30 Horrifying Fashion Magazine Photoshop Fails

The Ultimate Thigh Gap Gone Wrong

Every girl wants a thigh gap, and apparently even celebrities will do whatever it takes to make it appear that they have. Beyonce made a bit of a boo boo with her photo editing skills here. One fan wrote: “The Photoshop Awards: Beyonce’s Thigh Gap On Instagram.” Her leg looks very wonky. Bey is the queen of music but fails when it comes to photo editing clearly.

Terrifying Ghost Hands Attack Woman At Beach

This is a terrible but funny mistake. This beautiful model is strutting her stuff on the beach, but if you look closely there is a hand on her left shoulder but nothing else. This scary ghost hand is obviously the result of photo shopping out whoever was next to her in the image but they forgot the hand. It is mind boggling how they forgot it but it made for a funny image.

Tay Tay Got Bad Blood

This photo of Taylor Swift for the cover of a foreign magazine has been so heavily photo shopped, that the singer no longer looks like herself anymore. They made her look like a Barbie doll and changed every single one of her features it seems.  If we were Taylor we would have bad blood with this magazine.


Invisible-Arms Are a Must for Modern Surfers

This is a very strange photo. It seems that this pro surfer had her arm bitten off by a shark, but left the fingers on the surf board. Her face also looks strangely distorted and weirdly like The Duchess of Cambridge which is slightly odd. Never the less, we are concerned that the editors did not notice this big mistake.

Another Terrifying Ghost Hand Lends Some Moral Support

This picture is actually hilarious but so terrifying. The guy is holding someone’s hand who doesn’t actually exist. He us just holding onto a random floating hand. We are so unsure as to why photo shop editors choose to leave these details out and why the photographers don’t take images with the option of not having the other person in it for them just to be deleted out. At least their hands are famous.

This One-Legged Woman Looks Amazing in This Shot

This shot is very sexual, except there is one disturbing thing about it. The woman only has one leg.  Another surfer mauled by a shark it seems. Stuff magazine editors must have been very tired when making edits to this shot, but who ever proofed is to blame more.

Guns Of Steel

Tennis pro Andy Roddick appeared on the June/July 2007 cover of Men’s Fitness, looking really built. But he even admitted he didn’t know where those guns had come from. The magazine had edited his arms so much that they looked very unrealistic compared to the rest of his body. This is just really bad for making young men and women have unrealistic body goals.

Woman Loses Belly Button in Freak Soccer Accident

Something terribly wrong happened in this picture. The tiniest edit can change a whole image. The woman suddenly lost her belly button. They have tried to smooth it over so much that they forgot to put her belly button back on. Funny but a ridiculous mistake if you ask us.

A Model with the Long Fingers of Slenderman

This magazine cover star has had her whole image stretched so much that her fingers are now so out of proportion that they look like alien hands. One of the fingers is even curving round which just would never happen. How this made the cover is beyond us.

Carved Thighs Look Horrifying

Another animal attack seems to have happened. Models must just be particularly enticing to animals who want to give them limb defects. Her legs look as though she has had a dog mauling at her pants. This is such a bad or shall we say good photo shop fail we cannot believe it actually made it on a cover.

Adam Levine’s Half the Man He Used To Be

Adam Levine is the hunky Maroon 5 front man who has women all around the world swooning. On this steamy shoot, something appears not quite right. Half of his torso is just not there. They went a little too far with the editing here.

Ralph Lauren’s Models Don’t Go To Waist

This is a terrible photo shop mishap. The fashion brand is known for having very thin models, but they photo shopped this model so much that she actually looked very ill. They later issued an apology for this after it caused so much outrage. Yet apparently the model was actually fired for being ‘too big’.

Emma Watson’s Magical Leg

Emma Watson is loved by all. An amazing model and women’s rights advocate, she rose to fame playing Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. Since then she rose to fame and has graced many magazines and been the face of luxury brands such as Burberry. However in this photoshoot she seems to have lost her leg. Oh gosh.

The Addams Family Hand Strikes Again

This photo for the famous Got Milk ad, has fallen into the same hand trap as many before it. On one of women’s shoulders lies a creepy halloween hand with fingers curled around her almost gripping her tight. It just amazes us how badly some pictures are edited, especially ones that pay thousands for advertising.

The Girl on the Right Was Made Into a Giraffe

ELLE is known for being a high fashion magazine, and with high fashion comes top models that are usually tall and with very slender frames. Which is why it confuses us a lot that editors feel the need to photo shop them even more. Never the less, they do, and as you can see here, they just end up looking like giraffes with super long un realistic skinny arms.

Carrying ONLY the Handles of Handbags = Now A THING

Victoria’s Secret is the notorious underwear brand, with some of its models, the world’s most beautiful women. Every woman wants to own underwear from this store, and wants to emulate those models. The brand is so famous which is why this photo shop fail is so hilarious. The model was holding a handbag in the photo shoot, but the director decided to cut it out. This firstly makes no sense because her hand would look strange, but what is even worse is that they didn’t even edit out the whole hand bag and just left a floating handle.

Right Leg Faux Pas

The British high street brand New Look takes its looks very seriously, however has definitely done some harm by photo shopping this model’s leg so much, that it doesn’t even look real. It also gives girls an unhealthy perspective of what a body is supposed to look like.

Lady Gaga Clearly Not Born That Way

We love Gaga, she is outspoken, fashion forward and doesn’t care what people think. Yet Vogue did her a disservice by editing her body and making her look un natural. Photo shopping happens all the time, yet when they make the cover star look unrealistic it is never a positive thing.

The Power of Long Curls Compels Her

Wow she has some serious talent, being able to turn her head all that way round her neck. Honestly we just get more and more surprised at how unrealistic photo shop can be, and how some websites and magazines actually get away with it. She looks like a giraffe.

