The Most Shocking Outfits Celebs Wore To Weddings

Paris Hilton

Paris looked more like little bo peep when she was a bridesmaid at her sisters wedding, and she does not look too happy about it either.

Serena Williams

This women’s body activist looks like she turned up for the wrong occasion. Looks like she didn’t get the memo here, or maybe she was trying to upstage the bride. Either way, we are feeling the swimsuit, but not that print. Sorry.

Larsa Pippen

The famous WAG and best friend of the Kardashians always leaves the house head to toe ready for the photographers. Yet for this wedding she attended with her on and off husband Scottie, we think there is too much going on here. The huge earrings with the flash gold belt. For us this is a fail.

Sarah Owen

When Lily Allen’s sister showed up to her wedding in this, eyes were definitely on her, but for the wrong reasons. You would have thought that she would have been a bit more modest for the occasion, and perhaps wear something showing a tad less skin. We wonder what her sister thought of this.

Amanda Holden

When this British Television personality was rushing to her friends wedding, one would have assumed it is because she was taking a long time to choose her outfit. Yet this pink disaster appears that she did not put much thought into it at all. The matching situation with the shoes, and the cut out parts of the dress, is just one big no no.

Abbey Clancey

This British beauty is known for being a top model in the UK, however, her fashion choices are not quite as successful judging from this picture. This is more like a what not to do. This very provocative dress looks more like lingerie if you ask us. We wonder what the bride thought.


The Barbadian beauty was pictured here as head bridesmaid for her best friend’s wedding. Yet this looks like she has just been shot out of a Christmas cracker or something. She is known for her wild fashion choices, but this is not one of our favorites Ri Ri.

Eva Longoria

This stunning actress always looks beautiful, however the color of this chosen by the bride is not the greatest of shades. Yet with the belt and the flowing material, plus the no shoes look, she really looks like a beautiful goddess and we think that she rocked the dress as much as anyone could.


Well, this star studded couple are always suited and booted, no matter the occasion. Yet it looks more like they are going to a funeral than a celebration. The only party item is the huge diamond choker around Kim’s throat, and perhaps her cleavage is leaving not that much to the imagination. Kanye the picture of happiness as always.

Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake’s other half was burdened with wearing a dark brown ensemble when she was a bridesmaid. We would look the same if we had to wear that too! There is really nothing flattering about any part of this dress. We wonder what Justin said about the outfit when he first saw it.

Anne Hathaway And Emily Blunt

The Devil Wears Prada costars Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt arrived for Jessica Chastain’s wedding in Italy recently. Anne wore Valentino and Emily brought a lot of pink with Peter Pilotto. We are just not sure if they should be standing next to one another. It might sway the attention away from the bride. Wonder what Anne’s husband is thinking right now.

Anna Wintour And Stella McCartney

These two fashion forward celebrities should really know better. The queen of fashion design and the most famous editor in the world could have helped each other out a bit here don’t you think? Anna’s dress is just wrong, and paired with those heels, but then again what do we know? Maybe its innovation.

Hilary And Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton, joined by husband, former President Bill Clinton, attended the wedding of Clinton campaign supporter Marc Lasry’s daughter Sophie to hedge funder Alex Swieca. Vogue magazine followed the event and described Hillary’s kaftan as “Tiffany blue”, while we’re all for that color description, we are not a fan of this number. It looks more like she has just come off the beach in Hawaii. And those silver heels, are not the one.

Rebel Wilson

The Aussie comedian has always been confident about her body and we think she looks beautiful in this dress for her friend’s wedding in Australia. The baby pink shade really suits her, and her bag is fierce. You go Rebel.

Kate Moss

This superstar model’s vintage dress with its leaf-print, gold embellishment and shoulder-detailing was the perfect piece to strike at a society wedding in London in 2009. Very British glam, but she is probably one of very few people that could pull this dress off.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley’s mulberry bridesmaid dress ticked all the right boxes… for some. This was for her brothers wedding in Glasgow, so she couldn’t easily tell her future sister-in-law that she did not want to wear a berry ballerina dress. Obviously the beautiful actress and face of Chanel can pull of anything, she would look good in a bin bag, but this dress is not the most flattering.

