These Peculiar Pictures Just Cannot Be Explained

These Peculiar Pictures Just Cannot Be Explained

Nowadays, everyone is an amateur photographer. You can whip out your smartphone and take a selfie or a quick picture of basically anything that catches your eye. Back in the day, though, people had to use cameras with film to get a photo. Camera film has a special quality that digital photos don’t have. It seems like a lot of pictures from the last couple of decades have picked up some pretty strange, and in some cases, spooky sightings. We have collected a variety of rather spooky or downright weird photos that will have you questioning what is real and what isn’t. Keep scrolling and be prepared to question your reality.

Lights In The Forest

Being out in the woods at night can be a bit of a scary experience. You can never know what is lurking in the shadows, and any reflections, whether it is the eyes of animals or possible aliens, can be pretty unnerving.

This family of three enjoyed their time in the great outdoors, but they did not seem to be enjoying it alone. In the background, you can see a white-robed figure and a few sets of lights, which makes it look like there were more of these people or creatures in the woods.

One Ring

Archeologists have long been fascinated by cultures that existed around the world many hundreds and thousands of years ago. There are a lot of artifacts to be found, and with carbon dating, it can easily be relegated to a certain period.

This ring was found in an Ancient Chinese tomb, but it appeared to be of Swiss origin and fairly new. This was rather confusing, and it made some people think that time travel might exist.


At first glance, this appears to be a very happy family portrait. Both mothers have their children sitting on their lap and are smiling. Next to them is a shocking figure that seems to be hanging upside down! It could be a lot of things, although the obvious explanation is that it is a ghost playing a prank.

As this was a photo taken on film, it could also have just been overexposed or not been developed correctly. It is impossible to know what the truth is.

A UFO Sighting

Most people believe that aliens are real. It makes sense that with an infinite number of galaxies and planets out there, that there must be some other form of life. However, nobody here on Earth has ever been able to provide concrete evidence that there are other life forms.

In 1997, some bright lights were seen over Phoenix in the state of Arizona. They looked suspiciously like they belonged to a flying saucer, but nobody has ever been able to confirm this.

The Haunted Lighthouse

Today most lighthouses operate automatically from a control center miles away, and having a lighthouse keeper isn’t necessary anymore. This lighthouse once had a keeper, but for several years it has been empty. Every few months, a technician may come to expect the electronics, but for the most part, it has been abandoned.

Its no wonder then that people on the beach were shocked to see a lady standing near the top. The first time the police were called because onlookers thought the woman was in danger. But when police searched the lighthouse they found only a thick layer of dust on the floor. Every now and again, locals claim to see the lady, but no trace of her has ever been found.

The Haunting Of Hampton Court

Hampton Court was one of the homes of the infamous English King Henry VIII. I. Today, it always has guards patrolling it and CCTV monitoring the entrances. Randomly, an alarm was tripped, and one of the doors burst open.

The CCTV footage, which captured the moment, showed a rather scary looking being exiting the building. The guards ran to the door, but there was no person or specter to be found. Is this the specter of one of Henry’s many wives? There must be a ghost on the premises.

The Black Knight

Now here is something that has left many scratching their heads. The Black Night is an object that was spotted first in the 1960’s when man first began exploring space. This strange object was orbiting our eath and it was spotted repeatedly since. While it has an unusual appearance, experts cannot decide whether it is a piece of space junk or something else.

While some firmly believe it is a piece of an old satellite, others argue that that is not possible because when it was first spotted their were no satellites in orbit. Could it be an alien satellite or a secret government spy satellite? Hard to tell without more evidence. What do you think?

A Giant’s Finger

Many graves in ancient Egypt contained the mummified remains of kings and queens known as pharaohs. Some people who held lesser positions of power also had their bodies mummified. In 1985, a graverobber came across what appeared to be a giant finger.

It was 15 inches long, which meant that whoever owned this finger in the past would have had to be about 13 feet tall. This would imply that there were at least one or two giants who walked the Earth.

