Couple who finds hidden 1950s lunchbox during home renovations are shocked by contents

While Renovating Their New Home Couple Makes A Shocking Discovery

Imagine the joy this young couple felt when they finally found their dream home. While the house was old and a bit of a fixer-upper, they were excited to renovate their new home together. Together they were looking forward to sharing great memories in their new home and maybe even starting a family, but they never imagined  their luck ould change so drastically. While doing renovations in the basement, the couple stumbled upon something that could change their lives for the better. But as time moved on it seems their luck changed and suddenly their dream home had become a place of mystery.  Keep reading to find out more about what they found.

A fixer-upper

This story comes from a user on Reddit who calls himself Lmbrjack. Lmbrjack shared the story of how he and his wife bought their dream home.  While it was a great place, it wasn’t exactly in pristine condition. It was the definition of a fixer-upper, requiring renovations throughout.

Still, they were inspired by it, and they knew that they could truly make it their own if they were given the chance to give the home life. You should always expect the unexpected when undergoing a project like this, but this couple got a bit more than they bargained for.

Location, location, location

The purchase of the home came as a culmination of a long-term dream for the couple. They had always wanted to own a home together, but their finances held them back. Still, they remained optimistic, constantly looking for ways to save money and find a great place.

By looking for properties off the beaten path in Cleveland, Ohio, they were able to find a place that struck that happy medium. Needless to say, they were thrilled. They could see, though, that the price was also low due to the fact that the house wasn’t in the best shape.

Where to start?

Once the deed was passed over to the excited couple, they had a few decisions to make. There was tons of work needed throughout the house. They decided to focus on the areas that needed the most help.

Getting those done first would make the process more manageable. A quick glance across the property revealed that the area that was falling apart the most was the basement. It was, to put it nicely, in really rough shape. Still, they were determined to give it a complete facelift, so they buckled in and got to it.