn plenty of criticism. People will always have something to say about celebs and their actions, but can we deflect for a moment and talk about the stylish tribal number on her hand? It is not for everyone, that is for sure, but it suits her.

Sienna Miller’s Constellation

Actress Sienna Miller’s star trio is cute with just the design alone, but the blue ink makes us starry-eyed. The stunning actress is part of the star crew, and many have followed this one of hers too. Well if you look like that and have her style, who wouldn’t want to copy you?

Nicole Richie Winging It

The placement of Nicole Richie’s wings on her delicate frame adds to her bohemian flare. Side note: Kelly Osbourne shares more than matching pastel locks with her friend—she too has wings on her upper back. These wings are shaded really prettily and we say that we approve.

Erin Wasson’s Mystery Mark

Tatted model and actress Erin Wasson has too many tattoos to pick just one for the list—all sneakily and strategically placed. Her latest on her chest makes our list due to its, gentle lines, even if we don’t get what it is referring to. And Wasson credited the artist on her Instagram (@dr_woo_ssc). We know our first stop next time we’re in Los Angeles. He has also become quite the name amongst celebs getting tattoos.

Scarlett Johansson’s Charming Ode to NY

Any tattoo lover knows that ink that wraps around the wrist can go awry—but not in Scarlett Johansson’s case. The beaded bracelet design features a ‘charm’ that proclaims ‘I heart NY.’

Drew Barrymore’s Little Birdie

A little stick birdie complements Drew Barrymore’s free as a bird personality. It makes us happy just looking at it.

Kasia Smutniak

Polish actress Kasia Smutniak knows just how to accessorize an elegant look with a tattoo. We love the up do hair look, it really complements the tattoo, and it is in a lovely place on the back of her neck, so that when she wears a low cut dress like she is in the picture, it is out on display for the world to see. Yet if she wants to hide it, she also can. Thumbs up to you Kasia you have our stamp of approval. (Pun intended)

Jennifer Anniston

Her recent inking left fans wondering what the meaning behind it was, and who this mysterious male in her life was that she kept a secret. Yet it was revealed that the tattoo was in fact a heartfelt tribute to her late dog Norman. The Friends actress was distraught when the Welsh corgi-terrier cross died recently and wanted to forever be reminded of his life. Norman’s name was tattooed on the inside of her right foot, in honor of their times together.

Chanel Iman’s Model Tattoo

A clothes hanger on a model is kind of as fashionable as it gets, right? Chanel Iman wears everything well—including this tattoo. We don’t think it would look good on everyone, but on this beauty she can rock anything. We like that she chose an original design that was close to her heart.

Lana Del Rey’s Heaven On Earth

Songwriter Lana Del Rey knows that there are different meanings to every word. For her, paradise means something different than the person standing in front of her. Unless that is, if it’s Axl Rose and they are in Paradise City.

Victoria Beckham’s Spine Script

Half of one of the hottest inked couples in the world, Victoria Beckham boasts script down her spine that’s deliciously sexy. A perfect accessory on the tattooed arm of David Beckham. This pop star, come fashion icon is filled head to toe just like her hot footballer hunk husband. And it looks like her kids are following the family trend. Her eldest son Brooklyn recently showed off his new ink on his Instagram of an American Indian.

Minka Kelly’s Red Hot Star

Actress Minka Kelly also opted for a colorful mark. Do you think she purposefully matched the shoe to the tattoo? This star is a perfect symbol for many stars. It shines and reminds them to keep shining no matter what. Stars are beautiful gentle symbols with lots of meaning behind them, and it is no wonder that many choose this as their first.

Ireland Baldwin’s Straight Arrow

It probably has something to do with our love of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, but Ireland Baldwin’s arrow ink is wickedly stylish. Quite big in size, but it definitely suits her. Many celebs also opt for an arrow, maybe it reminds them to stay on the path and direction that they are on, and not to steer away from it. We are fans of this shading.

