These students got creative in the funniest ways


These students got creative in the funniest ways

Only when we really start adulting, we realize how being a student was once one of the best times of our lives. For those who were lucky and privileged enough to study without having any other major aim or worry besides graduating, those were undeniably some of the easiest times in life. Soon enough, we find ourselves with bills to pay, gigantic student loans, and overall adult things to do that are just overwhelming sometimes. Yet, some students use their creativity in the most hilarious ways to go through their school years – take a look at some of the funniest ones.

Game Of Loans

Well, we’re guessing that many people can relate to this image in an almost painful way. While it’s a tradition in certain college graduations to write a message on the top of one’s cap, this girl didn’t just want to write a random message, she wanted to make a point.

Since she is aware of the harsh truth behind college tuition, she thought she would give a shout out to all the college graduates who are about to embark on a life-long journey of student loans.

Playing Hide And Seek

Okay, there are two things in this picture that catch our attention. The first one is that students are still playing hide and seek in school, which is pretty impressive for a generation of youngsters addicted to social media and their cellphones.

Second, how on earth is it possible that students playing hide and seek hidden so well, that not even the police was able to find them? To us, it pretty much looks like the university police not only failed at doing their job but simultaneously lost a game of hide and seek they didn’t even know they were playing. We only hope that the students didn’t get into too much trouble for it, as it seems like they might either get a warning or a suspension for disorderly conduct.

The Graphic Calculator Genius

Graphic calculators have many uses, and as this student shows, they can be used for much more than math class. For instance, if a student knows how to use it creatively, they can actually entertain themselves and their classmates in various ways.

For real, who has never written a message to a friend in their TI-84? Some of us went even further and actually played a bunch of games, particularly the one that shoots down the spaceships. So this guy used his skills to draw the perfect portrait of their teacher, showing that graphing calculators can also make art. We have to admit that the portrait is magnificent.

Posting All Bills

It seems like puns are a students’ favorite. This is especially true if they can both break the rules and create something funny. So when a group of students saw a notice with the words: “post no bills” they had the brilliant idea of printing every single picture of a famous person named Bill and sticking them to the same pole with the notice.

They managed to include Bill Gates, Bill Cosby, Bill Murray, and of course, Bill Nye.

A Clever Risk

This might be one of our absolute favorites in the list. We all know that taking huge risks in a test or exam is not usually the greatest idea. But since this teacher literally asked for it, this student went all for it!

Since the instructions encouraged every student to provide a good example of what risk meant to them, this student took the greatest of all and wrote down the answer “no.” Yes, folks, this student simply refused to answer the question, probably taking the biggest and most clever risk this teacher has ever seen. We are guessing they got the point for it.