The Biggest Food Trends of 2018

There is one thing that connects us across cultures, borders and language divides – the wonderful joys of food! This year, food trends are reflecting our changing attitudes towards health, environmental consciousness and sustainability. From plant-based diet food to wildly exotic cuisine, there’s a little something for everyone. We’ve rounded up the top trends to watch in 2018!

This is one for the science geeks out there. Pronounced ‘heem,’ this ‘meat’ is entirely plant-based. Tech-food start-up Impossible Foods have used cutting-edge technology to create the cruelty-free product. The meat looks, and supposedly tastes, just like the real thing.

Exotic Cuisine
Let’s get experimental! Chefs around the world will be looking to foreign cultures for kitchen inspiration. From West Africa and the Middle East, expect to see some new and interesting flavor combinations.

Gut-friendly food
Gut and digestive tract health is going to be a big trend this year. Fermenting, pickling and preserving food promotes the growth of probiotics that are particularly wonderful at keeping your stomach healthy. Kimchi is a particular favorite. The Korean dish should be on your dinner plate!

Poke Bowls
These delicious bowls of scrumptious ingredients are about to make their way on to many a menu. Poke bowls are a well-loved Hawaiian dish that usually consists of fresh tuna or salmon, sticky rice, avocado and a bunch of healthy toppings. Ubiquitous in the islands of Hawaii, this dish is about to explode on to the foodie scene.

Craft Butter
Forget the humble spread you usually buy at your supermarket, butter is getting a much-needed makeover. Local butter makers are getting crafty, experimenting with the addition of different herbs, spices and interesting flavours. Yum!

Plant-based Proteins
Chefs are embracing protein-based foods like tofu, tempeh and quinoa. As meat-free Monday gains popularity we suggest you stock up on some of these health-conscious ingredients. Much to the delight of vegans and vegetarians everywhere, the foodie world is looking to make more sustainable and eco-friendly food choices.