With pranks and jokes like these, these couples really know how to make each other laugh

Partners Who Really Know How To Make Their Significant Others Laugh

Relationships and marriages take a lot of work. Each partner needs to make the other feel special and like they can come to them for anything that they might need. Some wives and girlfriends possess a pretty amazing sense of humor and have the ability to make their partners laugh out loud with some of the antics they get up to you. Everyone should do their best to bring a smile to their partner’s face. Keep scrolling to see some of the most laugh-worthy moments in these couples’ relationships. You might want to try a few of these with your own significant other.

Pregnant Deadpool

For anyone that enjoys superhero movies with an edge, Deadpool quickly became a fan favorite. This wife knew that she had to see Deadpool 2 as soon as it hit theaters, and she wanted her husband to know that she would see it no matter what.

Being 39 weeks pregnant was not about to stop her from donning her Deadpool costume, and heading over to the theater. We hope that her husband had already bought tickets and surprised her.