These side-splitting yearbook entries are genius

These side-splitting yearbook entries are genius
These side-splitting yearbook entries are genius

The yearbook is something at the end of the year that stays with you for the rest of your lives. Some people choose to take the opportunity to say something poignant and meaningful, while others decide that maybe it would be better to be more lighthearted, rather than take it too seriously. While most tend to worry about having perfect hair or teeth for the photograph, for some, it’s making sure they are forever remembered as a witty legend. These people decided to share the funniest yearbook quotes that have made them absolute legends. Keep reading to see some of the most hysterical quotes ever shared.

The twin pillars of comedy

A bit of coordination can go a long way, especially when it comes to being remembered for many years to come. For these twins, they probably had this planned for a long time… Even if the second twin was not. Of course, this probably stands for every set of twins or triplets out there, since it’s impossible to plan them, making every one of them a surprise.

These girls took the opportunity of a lifetime to put their hilarious joke into print, keeping it simple, but effective. Everyone will now know, without a doubt, who is the elder twin, because everyone is always curious.

The power of three

Imagine being told you’re having twins, that sounds pretty wild, right? Well, now imagine you’re having three babies all at once, that probably sounds pretty terrifying. These non-identical triplets obviously banded together when it came to the yearbook, knowing they would have three spaces side by side to play around with.

While we’re not sure who came up with the genius idea to insert a ‘knock knock’ joke, they sure do pull it off. Making a hilarious joke that shows they completed high school and graduated. No doubt they’ll look back fondly on their successful scheme. When life gives you triplets, make ‘knock knock’ jokes.