These students got creative in the funniest ways


These students got creative in the funniest ways

Only when we really start adulting, we realize how being a student was once one of the best times of our lives. For those who were lucky and privileged enough to study without having any other major aim or worry besides graduating, those were undeniably some of the easiest times in life. Soon enough, we find ourselves with bills to pay, gigantic student loans, and overall adult things to do that are just overwhelming sometimes. Yet, some students use their creativity in the most hilarious ways to go through their school years – take a look at some of the funniest ones.

Game Of Loans

Well, we’re guessing that many people can relate to this image in an almost painful way. While it’s a tradition in certain college graduations to write a message on the top of one’s cap, this girl didn’t just want to write a random message, she wanted to make a point.

Since she is aware of the harsh truth behind college tuition, she thought she would give a shout out to all the college graduates who are about to embark on a life-long journey of student loans.

Playing Hide And Seek

Okay, there are two things in this picture that catch our attention. The first one is that students are still playing hide and seek in school, which is pretty impressive for a generation of youngsters addicted to social media and their cellphones.

Second, how on earth is it possible that students playing hide and seek hidden so well, that not even the police was able to find them? To us, it pretty much looks like the university police not only failed at doing their job but simultaneously lost a game of hide and seek they didn’t even know they were playing. We only hope that the students didn’t get into too much trouble for it, as it seems like they might either get a warning or a suspension for disorderly conduct.

The Graphic Calculator Genius

Graphic calculators have many uses, and as this student shows, they can be used for much more than math class. For instance, if a student knows how to use it creatively, they can actually entertain themselves and their classmates in various ways.

For real, who has never written a message to a friend in their TI-84? Some of us went even further and actually played a bunch of games, particularly the one that shoots down the spaceships. So this guy used his skills to draw the perfect portrait of their teacher, showing that graphing calculators can also make art. We have to admit that the portrait is magnificent.

Posting All Bills

It seems like puns are a students’ favorite. This is especially true if they can both break the rules and create something funny. So when a group of students saw a notice with the words: “post no bills” they had the brilliant idea of printing every single picture of a famous person named Bill and sticking them to the same pole with the notice.

They managed to include Bill Gates, Bill Cosby, Bill Murray, and of course, Bill Nye.

A Clever Risk

This might be one of our absolute favorites in the list. We all know that taking huge risks in a test or exam is not usually the greatest idea. But since this teacher literally asked for it, this student went all for it!

Since the instructions encouraged every student to provide a good example of what risk meant to them, this student took the greatest of all and wrote down the answer “no.” Yes, folks, this student simply refused to answer the question, probably taking the biggest and most clever risk this teacher has ever seen. We are guessing they got the point for it.

A Classy Trick

We all know how hard it is to stay awake in class sometimes. Either because of a rough night, too much partying, or actually studying until late, there are tons of reasons why a student would simply not be able to stay awake in class.

This is even worse when the class is given by a boring lecturer, or the subject is just plain boring. So this student came up with a brilliant idea that would allow him to take a quick nap in class with no one noticing. He simply created a mask that resembled his eyes and his entire facial expression in a way that would make it seem like his eyes were open.

The Life Of An Engineer

Probably those who have pursued a degree in engineering can appreciate this joke the most. Not that other degrees are not as important, but according to this student, getting an engineering degree is no joke as it requires some years of cold pizza and lots of energy drinks.

Whoever wrote this note was definitely inspired, but the picture that was taken was simply perfect for highlighting what that note said about engineering students. The whole context looks a little bit like we’re looking at some sort of engineering zoo.

Got Me!

This teacher was totally pranked! The student decided to find a way for her teacher to unknowingly give her “100” on her test. By the looks of it, the teacher was actually impressed with her sneaky skills.

We’re not 100% sure that her trick counts, but she should surely get 100 for trying hard. Even though it’s not obvious, the teacher actually played along and even wrote a note admitting: “ya, you got me.” Whatever the result of this test was, props to this student for using her creativity well.

An Anxious Door

Students who can make a useful twist in words like this one did surely deserve an A in English class. Nothing funnier than a student who knows when to use an opportunity for the perfect pun, which is what this student did.

The use of the word ‘alarmed’ about a person usually means that the person is either somewhat disturbed or frightened. So when this student realized that he could make use of this sign’s double meaning for a creative pun, he or she just had to go for it!

Smushed Face

Let’s face it, school can be really boring sometimes. Although we might miss those boring days once we grow up, there are times that classes simply look like they’re going to last forever. So this student found a way to entertain herself and her classmates.

She printed this picture of a woman with a life-size face that was completely smashed and went around every door and window, sticking them behind them. Whoever takes a quick glance at it might easily believe that a picture is actually a real person. And coincidently, that looks exactly like the face of someone who is extremely bored in school.

