Exciting Activities For You and Your Family

Family life is amazing, but we all know it can also be rather tiring and if we are being honest, it mostly involves us sticking to a routine of balancing work, cooking, our relationship, our social life, school and of course, trying to sleep! We know that keeping a routine is pretty vital when it comes to family life, for both our kids and our sanity, but we never want to be bored, do we?

It’s a great time to introduce family day trips and make it a regular thing, every month or so. Create memories is so much fun and in the end, this is what is the most important. Parenting coach Debbie Zeichner says, “Family activities promote bonding, togetherness, and shared experiences. Because our brains create stronger pathways to information when feelings are generated during learning, sharing emotions is key. Experiencing joy, anticipation, surprise, or even frustration—that ideally leads to solving a problem—during family activities can create lasting memories as well as stronger bonds between family members.”

Make A Scrapbook

Making a scrapbook is a lot of fun and a great way to store precious memories so why not get your family together and create a family scrapbook. Gather those family pictures, tickets and anything else you may have lying around the house from any family trips or events. Ph.D. Claire Cameron says, “Scrapbook creation gives us the chance to look back and talk about the past; family members can offer their own memories of a particular photograph or period in the family history.

This promotes empathy because each person may have slightly different perspectives on what happened!”

Host a games night

A games night is great fun to share with all of your family. Go to the store and get everyone’s favorite snacks and set up some fun games that everyone can enjoy.

 Encourage everyone to get their pajamas and bring out a board game that is suitable for every age. From charades to Jenga and more.