These tweets describe things younger generations will never understand

Tweets That Perfectly Describe What Today’s Kids Will Never Know

Ah, the good old days. 90s kids will mostly agree that growing up in the past millennia could not look more different than the current situation. Kids these days have access to a level of technology most of us would have never dreamed of, and really have no idea about the struggles and the amazing experiences 90s kids had. From game boys to having to burn our whole music playlist in a 700mb CD, here are some tweets that perfectly describe what kids these days will simply never know.

The Mysterious Minesweeper

While today we have hi-tech gaming systems and top of the line games to entertain us, back in the day kids had to look elsewhere for fun. When it came to video games, we really enjoyed the simplicity and preferably understandable games.

But it’s safe to say as much as Minesweeper was one of the most popular games, barely anyone really understood what was going on there. The objective of the game seemed to be clear, in the sense that we had to dodge the mines and bombs spread all over, but figuring them out was definitely not for the faint-hearted.