A Watery Monster

The world’s oceans cover about 70% of the Earth. That is a lot of uncharted territories and a lot of creatures that could potentially be hiding in the watery depths. In 1964, a large serpentine creature could be seen swimming off the shore of Australia.

Nobody had ever seen anything that was shaped like this, and photographer Robert Serrec managed to capture it on film. It has not been seen since, but it could still be out there.

The Haunting Healer

Many ghostly images exist in the world, but this one is particularly spooky. This woman had come to pray and find some spiritual guidance at her local church when her photograph was taken. Everything is normal, except for the ghostly apparition behind her.

This was said to be the ghost of a healer who was known for answering the call of those in need of guidance. It is a bit unnerving to imagine a ghost just chilling out behind you.

The First Bigfoot Sighting

People have spoken about seeing Bigfoot, also known as the Sasquatch for years, but the first so-called sighting actually occurred in the town of Big Otter, which is found in the state of West Virginia.

The hulking, hairy beast can be seen wandering into the woods and does not appear to be doing any harm to anyone. If the creature does exist, it seems to be pretty passive and should be left alone to live in peace.

Life On Mars

One of the biggest space-related questions ever is whether or not there is life on Mars, just like the famous David Bowie song. The Curiosity rover, which was tasked with photographing the red planet, captured what appeared to be a shining light.

With no other rovers on the surface of the planet puzzled scientists at NASA. There are still a lot of questions about Mars, but this light sure makes it look like something else could be on that planet besides our rovers.

The Solway Firth Spaceman

Back in 1964 Jim Templeton and his family took a picnic in an isolated spot near Solway Firth in Cumbria, England. As the children played and the family enjoyed the time out in nature, Jim took some pictures of his young daughter.

Weeks later when the film was developed Jim noticed something strange in one of the images. Behind his daughter stood a man in a spacesuit. This didn’t make sense as the family is sure they were the only ones out there that day. Weird!

Something Is Watching

When you head out for a walk in the woods, you expect to run into some wildlife, and maybe some fellow walkers. This group of friends decided that a misty day would be well spent deep in the woods.

They looked like they were having a nice time communing with nature, but they were not alone. Deep in the woods, a shadowy figure can be seen watching them. Maybe it is BigFoot, or maybe it is another creature.

The Night At The Museum

The National Maritime Museum in London, England, is known for its beautiful curving stairway. Visitors to the museum can make their way up it, as they wander around the different exhibitions. As it is one of the highlights, photographer Ralph Hardy decided to take a photograph of it.

When the photo was developed, a ghostly presence could be seen to be standing at the railing on the stairs. Ralph never saw the presence while he was in the museum, but now it is believed that the building is haunted. Visitors can wander the halls and try and find the ghost.

Mystery Creature

In the middle of the North Sea, there are plenty of deep-sea oil rigs. One day one of the rigs staff were monitoring the video feed of a submersible that had been sent down to inspect the seafloor. As the submersible plummeted down towards the sea bed it captured these strange images.

It appeared to be a creature similar to a large jellyfish but it flapped around much like a bird moving its wings. It was massive and no head was visible. The creature swam passed the sub and then returned for a closer look. No creature like this has ever been seen before and experts think it may be an unknown species.

Burned and Blasted by a Spacecraft

Many people have claimed to have been abducted by aliens, but few have ever come forward with something very close to proof. While out fishing on Falcon Lake in Canada, Stefan Michalak found himself supposedly abducted by aliens in 1967.

After they had performed some tests on him, he was brought back to Earth, where a strange pattern of markings was found on his chest. They had been burned into him and were in perfect circles. It was clear they had been done deliberately, but nobody was sure exactly who or what had done it. Stefan gave a detailed description of the aliens and their ship. His drawings of the craft have been used to create many of the flying saucers we see in movies. It remains a mystery to this day.