People Who Were Caught Lying On Social Media

With the help of social media, we can now share our lives with our nearest and dearest. By posting pics and updating our statuses, we are able to stay connected instantly. Sadly though, some feel the need to embellish a bit, and sometimes stone-cold liars are caught red-handed posting fake pictures and stories on their social media feeds. There is nothing more satisfying than calling out an internet fake, and often these encounters are hilarious. Keep scrolling to see some of the biggest liars on social media.

Nope, He Didn’t

When will news’ sources learn that before posting anything online and on social media, they have to be 200% sure that the information is accurate? When Heroic Hollywood posted this picture of the Star Wars’ star, Mark Hamil, with a headline that wasn’t very true, Hamil wasn’t about to let that pass.

Since he is very active on social media anyway, someone brought the headline to his attention, and he made sure to clarify things in the comments.