Couple who finds hidden 1950s lunchbox during home renovations are shocked by contents

While Renovating Their New Home Couple Makes A Shocking Discovery

Imagine the joy this young couple felt when they finally found their dream home. While the house was old and a bit of a fixer-upper, they were excited to renovate their new home together. Together they were looking forward to sharing great memories in their new home and maybe even starting a family, but they never imagined  their luck ould change so drastically. While doing renovations in the basement, the couple stumbled upon something that could change their lives for the better. But as time moved on it seems their luck changed and suddenly their dream home had become a place of mystery.  Keep reading to find out more about what they found.

A fixer-upper

This story comes from a user on Reddit who calls himself Lmbrjack. Lmbrjack shared the story of how he and his wife bought their dream home.  While it was a great place, it wasn’t exactly in pristine condition. It was the definition of a fixer-upper, requiring renovations throughout.

Still, they were inspired by it, and they knew that they could truly make it their own if they were given the chance to give the home life. You should always expect the unexpected when undergoing a project like this, but this couple got a bit more than they bargained for.

Location, location, location

The purchase of the home came as a culmination of a long-term dream for the couple. They had always wanted to own a home together, but their finances held them back. Still, they remained optimistic, constantly looking for ways to save money and find a great place.

By looking for properties off the beaten path in Cleveland, Ohio, they were able to find a place that struck that happy medium. Needless to say, they were thrilled. They could see, though, that the price was also low due to the fact that the house wasn’t in the best shape.

Where to start?

Once the deed was passed over to the excited couple, they had a few decisions to make. There was tons of work needed throughout the house. They decided to focus on the areas that needed the most help.

Getting those done first would make the process more manageable. A quick glance across the property revealed that the area that was falling apart the most was the basement. It was, to put it nicely, in really rough shape. Still, they were determined to give it a complete facelift, so they buckled in and got to it.

Quite the task

Still, a good attitude will only go so far and didn’t change the fact that the basement was a massive project. Lmbrjack focused on the obvious things first: unsightly graffiti on nearly every surface, structural elements that were clearly feeling the tests of time, and more.

To his dismay, it seemed like every finished task unveiled another set of problems to them. Although he had his wife’s help, he started to realize that they may have been in over their heads. They both suspected that a professional would have a much easier time with the basement.

An important discovery

Still, the couple didn’t want to invest too much money, so they continued working on the project. Lmbrjack decided to work on the ceiling of the basement, which was in terrible shape and definitely needed a lot of work. You might expect that he encountered some nasty stuff.

Mold, water damage, cobwebs, and the lot are some of the hazards that were reasonable discoveries for basement renovators. While there was certainly a fair share of those nasty annoyances, Lmbrjack ended up making a completely different discovery: an odd suitcase hidden away in the ceiling.

The mystery begins

For Lmbrjack, the suitcase was both exciting and worrying. It had obviously been purposefully hidden, rather than just accidentally left behind. After all, does anyone happen to casually toss a suitcase inside the ceiling of their basement?

We’ll give you our opinion: definitely not. In addition to that, the bag was super heavy, leaving the couple wondering what could possibly be in it. While they knew that it would probably be wise to just dispose of it, they knew that they couldn’t avoid taking a peek inside.

Two detectives trying to solve the case

Unsure of what could possibly lie inside the mysterious suitcase, the couple decided to take things outside. What if there was something totally crazy in it that they didn’t want in their house?

Their imaginations were going pretty wild, and they decided to make a game out of it. Once they were outside, they were like two kids on Christmas morning. They grabbed the suitcase and shook it side to side, trying to guess what could possibly be inside it.

A bit of a disappointment

The excitement of the moment definitely got to Lmbrjack. He guessed that the suitcase would contain old, mysterious valuables that might bring riches to the couple. His wife, on the other hand, was more pragmatic, and instead guessed that it was probably just old photos that were left behind.

Once they finally opened the case, Lmbrjack was a bit disappointed. It seemed to just be a regular, old wax paper. Not exactly the treasure he had been hoping for. However, they quickly noticed that there were three small shapes underneath the paper.

The surprises keep coming

Once they saw those shapes, their curiosity was once again piqued. Perhaps it was indeed the old valuables that Lmbrjack had imagined? The two slowly began to take the paper off of the shapes to reveal what was beneath.

What they found completely shocked them. It wasn’t photos like his wife had predicted. Instead, they were looking upon what seemed to be endless stacks of money. It was clear that the cash was as old as the paper that covered it, but the amount was jaw-dropping.

