How To “Spark Joy” In Your Home, Just Like Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo has been on the circuit as a professional tidier for some years now, but with her new show on Netflix – Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, she has quickly become a household name. Her catchphrase ‘does it “spark joy”’ is something that pops up in conversations regarding her and her tidying methods on an almost daily basis since the release of her segment. So, using some of her tidying techniques how can you begin to “spark joy” in your home?

Some people think that a tidy or a messy home is a reflection of their mental state. The messier the home, the messier your thoughts or the tidier the home the more compartmentalised the thoughts. It is undeniable that a tidier home is less stressful, walking into a kitchen with a sinkful of dishes does not make one feel content.

According to Kondo, the first step in the tidying process is grabbing everything you own that fits into a certain section such as bedroom, and then throwing it all together into a big group in front of you. Then, you must sift through your pile and select only the very few items that you feel “spark joy” within you. The main idea behind “spark[ing] joy” for a person is whether or not an item has a function or actually just holds sentimental value like an old pillow from childhood. For example, if a child has two or three toys they play with everyday then those are the ones to keep, not the others that are just strewn around the room.

So, what you need to do in your home is go room to room as Kondo does and really look at all of your possessions in it. Are they functional? Are they just wasting space? Do they hold sentimental value and thus “spark joy”? Getting rid of possessions can be an emotional process, but it is very liberating to walk into a clean, sparser room and feel like you can finally breathe in the space. Additionally, those possessions that do not “spark joy” can be donated to those in need and hopefully “spark joy” in someone else’s life!

Take advantage of Kondo’s tidying up techniques and get started on your own home, even if it’s just one room. Give it a try. Pile everything in your living room or office up and sift through what you need and don’t need. The likelihood that you need all 50 of those ball point pens is next to nil. Start fresh!