Victoria Beckham

This was back in Vickys WAG days, where she would only wear Christian Louboutin sky high heels. We are not so much a fan of this fascinator. It is very much too far forward on her head, however, seeing as she is pregnant in this image, we do think she is rocking the pregnancy chic look, and we are big fans of the dress. After all she is a top fashion designer.

Naomi Campbell

This supermodel will always looks the part, strutting her stuff down any runway or red carpet. However this floral number is not the greatest of dresses, so if you were thinking about wearing something similar, think again, really! As a guest at the Monaco Royal Wedding, Naomi Campbell definitely  needed to shine on the red carpet, and we suppose in this mint green gown she did attract attention, just not the right kind.

Kate Moss Again

Oh dear, she looks very bedraggled here. We think perhaps her alarm went off too late and she rushed out of the house without even brushing her hair. The dress really does look like something she pulled out of the closet last minute in a huge hurry. Not your finest moment Kate, sorry.

Pippa Middleton

The younger sister of the Duchess of Wales, Pippa quickly gained a lot of media attention at the wedding of her sister in her bridesmaids dress. However this outfit choice would be a big fail if it were to feature on the E show Fashion Police.  Everything from the hat, to the flowers on top of it and the color of the dress just scream WRONG WRONG WRONG. We wonder if she actually chose this.

Tina Fey

Tina we love you, but not your fashion choices. This dress is super casual for a wedding and the colors are very draining on your skin tone. The grey shoes with the dress are also a big fashion faux pas. Stick to comedy, it is what you know and what you do well.

Kate Middleton

Listen, The Duchess of Cambridge could wear anything and make it look good. Her slender frame fits just about anything, yet we are not feeling the light shade of lilac, the flowers or the cut of this dress.  The only thing we like is the hat, which definitely adds something to the boring outfit. Next time you can do better Kate.

Pippa Middleton

Oh Pippa, Pippa, Pippa. Yet again, with another fugly fascinator and terrible choice of dress. The neckline is off, the print is extremely garish and the length is very aging.  We get that you are royal now and have certain standards to keep up, but this seems to not be doing a job of it. Ever since slaying at her sister’s wedding, she seems to have had fashion fail after fashion fail. We are looking forward to Harry’s wedding outfit.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

This terrible bridesmaid dress makes Mila look like she is going to prom and that Ashton is her date. With the long dangly earrings too, it just adds to the wrongness of this whole look. Who ever chose this bridesmaid dress must have had a hidden agenda and tried to make the stunning actress look worse than the bride.

Lady Mary Charteris

Pink to make the boys wink… or turn away. Didn’t your mother never tell you that wearing stripes is the ultimate no no? Especially at a wedding, and even more so with fuchsia pink. This member of the royal family probably needed to down a pint to forget about what she was wearing.

Geri Halliwell

Spice up your life! Ginger spice can make even the plainest dresses look good with her small frame. This dress is pretty boring and the color is too, however we think she managed to just about pull it off. We would have a word with the bride though and ask her what in the world she was thinking (or drinking) when choosing her bridesmaid dresses.

Eva Longoria

Brides just love to put their bridesmaids in light colors that do absolutely nothing for the skin tone. Poor Eva Longoria, looked the picture of desperate housewife in this gown when she attended a friend’s wedding. Not only did she have to walk down the aisle wearing this, but she had to hold up this tacky sign as well. This was just not the day for her.

Lauren Conrad

The reality star didn’t have much choice when it came to her best friend’s wedding. But by the looks of it she tried to keep her shades on so she didn’t have to focus on the dress that she was made to wear. A very plain choice in all respects, this is not one of our favorites at all.

