Tips and Tricks to Help See You Through The Winter Months

For many of us, winter has firmly set in and its quickly becoming clear that the cold weather is not business as usual. With the temperatures dropping its time to get inventive to keep warm and safe. With these simple winter hacks, you should be able to face the winter weather head-on.

Keep Cat litter in the Car
During the winter, cat litter is not just for cats. Instead, you can use this versatile material whenever your car gets stuck in the snow. The cat litter provides excellent traction in snow and mud and all you need to do is sprinkle some on the snow around your tires. Then get those wheels turning and the litter should provide enough traction for the tires to move.

Do the penguin
Walking on ice in the wintertime can be extremely dangerous, but by adapting the way you walk, you can avoid falling on your backside. Simply point your feet out, extend your arms out for balance and loosen those knees.

The just replace your normal foot stride with a waddle and you will be good to cross any ice. Bending your knees allows you to walk flat-footed while extending the arms improves your balance and will prevent falls.

Seal Widows with Clingfilm
If you haven’t had a chance to securely seal your windows, then try using some cling film to seal up those gaps. Simply press the film against the glass and extend it over the cracks. You can also tape it down to be extra secure and for added insulation, try using some bubble wrap to keep the heat in.

To secure it in place spray some water on the glass before putting the bubble wrap on the window. For added heat retention place the wrap with the bubble part facing the outside.