These side-splitting yearbook entries are genius

These side-splitting yearbook entries are genius
These side-splitting yearbook entries are genius

The yearbook is something at the end of the year that stays with you for the rest of your lives. Some people choose to take the opportunity to say something poignant and meaningful, while others decide that maybe it would be better to be more lighthearted, rather than take it too seriously. While most tend to worry about having perfect hair or teeth for the photograph, for some, it’s making sure they are forever remembered as a witty legend. These people decided to share the funniest yearbook quotes that have made them absolute legends. Keep reading to see some of the most hysterical quotes ever shared.

The twin pillars of comedy

A bit of coordination can go a long way, especially when it comes to being remembered for many years to come. For these twins, they probably had this planned for a long time… Even if the second twin was not. Of course, this probably stands for every set of twins or triplets out there, since it’s impossible to plan them, making every one of them a surprise.

These girls took the opportunity of a lifetime to put their hilarious joke into print, keeping it simple, but effective. Everyone will now know, without a doubt, who is the elder twin, because everyone is always curious.

The power of three

Imagine being told you’re having twins, that sounds pretty wild, right? Well, now imagine you’re having three babies all at once, that probably sounds pretty terrifying. These non-identical triplets obviously banded together when it came to the yearbook, knowing they would have three spaces side by side to play around with.

While we’re not sure who came up with the genius idea to insert a ‘knock knock’ joke, they sure do pull it off. Making a hilarious joke that shows they completed high school and graduated. No doubt they’ll look back fondly on their successful scheme. When life gives you triplets, make ‘knock knock’ jokes.

An attempt at fame

We are all now well-versed in the powers of the internet. Clearly, this student was more than aware of what the internet could offer him if only he could get people to follow him. Well, Geovanni had a plan, and, while we’re not sure if it worked, it sure was a reasonable effort.

An attempt at fame

Geovanni decided he would use his moment in the yearbook to promote his social media account. He jokingly declared that his classmates shouldn’t follow their dreams, they should follow him instead. This was probably a great way of staying in touch with people after graduation if he returned the favor of course.

Reach for the…pizza

Pizza is one of those dishes many would have every day if they could. Not only is it quick and easy to prepare, but it’s also practically a one-way ticket to taste bud heaven. Madi decided she was going to inspire everyone to believe in themselves, which is the motivation everyone needs when they’re faced with a large pizza.

While it may be easy starting off those first few slices, it takes a little extra to demolish the remaining few. This is a sentence most people will remember while they’re devouring the Italian goodness, and in their moment of doubt, will use this as a pillar of guidance to give them strength in finishing that pizza.

Solving an issue

It must be strange, meeting someone with the same surname as you, and trying to work out if you’re related somehow. However, in most cases, you’re not, but people might muddle it up anyway. These four girls clearly went through high school being mistaken for being sisters.

Solving an issue

It must have been fate finding three other people with the same name, totally unrelated, and willing to make that statement in the yearbook for the rest of time.

The key to confidence

Who would have known that Hannah Montana would be disproved one day by this high school graduate? Rey has oodles of self-confidence and is more than happy to share it with the world. Not many people have that kind of self-belief, so it’s rare to come across, even as comically as this.

The key to confidence

It’s fun that he’s using a Hannah Montana quote as it, hopefully, shows he’s being humorous. So if you’ve never seen perfection; here it is.

The pun king

There is always one person who absolutely loves puns. While most people might moan and groan about them, there are a few people out there who genuinely delight in making puns. For this student, instead of writing something poignant or meaningful, he made his mark in the yearbook by reminding everyone who the king of cool is.

The pun king

Sure, it might be corny, but this guy here took this opportunity to make everyone who ever reads this yearbook groan.

A harsh reality

Love and relationships are a strange thing, with no instructions and no guarantee; you never know what could be around the corner. It seems like Morgan has gone through high school without having a boyfriend, and while some people would call her lucky, she’s got something to say.

Of course, it comes in the form of a hilarious joke, so on the bright side, at least she’s making light of the situation. Nevertheless, now that she’s graduated, there’s a whole world out there for her to make use of.

What’s the answer?

Some students like to find a quote that speaks to them, sums them up, or even acts as an inspiration. This student did precisely that; only she made it relevant to basically everybody. No doubt, many people will read this back to themselves, and whenever they’re in a sticky situation, they’ll turn to donuts.

So, if you’re ever wondering what the answer is, it’s a donut. That really is the answer to everything because they’re always the answer. Got it?

Onwards and upwards

This guy clearly wasn’t a massive fan of high school. While most people tend to go through their high school years wishing they could do something else, most look back with some fondness, even if for a few moments. For Faizon, school seemed more like a prison, and he probably wanted nothing more than to graduate.

