These Peculiar Pictures Just Cannot Be Explained

These Peculiar Pictures Just Cannot Be Explained

Nowadays, everyone is an amateur photographer. You can whip out your smartphone and take a selfie or a quick picture of basically anything that catches your eye. Back in the day, though, people had to use cameras with film to get a photo. Camera film has a special quality that digital photos don’t have. It seems like a lot of pictures from the last couple of decades have picked up some pretty strange, and in some cases, spooky sightings. We have collected a variety of rather spooky or downright weird photos that will have you questioning what is real and what isn’t. Keep scrolling and be prepared to question your reality.

Lights In The Forest

Being out in the woods at night can be a bit of a scary experience. You can never know what is lurking in the shadows, and any reflections, whether it is the eyes of animals or possible aliens, can be pretty unnerving.

This family of three enjoyed their time in the great outdoors, but they did not seem to be enjoying it alone. In the background, you can see a white-robed figure and a few sets of lights, which makes it look like there were more of these people or creatures in the woods.

One Ring

Archeologists have long been fascinated by cultures that existed around the world many hundreds and thousands of years ago. There are a lot of artifacts to be found, and with carbon dating, it can easily be relegated to a certain period.

This ring was found in an Ancient Chinese tomb, but it appeared to be of Swiss origin and fairly new. This was rather confusing, and it made some people think that time travel might exist.


At first glance, this appears to be a very happy family portrait. Both mothers have their children sitting on their lap and are smiling. Next to them is a shocking figure that seems to be hanging upside down! It could be a lot of things, although the obvious explanation is that it is a ghost playing a prank.

As this was a photo taken on film, it could also have just been overexposed or not been developed correctly. It is impossible to know what the truth is.

A UFO Sighting

Most people believe that aliens are real. It makes sense that with an infinite number of galaxies and planets out there, that there must be some other form of life. However, nobody here on Earth has ever been able to provide concrete evidence that there are other life forms.

In 1997, some bright lights were seen over Phoenix in the state of Arizona. They looked suspiciously like they belonged to a flying saucer, but nobody has ever been able to confirm this.

The Haunted Lighthouse

Today most lighthouses operate automatically from a control center miles away, and having a lighthouse keeper isn’t necessary anymore. This lighthouse once had a keeper, but for several years it has been empty. Every few months, a technician may come to expect the electronics, but for the most part, it has been abandoned.

Its no wonder then that people on the beach were shocked to see a lady standing near the top. The first time the police were called because onlookers thought the woman was in danger. But when police searched the lighthouse they found only a thick layer of dust on the floor. Every now and again, locals claim to see the lady, but no trace of her has ever been found.