Liver Friendly Foods

Our livers are our body’s main filtration plants and they help us digest our food and remove any toxins. Without them, we would be in big trouble and we often take our livers for granted. With the festive season almost behind us, its time to reevaluate the damage we may have caused our livers, be it from fatty food, sugars or drinking alcohol. Here are the top foods to help your liver recover from the festivities.

Believe it or not, avos are chock-full of healthy fats that help your livers function. There is also a chemical in avocadoes that helps slow any liver damage and if you eat a diet of high fat and sugar, avocado can help your liver process these foods instead of storing them as fat cells within the liver.

Broccoli and other greens
Eating more greens not only means ingesting more minerals and vitamins, but it also means introducing more fiber into your body. This helps your digestion tremendously and also helps prevent the buildup of fat in the liver. Remeber a fatty liver cannot filter your blood properly and it can lead to increased and often permanent damage. So eat your veggies and help your liver do its job.

It may seem counter-intuitive that coffee and caffeine can be good for the liver, but according to recent studies, drinking coffee in moderation can do wonders. Caffeine helps our livers reduce fat build-up that can stop our livers from working properly. Caffeine also releases protective antioxidants that protect our livers from damage and disease. There are also more recent studies that show the link between caffeine and the removal of cancer-causing substances.

This ruby citrus fruit is full of important antioxidants that protect your liver from damage caused by toxins. It can also help reduce inflammation in the liver caused by poor diet and excessive drinking.

The best thing about grapefruit is that it helps your liver burn fat quickly.