4 Mindfulness Exercises For A More Balanced Life



Our hectic lives often leave us little room to focus and be present with what is going on around us, however, this is paramount for happiness, and even success. It is essential for our overall well-being to achieve a mind-body balance in order to maintain a positive outlook on our lives and to be able to function to our fullest.

Simple mindfulness exercises will help you find some inner peace and clarity amidst your busy schedules. These techniques can be done anywhere, and don’t require a lot of effort.

1.Be Aware Of Your Breath


All you have to do is notice your breath for one minute. Begin by breathing in and out, deep breaths and slowly. Try counting to 6 on each inhale and exhale, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Let go of anything that isn’t serving you, let go of any pending tasks that are on your mind, be present with your breath and focus on your lungs filling with air as you breathe in, and how they retract when you breathe out. You will instantly feel a sense of calm and peacefulness.

2. Observation Meditation

This exercise even though it is simple, it is extremely effective in helping you notice and appreciate things that are going on around you. It helps us to connect with nature and our environment, that we often miss when so consumed by ourselves and work.

So here goes, choose a natural object that is around you, and focus on watching it for a couple of minutes. It could be a plant, a bird in the sky, a cloud. Whatever it is, do not lose your focus on that particular object. Explore and observe every part of it, as if you have never seen something like it before. Connect with its purpose. If it is a flower take in its scent, or if it is a book really notice the shape and color of it.

3. Mindful Eating

How often do you eat your lunch at your desk whilst working, without really taking time to acknowledge how delicious your meal is, or to be present with what you are eating? Try sitting down with your food, whatever the time of day, and remove any technology. Simply be in the moment with your meal and connect to each mouthful, each taste, and chew. You will find that you appreciate your food so much more, you will be more connected to your body so will probably eat less as an outcome because you will realize more easily when you are full, and on top of that you will feel calmer and much more fulfilled and satisfied.

4. Don’t Hate Appreciate

For this final exercise, simply think of 5 things in your daily life that usually gets unnoticed. The aim of this is so that you start to appreciate the little things because they are so much more important than the desire for bigger and better. When we are satisfied with those smaller things and we realize we have all we need, it contributes to our happiness.

Top Tip: Download a mindfulness meditation app, and start your morning with a short meditation. We recommend Headspace App.