The Cutest And Most Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements

Nowadays, announcing a pregnancy is a big deal, and many soon-to-be parents are thinking up more elaborate ways to announce that they are expecting.  With social media, soon-to-be parents are upping their game and thinking up hilarious ways to tell their friends and families the good news.  Parents take care of the smallest details to create the perfect announcement for their families and friends, and to be honest, they sometimes seem to go a little bit overboard. Keep reading to see some of the funniest and most creative pregnancy announcements we’ve ever seen.

A Human Sibling Is Coming

This cute kitten sure doesn’t look very excited about the new member that’s about to join the family. It’s true that many pet owners look at their pets the same way they would look at their children, so these cat owners decided to include their kitty in the pregnancy announcement.

But by the looks of the cat’s face, he looks a little bit unimpressed with the news. Hopefully, he will warm up to the idea, though, and will eventually welcome his little sister or brother.