People share amusing pics showing how their day has gone from bad to worse

For These People, Their Day Has Funnily Gone from Bad to Worse

Every single person in this world has most probably had a bad day in their lives. Bad days are inevitable, and they can come any day, any time. In those days, we just wish we could curl up in bed the whole day and hide from the world, but unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. While some of us get to have these days in private, though, the people in this gallery of photos not only had the worst day ever but were also unlucky enough to have their moment captured forever.

Hot Stuff

This poor woman decided to heat up her leftover soup in the microwave instead of on the stovetop. The problem was, once the soup was piping hot, the container was too hot to hold.

The second she took it out of the microwave, it burnt her hand, and she dropped it. Now not only does she have hot soup all over the floor, but she also burned her foot. We guess bad things happen in threes.