Binge-Worthy Shows To Help Keep You Entertained This Season

Binge Your Heart Out With These Great Shows

With many of us experiencing a lot more downtime and time at home due to current events, finding a great way to stay occupied and entertained can be tricky. Luckily if self-isolation and boredom are getting you down, there are plenty of binge-worthy shows on offer on popular streaming sites. From Netflix to Hulu, these sites have fantastic show libraries for you to peruse. But with some much to choose from, how do you know which shows to watch? Thankfully, we have compiled a list of some of the beloved and addictive shows to keep you on the edge of your seat. From hilarious comedies to gripping dramas, here are some of the best shows to watch this season

The Crown- Netflix

With the third season raking in most viewers yet, the Crown is a historical Drama based closely on the lives of’ everyone’s favorite Royal family. Following the lives of Queen Elizabeth and her family, we get to see the human side of the English royals we all love to hate. In the third season, viewers got a glimpse at some familiar faces as well as a nice surprise. The entire cast has been replaced with an older set of actors and actresses with Olivia Coleman replacing Claire Foy as the Queen.

It will be very interesting to see what major events Netflix has decided to throw the Queen’s way during this part of her reign. With many speculating that the show will run up until the present day, we cant wait to see what our favorite blue-bloods are up to.