30 Hilarious Supermarket Fails That Will Get You Giggling


Shopping for your groceries can be a mundane daily task, but these supermarket-goers decided to make the experience a little more out there. We’re checking out some of the best supermarket fails and antics that will get you giggling.

Frozen Fail

Everyone knows that having a dig in the frozen food section can be a bit of a struggle. This lady experienced the hardship first hand when she was forced to dive headfirst into the freezer to find what she was looking for. We hope she was warmly dressed…

Lost in Translation

There’s nothing like cruising around a foreign shopping mall and discovering a shop with a particularly hilarious name. This guy stumbled upon a serious fail when he encountered a shop called ‘Hotwind.’ We’re not quite sure what they sold, but we are sure they didn’t know their shop was named after gas. Better luck next time!

Average Jane

It’s difficult to remember that despite the red carpet appearance and massive bank accounts, stars are human too. Even Miss Goldie Hawn, with her iconic pout and set of blonde bangs needs to make a supermarket run every once in a while. The star was spotted buying ‘harmless coconut water.’ We didn’t know coconut water could be harmful…

Bad Advertising

We’re not quite sure if the owners and workers at this maintenance were joking but this sign is definitely not a great advertisement for their professional skills. If they’re so talented at fixing just about anything, we’d expect them to manage the repair of a silly doorbell. Hmmmm, we’re labeling this one as a definite fail.

Weird Attire

We all know that making it out the door after a long day of work can sometimes be a pain. But despite being tired and overworked, you’ve at least got to remember what’s appropriate to wear in public. This pretty lady forgot her manners and headed to the fish aisle with a towel wrapped around her head. Not exactly a good look for the fish section.

Bride in Transit

this one might look like a fail but this bride and groom actually have a cute backstory. They met in this supermarket! He was reaching for a bag of chips and she was searching for her favorite cereal, their hands brushed against each other and the rest is history. They made it back to the shopping aisles on their bIg day to poke a little fun at their first meeting place.

Gender Bender

It’s 2018 and just about anything goes these days, especially when it comes to conventional ideas about gender. This adorable grandpa showed off his girly side by donning this interesting outfit at the local supermarket. Dressed in a pretty pair of sandals and a floral dress, he looks cute and fashion-forward. We’re not sure his beard goes with the rest of his outfit but if he’s happy, we’re happy!

Star Spotting

Julia Roberts should have left her glasses on we think. She was spotted in the supermarket looking a bit worse for wear.

Surprise Entrance

This guy was heading to his favorite clothing store for a big grand opening. We know he was excited to hunt for a bargain or two but crashing into the front of the store might have been a little bit of an over-the-top move. This guy actually glanced down at his phone for a moment before losing control of his car. Remember; safety first, people!

Cardigan Cute

People are always so excited when Christmas rolls around. This cute couple must be huge Christmas fans. They showed up at their local Walmart wearing this oversized couple jersey. They get extra points for looking adorable and for each being able to shop one-handed!

Interesting Wheels

We all know that wandering the shopping aisles can get tiring. This cute granny had simply had enough, with the help of her daughter, she climbed into the shopping cart and git wheeled around for the rest of the trip. She didn’t even mind being covered in groceries.

Hair Trauma

We’re all for expressing yourself, but this cashier doesn’t look thrilled with her bizarre choice in hairstyle. The style is definitely different, but the young lady kind of resembles a racoon. Not exactly, a good look. Maybe she should think about finding a new hairdresser.

Animal Alert

We’ve seen some bizarre things happen at our local supermarket, but this animal spotting just might take the cake. Imagine the shock of standing in the checkout line behind a fully grown llama. Perhaps it was ‘bring your pet to work’ day?

When Life Gives You Lemons

Well this is a big sign fail. These lovely lemons are perfect for orange juice apparently.

Cheesy Snap

We’re all guilty of going the extra mile to get that perfect picture. Whether it’s a great selfie, a picture of a delicious meal or a juicy instagram-worthy event, we all want to get that fabulous snap to share with our followers. This lady might have been going for something more creative but we’re not sure if posing in the cheese aisle is worth a post. Sorry!

Sign Us Out

It doesn’t take too much brainpower to figure out what’s wrong with this supermarket sign. We know that customer service is important, but magically creating a few extra non-existent weekdays is not the best advertising tactic. Either this employee thought he was being funny or had taken a trip down the booze aisle before getting to work.