This Is Not An Armless Model

Yet again, this model was fighting against a werewolf and seemingly lost her arm the night before the shoot. Or was it a vampire maybe? Whatever happened she came to the shoot without an arm, but they definitely made it work.

Elongated Arm or The Fantastic Four’s Newest Member

This talented model has an arm nearly dangling down to her knees. That is a cool party trick, or is photo shop the one playing tricks on us? It certainly seems that way. She is tall but if this were real this would be super hero stuff.

Avril Lavigne’s Popeye Arm

Unless Avril has serious flexibility talents, Maxim magazine really made a huge mistake with this cover. Her elbow is contorted to extremely strange and unrealistic proportions it doesn’t even look slightly normal are we right? We wonder what Avril thought of the cover when she saw it.

Kerry Washington’s Chest Gets a Rookie Treatment

Who doesn’t love a botched boob job? Well we don’t think here Kerry Washington would have been so pleased with how photo shop turned out for her cover of Essence magazine. It appears that her right breast has actually disappeared. This is a terrible mistake for a cover. Poor Kerry.

The Incredible Flexible Wrist-Woman!

Carrie Underwood, the country star is the essence of girl next door and America’s sweetheart. This is why Instyle Magazine chose her for their cover. However it appears she is more than just a pretty face and good voice. She has insane talent in her wrists from this picture. They are so bendy. Either Instyle is lying to us, or she needs to show off these skills more often.

“Just Make Her Legs Longer, Nobody WIll Notice”

This model has been stretched to unimaginable proportions that she is literally a giant. We appreciate that models are known for their long legs and slim frame, but this is totally exaggerated, even the guy on the photo with her can’t believe how tall she is.

Invisible Toes Are The Newest Hot Trend

This model has been in quite the accident, to the point that every single one of her toes on both feet have been chopped off. very unfortunate if you ask us. But she still rocks the picture. We can’t believe that who ever gave this photo the seal of approval did not notice the huge error of the disappearance of the toes.

Designer Plays God, Removes Ribs

This Victoria’s Secret model has had her ribs removed for the image. Listen who is Victoria and what is her secret? Because if it is using photo shop to the point of organs being removed, we are not fans. She looks extremely skinny, and we bet her figure was perfect before the photo shop, and we don’t think it needed to happen.

Crazy Legs by Gucci

This Gucci model is just showing off her contortionist skills for this advert. Her legs appear to be able to bend in weird and wonderful ways that the average joe just cannot do. We are astounded that a huge brand like Gucci would make such big mistakes on their adverts. They thought no one would notice- well they could not have been more wrong.

Kristen Stewart Loses Her Arm to a Shark or Something

Kristen Stewart is the beautiful yet brooding actress that made it big after playing the lovable character of Bella in the box office smash movie series Twilight. She has graced many covers since then and gone onto playing large roles. Glamour Magazine could not wait to have the role model on their cover, however they seemed to leave out one of her arms. It just suddenly became a stump. Not our favorite look Kristen.

Rubbery Limbs and No Joints Like Gumby!

We just love it when high fashion magazines make their models look super human, with no joints and  long and super skinny limbs. Don’t get us wrong of course this stunning model is tall and lean but they don’t even need to photo shop her and they choose to do it anyway.

More Like Scary Bradshaw from Sex and the City

Harper’s Bazaar has edited SJP’s face so much that it doesn’t really look like her anymore. She is so beautiful, ye they seemed to get a bit too photo shop happy here. It looks like she has had so much botox that she can’t even move her face. We want to know what she thought of the cover. More and more celebrities are speaking out against the use of photo shop, or shall we say misuse.

Demi Moore W Magazine — The Dress That Was Held Up By Nothing

Demi Moore is known for defying aging. She still looks incredible to date, as if she is still that young and innocent Ghost actress. However, for her cover of W magazine, her legs were edited, and they did not do such a great job, because the line of her leg does not match the sarong and it appears wonky. You would think a magazine like this has talented and well experienced photo shop editors, but clearly not.

One Thumb Down

This is just freaky. The rest of the arm in this image is blurred out and all that remains is a weird freaky thumb sticking out. It is as if the editors wanted to make a scary image. It confuses us greatly how bad some images can be edited.

Drew Barrymore’s Retouched Hip Makes It Look Like She’s Doing That Smooth Criminal Lean

Drew Barrymore is a true Hollywood stunner. So down to Earth and funny in her movies we just love her. What we do not love however, is how her hip has been edited so much on her cover of Instyle, that it looks like she has dislocated it, or that she is doing a strange dance move. We forgive her of course, Instyle however is a different story.

Tiny Little Baby Arm for Babies

Mariska Hargitay appears to have had her arm photo shopped so much to make it look thinner, that it actually looks abnormal now. We would have expected better things from Good Housekeeping we must say.

Shrunken Head Gwen Stefani

Gwen is a true stunner, but it seems like Vogue likes to purposely make their cover stars look different on purpose. It seems to be forming a sort of pattern here. Her head is very out of proportion to her body. It looks like it has been very badly shrunk. She is still so beautiful.

Zooey Deschanel Gets a Head Enlargement

Zooey Deschanel has had so much photo shop on this make up ad, that her face s abnormally smooth and she looks like she is holding her breath so tight. Her head has also been enlarged just a tad too much if you ask us. We think she does look beautiful, but just way beyond normal proportions.

“Nah, That Font Can’t Be Smaller. Knock Off Half Her Arm.”

Instyle Magazine obviously couldn’t work out how to fit Tina Fey’s arm into the image, so they just decided to take the easy way out and cut it off instead. Nice work! She also looks like her botox has just kicked in so hard that she can’t move her face. Oh photoshop you do ruin things don’t you.