These people had one job and they still couldn’t get it right

Every now and again we may encounter hilarious mistakes that people have made in their jobs. From mismatched signs to building bloopers, these mistakes can be so bad they are funny. While these imperfect creations may push perfectionists to the edge of sanity, most of the time we see them and laugh at the builders, designers and sign makers occasionally who made them. Some of these mistakes are so obvious we just cannot imagine what the people who made them were thinking at the time. From face-palm inspiring blunders to epic fails, here are some hilarious mistakes we see every day.


Well, this McDonald’s worker decided that putting the cheese inside the sandwich was just too much for him to do. This poor Filet-O-Fish was ordered by the customer who was just waiting to open up his box to enjoy his moment, only to find the cheese looking more like a blanket on his sandwich than on his filet of fish.

How does one manage to perform such a fail? You have to try to do that poorly.