3 Life-Altering Travel Gadgets You Should Own

We’re living an unprecedented age of convenience. Technology has allowed us new and unique ways to make our lives simpler, more effective and more enjoyable. Here are some travel-elevating gadgets that will make life just a little more comfortable for our jet-setting readers…

VSSL Flask

Part flashlight, part booze container, this spectacular multifunctional tool is a must-have travel accessory for glamping enthusiasts, hikers or savvy festival-goers. The VSSL Flask can hold up to 10 ounces of your favorite beverage, it includes two collapsible stainless steel shot cups, a bottle opener, a compass, and a powerful LED flood beam flashlight.

3 in 1 Luggage Scooter

Ever wished for carry-on luggage that was easy, effective, design-smart and fun to use? The Micro 3in1 Luggage Scooter helps travelers move around quickly and easily.

Designed in collaboration with world-acclaimed DJ Steve Aoki, this innovative piece of luggage doubles as a kickboard scooter also has Bluetooth Sound2Go speakers incorporated for listening to music while making your way through the airport. Getting from terminal 1 to 2 has never been this fun.

Video Recording Glasses

Avid YouTubers and Snapchat addicts will fall in love with Snapchat’s new video recording glasses called Spectacles. The innovative product is not just beautifully designed and good looking, it actually protects your eyes from harmful UV rays, too. The spectacles are able to record snaps of your day-to-day travels and sync them to your Snapchat Memories.

The eyewear comes in three vivid on-trend colors (black, coral, and teal), and has a small camera built into the frame, allowing users to capture 10-second clips and easily send them to their smartphone via the Snapchat app.