30 of the World’s Most Gorgeous Royal Bachelors and Bachelorettes Who Are Still on the Market

Lady Amelia Windsor

Lady Amelia Windsor is not only utterly gorgeous, she also happens to be 38th in line for the British throne. The 22 year old model and socialite is a regular face in London’s fashionable party scene. She has graced catwalks and red carpets and was recently dubbed “the most beautiful member of the royal family” by Tatler magazine. Gentlemen – line up!

Princess Maria-Olympia

With her golden locks, slender frame and mesmerizing doe eyes, Princess Maria-Olympia has graced the covers of Teen Vogue, Tatler and W Magazine. The blonde bombshell is the rising starlet of the Greek Royal Family. The fashion darling is also the goddaughter of Prince Charles. The royal has received her fair share of public backlash, she most recently posted an unbecoming Instagram shot of her extending her middle finger which raised more than a few eyebrows.

Prince Wenzeslaus

This dashing Prince has yet to be tamed despite being 44 years old. The Prince of Liechtenstein is no stranger to scandal, he has made headlines with his wild ways and mischievous antics. The royal had a very public romance with Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima from 2003 to 2006. The blue-eyed bachelor shows no sign of giving up his bad-boy behavior.

Prince Philippos

Prince Philippos is the heir to not one, but two countries! The tall, dark and handsome royal is in line for both the Greek and Danish throne. The 32 year old is notoriously tight-lipped about his private life but our sources tell us that the Prince is still on the lookout for his royal love. You can spot the royal walking the streets of New York, where he currently resides.

Princess Iman

With the beautiful Queen Rania of Jordan as her mother, there was little chance Princess Iman bint Abdullah wouldn’t grow up to be absolutely lovely. At just 21, the royal has yet to be romanced by a lucky gentleman. She is currently studying at Georgetown University much to the delight of her many male classmates.

Prince Philippos

Prince Philippos is the heir to not one, but two countries! The tall, dark and handsome royal is in line for both the Greek and Danish throne. The 32 year old is notoriously tight-lipped about his private life but our sources tell us that the Prince is still on the lookout for his royal love. You can spot the royal walking the streets of New York, where he currently resides.


Princess Elisabeth von German Thurn und Taxis

Her title might be a bit of a mouthful but this Princess is well worth the tongue twister. The German royal is a talented journalist and author. She has been a style editor at the prestigious Vogue fashion magazine since 2012. The blessed blonde is frequently photographed out and about in the streets of London and New York. The stylish royal is also a regular contender on many a best-dressed list.

Prince Nikolai

As if being a Prince wasn’t enough, this 18 year old royal has been blessed with ridiculous good looks. Nikolai is currently seventh in the line of succession to the Danish throne. His chiselled features have not gone unnoticed, the Prince is now gaining the attention of the fashion world. He made his modelling debut in 2018 at London’s fashion week.

Prince Jean-Christophe

Forget the fact that he’s the heir of Napoleon Bonaparte, just look at those blue eyes! Jean-Christophe has proven himself to be one of the most desirable royal bachelors around. He attended Harvard Business School and currently works as an investment banking analyst in London. To our utter surprise, he has yet to be nabbed a lucky lass.

Viscount Louis Spencer

For those of you who were devastated when Prince Harry became a married man, may we introduce to you the tall, blue eyed, blonde Viscount Louis Spencer? Louis is the heir apparent to his father, Charles Spencer’s, earldom, given he is his first son. Louis has been turning heads ever since single ladies of the world spotted him in the crowds at his first cousin, Harry’s, wedding. Born and raised in the city of Cape Town, the young bachelor now attends the University of Edinburgh.


Lady Kitty Spencer

It seems fabulous good looks run in the Spencer family, Lady Kitty is the older sister of Louis. Kitty, the niece of the late Princess Diana, is a world renowned fashion model and rising social media darling. The bombshell has walked the catwalk for Dolce & Gabbana and has been featured on the cover of Vogue and Tatler. She most recently made headlines when she showed up to Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding ceremony looking ravishing in a forest green, floral Dolce & Gabbana design.

Princess Theodora

This Princess always seemed set for stardom. After studying the arts the Greek royal headed to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. The voluptuous blonde made her television acting debut when she starred in the long-running soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. The London-born actress has yet to be wooed.

Princess Alexandra

It seems Princess Alexandra of Luxemborg is the ultimate catch. She has degrees in philosophy, psychology and inter-religious studies. She is a dedicated humanitarian worker and volunteer. She’s worked for the United Nations and did we mention she just happens to be fifth in line to the throne? The ravishing brunette has brains, beauty and a tiara!

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed

Sheikh Hamdan is the dreamy crown Prince of Dubai. Women of the UAE have long drooled over the dark and brooding royal. He is an accomplished equestrian jumper, speed car racer and diver. The Prince even has a softer side, he publishes poetry under a pseudonym. As if that weren’t reason enough to fall at his feet, the Sheikh is also reportedly worth $4.5 billion.

Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice is the lovely daughter of Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah. Beatrice has a royal heart of gold. The Princess of York has long stated she is committed to using her public status as a means to help those in need. She spends her time between London and New York while pursuing her extensive charity work. Beatrice had a decade-long relationship with businessman Dave Clark, but the pair went their separate ways in 2016.

