28 Years Later, Susan Sarandon Makes A Surprising Confession


Susan Sarandon keeps her private life under lock and key. Yet the famous actress is finally opening up about her daughter and what she has to say is quite interesting.

Responsibility From A Young Age

Sarandon was the oldest of nine children, and spent a lot of her time growing up as a mother figure to her younger siblings. “Being at the top, I had a lot of responsibility, which was a good thing, as I tended to be spacey and always daydreaming,” she told Time Out magazine in August 2014.

Changes Her Name

The award-winning actress was actually born Susan Tomalin; her current name came from her first husband, Chris Sarandon. The two actually met in college and married when the soon to be star was just 20 years old. Sadly it didn’t last. After a long run of 12 years, they called their marriage quits in 1979.

Flings In Hollywood

After her first husband, Sarandon had her fair of flings with well known men in the entertainment industry, as she tried to cement her presence in the acting world. These lovers included rocker David Bowie, a relationship that she only revealed in 2014. She also had something with director Louis Malle and British actor Philip Sayer, who later came out as gay. Bowie and Sayer both appeared with Sarandon in the 1983 vampire flick The Hunger.

Diagnosed With Serious Condition

On the set of The Hunger, something bad happened. She experienced sporadic bleeding and kept fainting, until eventually she was diagnosed with a condition known as endometriosis. And the doctors who examined her told her that if she one day wished to give birth, she would probably have to have surgery, this was quite worrisome.

Speaking Out

Sarandon referred to this later in a speech at the 2011 Blossom Ball (hosted by the Endometriosis Foundation of America), calling it a “half-assed diagnosis.” Speaking about never being able to have children she stated: “It didn’t break my heart; I had plenty of nieces and nephews by that time,” she told Time Out in 2014. “I was fine with it.”

Shocking Disease

Sarandon is not the only famous person that has been diagnosed with endometriosis. It would appear that the disease is present in 10 percent of women who are of reproductive age. But there’s still a surprisingly large proportion of people who haven’t heard of it. Celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Lena Dunham and Star Wars star Daisy Ridley have all spoken out in order to raise awareness about their struggles with the disease.

Post Diagnosis Surprise

After her diagnosis, Sarandon stopped taking birth control, because there was no need for it, or so she thought. In 1984 she began a relationship with Italian film director Franco Amurri, whom she had met previously on the set of Tempest in 1981. More of a fling, it wasn’t intended to be a long term romance. Neither of them in a million years expected that Sarandon would end up pregnant. But a surprise came.

Shocked And Confused

Sarandon was shocked but so were the people around her. They questioned whether having this baby would be bad for her career, which was really starting to blossom. yet Sarandon had already had an abortion in her early twenties, following an ill-fated affair. And she was an activist for abortion rights. But this time she decided that she was going to keep the baby. With her condition she didn’t know whether this would be her last chance.

Reveals Story For The First Time

In 2013, Sarandon revealed her pregnancy story on Oprah’s Master Class. She described to the TV host what happened when she made her choice. “I said to Franco, you know, ‘I’ve decided that I’m going to have this baby. And if you want to be part of it, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s great too. Because I thought, you know what, if this was an impossibility and it’s happened, clearly it’s meant to happen.”

And So Motherhood Begins

On March 15, 1985, Sarandon gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Eva Amurri. Though Eva took her father’s last name, Sarandon and Franco Amurri didn’t marry. Sarandon later began a relationship with actor Tim Robbins. However, Eva would still see her father and visit him in Italy as she grew up. But there was more to this story.

A Big Break

Sarandon had built her career to become an accomplished actress. Her first big break came in 1988, when she acted alongside Tim Robbins in the film Bull Durham, and it was a box office hit. More great roles followed, such as Thelma & Louise and Lorenzo’s Oil. And in 1995 she took home a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Dead Man Walking.

Work-Life Balance

As the decade went on, Sarandon became more and more involved in activism work. And she put significant time and energy into progressive political agendas, including anti-death penalty campaigns, inspired by her work on Dead Man Walking. Meanwhile, she was also growing her family.

More On The Way

She later went on to be blessed with two more children, both boys. First came Jack Henry Robbins, born to Sarandon and Tim Robbins in 1989. Then, a few years later, in 1992, the couple had a second son named Miles. Though Sarandon and Robbins co-parented the kids, they never wanted to get married.

Final Split

Yet in the end, the relationship didn’t go the way they both had hoped. They split in 2009. “I thought that if you didn’t get married, you wouldn’t take each other for granted as easily,” Sarandon told The Telegraph in 2010. “I don’t know if after twenty something years that was still true.” But her children, adults by then, seemed fine by the decision as it was for the best.

Following The Family Footsteps

Eva her eldest, became an actress, following in the direction of her mother. Her break came through small roles alongside her mother, including an episode of Friends. Gradually over time, she built up her reputation and began to get more roles. By 2011, she had appeared in several big TV shows, including Californication, New Girl and House.

Another Surprise Announcement

2011 was also the year that Amurri married her long-term boyfriend, Kyle Martino. Both Sarandon and Robbins, who remained on friendly terms despite their split, were there at the wedding. So were many friends of the family, to celebrate all weekend long.

But More News….

Amurri  also announced that she was to become a mother. When Time Out magazine asked Sarandon in 2014 how it felt, knowing she would soon be a grandma, Sarandon replied, “I feel a little like I did when I was pregnant… There’s some part of your brain that can’t wrap itself around this idea that your child, that your daughter, is going to have a daughter. I mean, it’s just so beautiful and huge.”

New Arrival

Eva Amurri’s daughter, Marlowe Mae, was born in August 2014. Two years later another child, Major James, became the newest member of the family. “Being a grandmother is so much easier than being a mother. You don’t have that constant worry that’s in your mind all the time,” Sarandon told the Metro in 2016, a few months before Major James was greeted.

What The Future Holds Next

Sarandon may have more grandchildren in the future. Right now, she is enjoying spending time with the ones that she already has. She frequently shows them off in her Instagram snaps. It is just wonderful and amazing, considering she was told she would never conceive, so the notion of grandchildren was just alien to her.