How To Whip Up A Power Bowl

If you’ve ever tried a poke bowl, well, we’re guessing the upcoming trend of power bowls found its inspiration in the poke world. Not only do Power Bowls look great with the bright colors and seed sprinkles but they are fantastic for your body. Filled with goodness, these bowls can be made however you want and the best thing about it, well most of the ingredients can be cut and stored away for another day.

If you are trying a new way of eating then these bowls can be an awesome way to have some fun and if you are anything like us, then you will be extra pleased about being able to create your own piece of food art.

The main thing to keep in mind here is color, you’ll want to make your power bowl as bright as possible after all, “you are what you eat, and you were born to be a rainbow!”

One of the best things about a power bowl is that it is super easy to make vegan for any of those out there that are attempting Veganuary and if you are looking for a sauce, then why not give cashew butter a try, it really is delicious.

With a variety of vegetables both cooked and raw, your taste buds will enjoy the motions of that special raw crunch that turns into a soft delicate bite, oh and another thing, this is probably one of the quickest lunches you’ve ever made.

How to do it is really simple, all you have to do is choose 4-6 vegetables, or if you want to introduce meat or fish into the mix then you are more than welcome, then chop away and have some fun decorating a bowl with your chosen foods. Take a walk around the veggie section at your local store and feel inspired.

Bon Appetit!