Look After Your Skin This Fall

As the tan fades from our face’s and the fall weather sets in, our skin suffers and becomes dry within minutes of applying our favorite moisturizer. Welcome to the not-so-delightful thing about fall. As the seasons change from warm to cool, its time we switched up our skin routine to match. Your summer routine worked perfectly for you but now it’s time to invest in a few new pieces that will leave you looking glowing this fall.

Why does the climate affect your skin?

As fall draws in, water in the air increases and as your face is always exposed to the weather, this increase affects the hydration in your skin. In summer, we’re graced with a humid climate which can help our skin become softer and maintain its fullness, but unfortunately, fall comes with a dry climate, which can make the lines and wrinkles on our faces more visible.

Here are our best tips for your fall skin routine: Change your cleanser, toner and moisturizer

This is the most important thing you can do for your skin. In summer, we can get away with using a clarifying cleanser but it’s time for a gentler approach. Be sure to use a cleanser that leaves the skin feeling moisturized – keep your eye out for a cleanser that contains essential fatty acids – this will keep your skin naturally hydrated.

Your toner for fall needs to be something a little less zesty and something more balancing on your skin. Avoid toners that are alcohol-based and be sure to use one that helps to keep that hydration in your skin and resists moisture loss.

Those with oily skin can stick to the same day moisturizer but those who do not, need to find a thick day moisturizer that you add to your skin in the morning – don’t forget to pop it into your handbag in case you need a top up through the day. At night, all skin types should switch to a deeper and more penetrating moisturizer. This will stop the skin from developing dry patches. Fall is also the ideal time to use an eye cream. Looking after the area under your eyes have never been so important!

Remember, everyone’s skin is different, so be sure to monitor how your skin is reacting to the weather and you will be able to manage it better, knowing exactly when and how much moisturizer you need.