Lucy Hale’s Bow Tie

Singer Lucy Hale is the complete package sealed with this stylish bow tattoo on the nape of her neck. Small and cute just like her, the thin outline makes it very delicate and also playful.

enna Dewan-Tatum’s Angel Wings

We’re not quite sure of the meaning behind Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s angel wing tattoo, but we do know she has a blessed life waking up to Channing Tatum and daughter Everly every morning. This beauty can do no wrong in our eyes, we really like this tattoo just like other celebs who have chosen similar, but this beauty could get anything and it would look amazing.

Hilary Duff’s Wish

The Duff sisters have a collection of small, stylish tattoos between them. Hilary Duff’s wishbone on her right arm made it onto our own personal, discerning tattoo wish list. It is original and we love the thought behind it. Both sisters have matching which makes them even closer.

Leona Lewis’s Trifecta

Leona Lewis joins the likes of Cara Delevingne and Rihanna as a star with multiple, very stylish tattoos. She took a cue from Victoria Beckham with one, stood up for a cause with another, and the feather—it’s just beautiful. We love the shading. Leona has recently come back into the spotlight and we are very glad about that.

Khloe Kardashian’s Fatherly Love

Khloe Kardashian is the most outspoken—but for good reason—sister of the infamous TV family. Her wrist tattoo is one that is close to her heart and it happens to be an ode to her late father: ‘I Love You’ in his handwriting. Since then she has had many more, and even had to cover up one of her ex husband basketball player Lamar Odem, after their very public divorce.

essica Szohr’s Limits

Jessica Szohr won’t reveal how many tattoos she actually has, but we love this one on her back that says ‘Know your limits.’ Based on her discreetness, she’s a woman of her words. This rings very true, and is an important message especially for celebrities who often get swayed to the dark side in Hollywood.

Lily Collins Forever Inked

There’s something about Lily Collins’s romantic tattoo that has us feeling nostalgic. Maybe it’s the gothic rose or the optimistic energy the phrase represents—regardless, it appeals to her wholesomeness. Good girls can rock tattoos, too. She is such an English rose with her pale skin, the tattoo really stands out like art on a canvas.

Zoe Kravitz’s Elaborate Eye

Born to be cool, Zoe Kravitz’s tattoos seem like they were always a part of her. The tribal-looking eye is off-the-charts beautifully unique. She has a super cool grunge look about her that she really pulls off incredibly well, and the tattoos just add to the look perfectly.

Lily Cole in Flight

British actress and model Lily Cole’s tattoo is a beautiful hummingbird. Delicate just like her, this bird is a symbol of strength and freedom, and perhaps she even got it from the Hunger Games trilogy. If we got one, a bird is definitely something we would consider and we love where she has placed it.

Jordin Sparks is Zipped Up

Seeing as her debut song is called ‘Tattoo,’ it’s no surprise we found the Hebrew script down Jordin Sparks’ spine to be impressive. We wonder what it says.

Penelope Cruz’s Number is Up

No one seems to know what the number ‘883’ stands for on Penelope Cruz’s ankle, but we suppose it doesn’t really matter. She’s gorgeous and this adds to her mystery. Whatever this stunning actress would get it would look good.

Evan Rachel Wood’s Poe Moment

Evan Rachel Wood stylishly backed up Edgar Allen Poe’s words: ‘All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.’ We like the way it is positioned and the poetic romantic writing it is written in, it adds to the effect and really makes it seem that it is in the poet’s writing. We love this line in particular.

Ariana Grande

It might not look impressive, but how many of these other tattoos have songs named after them? To remember an exciting time in her life, Ariana Grande inked this heart on her toe while recording her debut album. A song named ‘Tattooed Hearts’ was born shortly thereafter.

Kate Middleton’s Crowned Winner

Although Kate Middleton doesn’t have a tattoo (thanks, Photoshop!), wouldn’t it be great if she did? A tiara on her wrist would totally earn a top spot on this list. We don’t see it happening, but a girl can dream—or wish upon a tattooed star. It isn’t very royal we guess to have an ink but we wouldn’t be surprised if Prince Harry had one.