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi

She’s a journalist, a celebrated horse rider, an heiress and yes, she is single! Princess Charlotte is eleventh in line to the throne of Monaco. Beauty and talent seem to run in the family; the lovely brunette is the granddaughter of Princess Grace Kelly. She had a high profile romance with actor Gad Elmaleh, but the Princess has been back on the market since the pair split in 2015.

Prince Constantine Alexios

This chiselled royal is the heir apparent to the Greek throne after his father, Crown Prince Pavlos. The fun-loving 19 year old is an avid surfer and scuba diver and is currently attending Georgetown University in Washington, DC. We have little doubt the Prince will have more than one pursuer once he reaches a more appropriate age.

Princess Sirivannavari

Princess Sirivannavari of Thailand is another fabulous royal beauty who has yet to make her way down the aisle. When she’s not attending fashion shows, the raven-haired Princess is creating her own designs. She has shown her own design collections on catwalks in Paris. Princess Sirivannavari is also a decorated sportswoman! She represented Thailand in badminton in 2005 at 23rd South East Asian Games in the Philippines, winning a team gold.

Prince Mateen

You may not have heard of the island of Brunei, but you most certainly will want to get acquainted with the Prince of the small Asian country. Prince Abdul Mateen is the polo-playing heir to the throne who boasts a bank account fit for a king and an enviable set of abs. The beloved Prince has graced the cover of GQ magazine and is known to share his many adventures with his 1 million Instagram followers.

Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel

This Saudi-Arabian beauty has sadly been unlucky in love. At 18 she hesitantly made her way down the aisle to marry Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. The Prince was 28 years older than the teen on their wedding day. The marriage would end in divorce just five years later. While marrying this Princess won’t earn you a title, it will most definitely land you with a well-educated, compassionate and oh-so-beautiful partner.

Prince Joachim

It seems chocolate is not the only finest export of Belgium. Young Prince Joachim is the country’s eligible heir to the throne. With those piercing blue eyes and his world class education, the 26 year old would make any woman a very happy bride. Trained as a decorated officer in the navy and with a degree in International Economics, Management and Finance, this royal has braun, brains and beauty.

Princess Sikhanyiso

This gorgeous eligible bachelorette is one of 23 children of King Mswati III of Swaziland. Born in Africa and educated in Britain and America, this Princess is worldly, beautiful and still seeking her Prince Charming. The royal lady made headlines when she was outspoken in her disapproval of the country’s legalized stance on polygamy. She believes that the practise of men being allowed to marry multiple wives is “evil and unfair.” The feisty Princess is also an aspiring singer and rapper.

Princess Tsuguko

You might have to brush up on your Japanese in order to nab this lovely Princess. Little is known about this Tokyo-born 32 year old royal due to Japan’s strict censorship laws. What we do know: She’s worked for UNICEF, she’s set to inherit a pretty spectacular fortune and she’s single!


Prince Albert

This bachelor first appeared on a list of the world’s youngest billionaires at age 8. Following his father’s death in 1990, Prince Albert of the German Royal House of Thurn and Taxis inherited his family’s $3 billion fortune. The Prince seems to be quite the daredevil, he is an avid sports car racer who has actually competed in numerous world championships. Fancy a ride?

Sheikha Maitha bint Mohammed

Well noted as one of the richest and loveliest eligible royals, Sheikha Maitha bint Mohammed is the accomplished darling of the UAE. As if natural good looks weren’t gift enough, this royal is a highly skilled karate and taekwondo champion. She has participated in the Olympics and has won her country more than one medal. If you’re hoping to woo this lovely royal, you’re going to have to earn yourself a black belt first.

Lord Edward

He might not be in line for the British throne, but this Lord is still quite the catch. Edward Edmund Maximilian George Windsor, otherwise known as Lord Downpatrick, speaks German and French and has been educated in some of the world’s finest schooling establishments. The financial analyst also happens to be the godson of the late and lovely Princess Diana. Anyone who can pull of this shirt, gets a nod of approval from us.

Pauline Ducruet

Currently 14th in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne, Pauline Ducruet is the granddaughter of the late Princess Grace Kelly. The gorgeous brunette studied among the famous and fabulous fashionistas of New York’s Parson’s Design School. She is also a competitive diver, horse rider and gymnast. With her intoxicating blue eyes and impossibly long legs, we’re certain the aspiring fashion designer won’t be single for long. 

King Leruo

This dashing, dark and handsome man is not a mere Prince, but a crowned King! Leruo Molotlegi is the 36th King of the Royal Bafokeng Nation in the North West Region of the naturally-rich country of South Africa. A keen sportsman with a degree in architecture and urban planning, the King is still on the hunt for a lovely lady to rule alongside him.


Princess Maria Laura[post_page_title]

This lovely royal blonde is yet another Princess who has yet to be swept off of her high-heeled feet. Princess Maria Laura of Belgium is the older sister to Prince Joachim, who has also topped our list of unmarried royals. In 2005, the Princess would have a dangerous brush with fate when she was involved in a violent school bus accident. She was able to escape the vehicle before it burst into flames and fortunately escaped unharmed.

[post_page_title]Prince Azim

A paparazzi favorite, this Prince of Brunei has long been causing a stir in the local media. One of twelve siblings, the royal bachelor earned his degree at prestigious Oxford Brookes University. The 35 year old is known for throwing lavish parties that include a star-studded guest list. He’s partied with the late Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Scarlett Johansson. But don’t let his wild ways fool you, the Prince is an outspoken activist and philanthropist who campaigns against gender based violence.