Onwards and upwards

Of course, as soon as he got the opportunity to show everyone how he truly felt, he did…

The next level

You can practically write anything for your yearbook entry, and as we’ve found out, it doesn’t always have to be serious. These guys clearly grouped together to make an iconic children’s quote from Spongebob Squarepants work. No doubt the show made an impression on many young people, but most leave it behind with fond memories.

Not these two, however. These guys have kept it alive and forever printed in their yearbook. Perhaps it’s also part of an inside joke between the two. Who knows?

Don’t do this at home

No doubt people read many poignant quotes, and this girl started off really well. It all seemed to be a direction we could get behind. It’s a common saying that being pretty on the outside doesn’t mean you’re pretty on the inside, but this girl has the answer to all your problems.

Don’t do this at home

Apparently, if you’re worried about being a bad person on the inside, then the answer is to eat the makeup. We don’t recommend doing this at home.

He knows he’s got it

Whatever ‘it’ is, he knows he’s got it. While this seems like it might be a harmless joke, you never know what’s happened behind the scenes. Perhaps Greg really did steal everyone’s girl. No doubt, this is going to be something he looks back on with a hand over his face, wondering what on earth was going through his head… Unless he’s still up to his woman-stealing antics.

He knows he’s got it

No doubt it seemed like a good idea at the time, but this is Gregory’s great legacy.

A heartwarming tribute

Sometimes, your yearbook is an opportunity to highlight the people who got us through our worst moments. High school isn’t a walk in the park, after all. However, this student had a hilarious tribute to make, although it seems everything points to himself. People will probably read this and kick themselves for not saying something quite as witty as this guy.

His tribute refers to the literal support his body gives him, rather than the emotional journey he has been through.

Called out forever

Working on a yearbook quote collaboratively is impressive. After all, it takes trust and friendship to work it out properly, and the luck of being placed together. However, for these guys, it was more of a calling-out, than a hilarious collaboration.

It seems Brandon was trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes by saying they think he’s the nicest guy, but Tasha was having none of it and needed to set the record straight. Awkward.

Making it clear

When we’re born, our names are chosen for us, and it’s not something we have control over until much later in life. However, this guy has clearly been through the mill because of his name, which is the same name twice. Clearly, his parents loved it so much they needed to emphasize it.

Making it clear

No doubt it can be confusing in many situations, having to explain that your first name and your last name are actually the same.

When love lets you down

Everyone has something they love; whether it’s a favorite book or going on a bike ride, perhaps there’s even a special someone out there. However, for Jessica, the idea of falling in love is ludicrous when you could fall asleep instead. Of course, there are probably few people who would argue with her; sleep does seem to be something that makes people happy.

So, why waste time on people when you can sleep instead? This girl knows her priorities.

Brutally honest

There’s always someone who has that kind of humor that relies on putting people down. Sometimes it’s funny to have a laugh about our niggles and quirks, but other times it can go too far and people can get offended. Alixandra obviously spoke her mind about what she thought of other people, and others didn’t think she could be serious because, well, who says that anyway?

Brutally honest

Either way, she did well to get away with it, but now her secret is out.

Thinking outside the box

Everyone has their own way of thinking, but some people are more creative than others. While some people might use heartfelt, inspiring quotes from people like Oprah, Joanna decided Paris Hilton would be her role model.

Thinking outside the box

So, now everyone who has graduated can use Joanna’s advice to get out of doing anything they don’t want to do ever again merely by doing it very badly. It’s not the most life-changing piece of advice, but it could certainly work.

The secret party animal

This guy is proud and smartly dressed, but he’s also sending a message to people everywhere. Appearances can be seriously deceiving, and Hunter has made sure he has everyone fooled. It seems that Hunter is secretly a party animal, and apparently is going to raise the roof as if it’s his own son.

This might seem strange to some people, but to this guy, it’s second nature. Just like raising children surely? We doubt he looks quite so smart at the end of a good night.

Top teachers

We’re sure that, after a few years, school yearbooks can all become a bit predictable. Well, these staff members decided that they were going to change things up a bit and give their students something to remember. We’re not sure which one decided on the theme, but these guys were even dedicated enough to put on what seems to be wetsuits and snorkels.


No doubt these guys are going to be some of the school’s favorite staff members.

Aspiring single mother

Having a child is no joke, and parents know better than anyone else what it feels like to be entirely responsible for another person’s life. It seems like Zachary is really fighting through his struggles. It’s tough being a single mother for sure, but it’s practically impossible when you’re a young lad.

Some people dream of being astronauts, while others dream of being doctors. However, Zachary aspired to be a single mom… With no children.