Go Jan

Women can be jealous creatures. This longtime husband certainly knows that his wife is prone to being envious. In the event that he found himself in a compromising position with another woman, she came up with a hysterical solution. He might have a curious spirit and a wandering eye, but this t-shirt makes it very, very clear just who he belongs to.

Unlikely Creativity

People are always looking for new and interesting ways to market their products. This supermarket employee got extra creative when it came to dressing up the toilet paper pyramid. What better way to make this household product more exciting than to turn it into an evening gown. We’ve got to say, the outfit actually looks pretty good. Well done!

A Princess Outing

This one is definitely going to pull at your heartstrings. 4-year-old Izzy desperately wanted to wear her new Cinderella dress when her uncle, Jesse Nagy, suggested they go see a movie and do some needed grocery shopping. Little Izzy was worried that no one else would be wearing a costume. Uncle Jesse came to the rescue when he pulled on a dress himself. The two went on to go about their day in their matching dresses. How sweet?

Keeping it in the Family

Troy and Tina Clark have known one another since they were 12. The two reconnected when Tina was hired at the same grocery store Troy was working at. The two later made the move from co-workers to loved-up newlyweds. The couple soon decided they would run their very own grocery store. Troy and Tina now have five kids, all of which have worked in their store.

Young at Heart

This picture really made us consider the state of our own love lives. We’re known to be a bunch of skeptics but these two gave us a little hope. Just look at this couple; madly in love, young at heart and still having fun when they’re old and grey. There’s nothing like true love between best friends to bring a smile to your face.

Shopping Shortage

Being short is sometimes a struggle. Your view of the world mostly consists of people’s stomachs and reaching for something on the top shelf is an absolute nightmare. This young lady got creative when heading to Walmart. Instead of asking for some help, she took it upon herself to climb the supermarket shelves to get to what she needed. She definitely gets points for perseverance!

Hot Outfit

Shopping is a necessary task, even on days when you’re not exactly prepared. Halloween might not be the best time to head to the grocery store, especially when you’re dressed up as a hot air balloon. This lady managed to get her shopping done while giving the other customers a bit of a laugh.

That’s Not A Gym…

Shopping is a necessary task, even on days when you’re not exactly prepared. Halloween might not be the best time to head to the grocery store, especially when you’re dressed up as a hot air balloon. This lady managed to get her shopping done while giving the other customers a bit of a laugh.

Just Like Us

Actress Rose Byrne was shopping in Australia when she was caught off guard by the sneaky paparazzi. she had no idea she was being photographed when she made this hilarious face while staring excitedly at a tub of ice cream. She might be a major star, but shopping for ice cream make-up free is an activity we’ve all done at least once.

The Cat Lady

We all know that one lady. That older woman who has a particularly enduring love for her many, many cats. Who is always covered in cat hair and carries a small photo album of her feline family. Now, we understand that humans and their pets can build extremely strong bonds, but taking your cats to the supermarket in a baby pram is not normal behavior.

Impressive Moves

Working long hours can be tough. You’re on your feet all day and you’re forced to find new ways to battle the boredom of doing something tedious. This Walmart employee got creative when trying to while away the hours of her night shift. Perhaps she should look into a side career as a professional contortionist?

A Helping Hand

Being a new parent can be super hard. Between teething, sleep deprivation and toddler tantrums, new mums and dads have to find interesting ways to make it through those early years of parenting. This supermarket is obviously run by parents. They made the trip from the baby supply section to the booze section a breeze for all those new parents.

Mexican Madness

We are big fans of tacos. We might just have found the biggest taco fan around. When this girl’s college threw a ‘dress up as your favorite food’ party, she knew exactly what she would be going as. She appears to have loved the costume so much, she even waltzed into her local supermarket wearing the yummy-looking costume. We think we know what she’ll be having for dinner tonight.

Corn On The Cob Fail

When singer Michael Buble was papped eating a corn on the cob coming out of a store, it took social media by storm. Some of the comments read: “What if WE have it all wrong, and Michael Buble is eating corn the right way?” Another shared: “I was having a bad day until I saw Michael Buble eating the corn from the end. I CANNOT stop laughing right now.” He responded on Twitter: “This is vegetable harassment!!!” he joked. “What I do with my Cobb is nobody’s business.”