A once in a lifetime gift

Understandably, Lmbrjack and his wife were quite happy with their find. Imagine that you just spent a huge percentage of your hard-earned money on a new home and still had lots of money to pour into it.

Finding the type of money they just found would completely change your life. Additionally, the two had had to struggle and work diligently to make it through life up to that point, and were totally not used to fortuitous events like this.

Thousands of dollars

While they weren’t sure of the total amount of money when they opened the suitcase, they slowly started to realize the magnitude of their find. The first shape underneath the wax paper had been a tall stack of $20 dollar bills; the second shape, a stack of $50s; the third, $100s.

While they hadn’t taken the time to count out all the cash, they were able to estimate that it was at least a few thousand dollars. It’s not every day you come across something like that!

Questions begin to rise

Once their excitement began to settle to manageable levels, the two started to wonder what the story behind this money possibly could be. They could clearly see that the money was old at first glance, but a closer look revealed to them that the bills were probably from quite early on in the 20th century.

Why had it been sitting around for so long? Additionally, why was so much money hidden away at all? Some miracles shouldn’t be questioned, but this one had just too much weirdness surrounding it. What was the story?

The clues start to appear

Lmbrjack did what any sensible person would do in his situation: he looked for clues! The most obvious one was the paper the money had been wrapped in. Upon closer inspection, it revealed itself to actually be an incredibly old issue of a newspaper.

It was a copy of The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, a local paper at the time. The date on the paper was in 1951, confirming their suspicions that their prize was quite old. With a date and a sure location, they had a bit to work with.

Uncirculated money

The next step to solving the mystery was to consult a lawyer about the money. You may think that it was crazy of them to not just immediately put the money into the bank, but their decision was actually wise.

They knew the bills were old, and were unsure of whether they were actually worth anything anymore or not. Interestingly, the lawyer had a revelation to share with them. The bills were indeed old, but some of them were star bills, which is a term for money that was never put into circulation.

They’re worth even more!

Lmbrjack and his wife were, like most of us, not very familiar with star bills. Their lawyer informed that this meant that the bills weren’t valuable in the typical sense that money is.


Instead, they were incredibly rare antiques, and they were worth even more to collectors than their monetary value would have been when they were printed. In total, the suitcase’s contents would be worth about $23,000. This was far more than even their more fanciful estimates had been!

Another discovery

As they pondered over what to do with the money, things started to go back to normal. The couple went back to their new home and continued working hard to get it in presentable shape. As more nooks and crannies were explored, Lmbrjack actually discovered something else: a second suitcase.


After the first one, he had pretty high expectations. Could this one contain gold bars, or precious jewels? Who knew! He knew that he had to tell his wife before anything, though, so he alerted her as soon as he could.

A treasure trove

Once they cracked open the suitcase, the disbelief of the first opening came back as strong as ever. They were looking upon even more cash than what was in the first one. This case had about $45,000 worth of cash inside.

Their luck, clearly, had turned around with this house! They had a feeling that even more could be hidden around the house, so they started to search feverishly. This led them to perhaps their most mysterious finding yet: a hidden room.

Exploring further

The room was, in a word, odd. It seemed that whoever made it wanted it to be covert, yet it was large enough to fit several people. Additionally, there was a door in the room that was locked, and the couple had no clue where it could possibly lead.

Fighting off the creepy feeling of the whole situation, they broke into the door and discovered yet another room, albeit a bit smaller. The most interesting thing in the room was a single, black safe.

A third suitcase

As they were grappling with this strange room, their explorations led them to a third suitcase. They knew the drill this time, and dove straight into the process of opening it. Inside was more even more cash, as well as a few aged valuables.

Jewelry, watches, even some pieces of silver. While this one didn’t seem quite as lucrative as the second bag, they were even more intrigued by its contents. It seemed to tell more of a story than the others. Perhaps it would help them finally get to the bottom of everything?

The creepy feeling confirmed

After this, the two decided to focus in on the safe and whatever was inside of it. It took some work, but they were eventually able to crack the thing open. Inside, they found something that made their skin crawl: a plain, white note with the words “SAVE YOURSELF” written onto it.

Uh, does it get any more like a horror movie than that? Lmbrjack definitely didn’t like the feeling of the note, and he wasn’t any closer to figuring out the story of the house than when he began.

Things get darker

In addition to that certifiably scary note, there was another in the safe. It merely said “do not.” They had no clue what this meant, but it definitely had a weird vibe to it as well.

The other items in the safe were all black cassette tapes, and one was labeled “no no no no no.” It was exactly like a scene from a scary movie! As worrying as it was, Lmbrjack knew he had to listen to them if he wanted to learn what was really going on.