Beyonce and Jay Z

Queen Bey always slays, and did in this outfit for a friend’s wedding. We actually think these shoes on anyone else except her or maybe Lady Gaga would not have worked, but she totally rocked it, and her body looks amazing as always in the figure hugging number. Jay you better be all night.

Rachel McAdams

This Hollywood beauty has not done herself any favors in his light blue number. The style and shade don’t really do anything to enhance her good looks and amazing figure. Sorry Rach this was not one of your finest moments. We hope she learns her lesson for the Red Carpet.

Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice looked like she had stepped out of a strange WWII film when she arrived to her cousin, Prince William’s, wedding. Dressed in head-to-toe nude Valentino, the young princess’ ensemble could’ve been a fashion hit if it wasn’t for that octopus looking fascinator. It may have been made by milliner-to-the-stars, Philip Treacy, but that still didn’t make it right.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow turned the rulebook on its head, when she was spotted wearing a white minidress to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s wedding in 2008. Proving that white and micro-mini can be worn for a wedding, the Iron Man actress also kick-started the long-bob trend. This dress would not have worked on anyone else, so well done Gwyn.

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger wore navy sequins to her best friend, fashion designer Jason Wu’s wedding in Mexico. The fashion designer should have maybe helped her out with the outfit we think. This style went out in the early 2000’s and is a bit much for a beach wedding we seem to think, but then again she could wear anything and look fabulous. ( Maybe just not this).

Alexa Chung

This British model looks like she has stepped out of Victorian times in this long dress. She looks like the maid in one of those period dramas, rather than a guest at a wedding. We are not a fan of this rag, and the British beauty could do so much better, we are a little let down.

Florence Welch

Florence Welch decided to push the boundaries with this outfit for her friend’s star studded wedding. The tall singer did pull it off, but we are still not a fan, and find it quite a strange choice. Of course with those long legs she is going to look a million dollars in it, but it certainly is an acquired taste, and on that note it is not our cup of British Tea.

Chrissy Teigen

The super model stepped out for a wedding in Miami and definitely turned heads in this number. While she can definitely pull off just about anything, this is a little OTT if you ask us. It is as if she doesn’t want the bride to get any attention on her own wedding day. Move aside Chrissy, today is not about you.

Selena Gomez

Gomez and the Wizards of Waverly Place cast reunited at David Henrie’s wedding. The whole crew looked sharp, but Selena stole the show with her super modern burgundy look. Even though it looks more like a pinafore that she should be wearing at a strict boarding school, she made it current with the cool hoop earrings and casual hair style.

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields was just one of many famous faces who attended TomKat’s Italian nuptials and all eyes were on the gorgeous actress, when she appeared in a red dress. Yet maybe not for the right reasons. This Christmas number is great for this time of year, but needs to be put right at the back of the closet.  Brooke let the team down with this rather mumsy burgundy velvet number.

Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie played it safe with her wedding guest outfit for Pippa Middleton and her cousin Will’s wedding. However the choice of hat rather makes her seem like a sailor, paired with the dark blue dress. We are not a fan of this, sorry Eug, maybe it is a British Royal thing, but we can’t jump on board.

Rachel Bilson

Sorry Rach, but you should really be angry at your best friend the bride for putting you in this. She looks more like a mermaid from one of her movies than a bridesmaid. Everything about this dress is so wrong. The color washes her out, and the train over powers her tiny frame.

Jennifer Garner

The adorable actress is always smiling, but perhaps on this occasion she should be a bit more angry about the choice of bridesmaid dress she was given. She has a hot bod, but this dress does not flatter her figure at all, and is very aging. The thick material must be a nightmare to hold. We bet she is counting down the hours until she can take it off.

Britney Spears

Oops she did it again. Brit this is not your finest hour, this dress is really awful and does nothing for you. The color, the sparkly belt, everything about this dress screams Jersey Shore to us. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do, swallow your pride, and look ugly in the name of the bride.