These People Failed Miserably At Recreating Their Favorite Pinterest Craft Ideas

Funny Craft Fails
Multicolored Roses

As more and more people find themselves staying home and self-isolating to stay healthy, many of them are turning to crafts and DIY projects to keep busy. Many people find inspiration for these projects online through ideas they have pinned or tutorials they have watched. Sadly, not everyone is artistically blessed, which means when it comes to crafting, things don’t always turn out the way you might expect them to. Some people like to try their hand at making their own clothes or styling their hair in elaborate hairstyles. In theory, these seem like they would be easy things to do, but in practice, it can be a whole lot harder. Keep scrolling to see some of the funniest DIY craft fails people have made.

Multicolored Roses

A bouquet of flowers is something that a lot of people enjoy receiving. Whether it is a special occasion or only a small surprise for someone, flowers are an excellent gift. White roses are unique in that their petals can actually be dyed to be multihued, as they absorb dye very readily.

This person decided to dye some white roses, to create a personalized bouquet for a loved one, but instead ended up with some lightly tinged blue roses. It looks like they needed some more dye.