Organize Your Wardrobe With These Simple Steps

We all have a love/hate relationship with our wardrobes, a place where we store our favorite clothes, ready for us to wear at any moment. But sometimes, when we act as if there are not 100 different items to choose from, and we have a wardrobe meltdown, things can get messy.

We are here to help shift that feeling of, “I’ve got nothing to wear” and help you to organize your wardrobe to ensure you fall in love with your clothes all over again – and so that you can see them easily.

Although you might hate to, you probably need to… Do a clear-out

Get your Sex and the City on and go through your wardrobe with a ‘Take or Toss’ mindset, you can even get your girlfriends involved to make it more fun. Anything that isn’t a statement piece, that you haven’t worn in the past year, seriously consider tossing it. We know it sounds daunting, but you’ll be grateful for it later. To make you feel better, drop them off at your nearest charity shop or make some money on eBay or Depop.

Color Code

We know this sounds excessive, but it will help you much more then you think. Start by organizing your things into categories and then into colors. This way, when you wake up in the morning, you can open your wardrobe and see everything in a clear and precise way. This will help stop your mind wandering about what to wear. Just see it and go.

Go One Step Further

Those more expensive items deserve a little more attention, be sure to keep those fancy handbags in dust-proof cases and your clothes in garment bags. These will protect your more expensive items that need that extra TLC.