Oh No You Didn’t

Only a bold student who really has no idea what the right answer is would have the courage to write this hilarious incorrect answer. We’re pretty sure this wasn’t exactly the answer that this student’s teacher was expecting to get, but they probably had a great laugh when they saw it.

After all, math tests can be really hard, and they rarely give space for guessing. The answer is mostly something exact that requires a whole lot of studying, which this student didn’t seem to do.

Is It Really?

The student had the brilliant idea of buying a green jumper with the words “It’s Tuesday” written in it, and wears it every single Wednesday to confuse other students and staff.

By the look of his face, it seems like his evil plan has been working, and he’s been able to confuse people every single week. The good thing is that when they realize that it is, in fact, Wednesday, they get to feel like the weekend is a little bit closer.

Cheeto As An Incentive

Seriously, when a student is bored during class, they can go to great lengths to entertain themselves. Take this particular student, for example. He realized that there was a hole below his desk, noticing that another class was taking place right under their floor.

In an attempt to communicate with the girl sitting in the other class, he tied a piece of a Cheeto into a long piece of yarn and did everything he could to get the girl’s attention. Needless to say that the attempt ended up being a fail.

The Real “Axes”

It’s always mind-blowing when students dare to almost challenge their lecturers the way that this student did. Drawing and writing something completely wrong (while knowing it) is not an action for the faint-hearted.

This student must have known that he or she wasn’t about to get an impressive mark, so why not draw “axes” that had nothing to do with the test? We have to give it to the student that their axes drawing skills are actually pretty impressive.

A Populated Locker

Lockers can be some of the most secret places for students, where youngsters place their favorite and weirdest interests. Clearly, this student had a particular secret hidden away in his personal locker.

But when the day for a throughout locker check arrived, teachers never expected to find this. Usually, locker checks serve to allow teachers to collect anything that is not allowed in school, but they rarely find anything too interesting. This time was different, though.

Jaffar Fromalladin

On school picture day, this student decided to change his real name into something a little bit more creative. Apparently, not one person double-checked what was written there, since this student just got a brand new student ID with a name that is not his.

In the end, his ID said that his name is Jaffar Fromalladin, which is absolutely hilarious. If people actually check his name when he gives out his student ID, we are predicting some really hysterical laughs.

It’s Picture Day

If you look at this picture carefully, you’ll be able to spot the pineapple shirt. Apparently, someone had the brilliant idea of bringing a pineapple shirt exactly on the same day as picture day and passed on to every classmate who was willing to wear it.

While some were left out, most male students in this picture day compilation are wearing the famous pineapple shirt. The result was simply hilarious, and it makes us wonder whether or not the photographer noticed that there was something weird about that day.

The One And Only Dr. Hedgehog

It’s no news that kids can be extremely mean. One of their favorite jokes is to pick someone’s surname or name and twist in the most annoying and even offensive ways. Unfortunately, we don’t choose our names, we can eventually change them, but we do have to live with them for a very long time.

An anonymous student decided that they wouldn’t leave Dr. Hedgeh alone, after realizing that by adding “og” to the end would make the surname even more interesting.

Graduation Photo

Those who have studied online know exactly what it feels to work incredibly hard and never have a graduation photo. The graduation ceremony and photo often serve to officially close that chapter in a student’s life, so it’s not surprising that this online student wanted the same.

But since he didn’t have a graduation ceremony, he decided to rent a gown anyway and asked the mailman to pose with him while handing out his diploma. The mailman agreed and helped this student to have a hilarious and memorable graduation photo.

Just Being Honest

Nothing better than a teacher who can take their students’ nonsense, making it into something even funnier than it already is. This student decided to be completely honest when he or she was answering an extra credit question at the bottom of the test.

The question referred back to program question 5, which apparently was a hard one. Although we have no idea what the question was about, this student shared that its purpose was to make students cry.

A Prank Of A Lifetime

Some high school students hold an old tradition every senior year by playing one final (and huge!) final prank either on staff, faculty members, or other fellow students. While some pranks are harmless, others are unforgettable and an opportunity to just be mean.

These high school senior students completely caught their administration off-guard when they pulled off the biggest prank of a lifetime. They broke into the administration office and covered every inch with sticky notes.

A Dress Code For Chemistry Class

Apparently, someone saw this drawing forgotten on a whiteboard during science class and decided to snap a shot of it so that everyone could have a laugh. Whoever made this molecular dress code joke was truly inspired at that moment. The student was most probably bored in class when they decided to mess around with someone else’s drawing of a structural formula, also known as a scientific diagram of a formaldehyde molecule.

They took the formulas and decided to mix things up, taking the “formal” part of the word “formaldehyde” and creating a dress code for it. Then, they also drew a “casual-hyde” net to the formal drawing, creating one of the funniest molecular related jokes ever.