People Who Figured Out How To Make Life Easy

Every day we go to work, go home, make dinner, and repeat. It seems like this would be a pretty simple schedule to follow, but for some people, they decided that life could be made even easier by adopting a few simple tricks. Why bother getting up to answer the door when you could simply use a piece of twine to pull the door open? If you have ever wondered how you could make your life just a tad easier, then these hacks are for you. Keep scrolling to see how these people got creative and made their lives as simple as possible.

Stinky Clothes

Some laundry machines see a lot of dirty clothes, and these clothes are often covered in a lot of smelly substances. Anyone who has children knows that clothing needs to be washed as soon as a baby spits upon it, or if a toddler has an accident.

After a while, some washing machines begin to develop a rather unpleasant odor, that not even the most floral fabric softener can hide. To combat the smell, all you need to do is combine a cup of baking soda, vinegar, some water and run the wash cycle with nothing inside the washing machine.

Tomato Juice

If bananas are not the fruit you want to put on your face, then tomatoes can also be used. They contain nutrients and vitamins like B6 and vitamin K that will also keep your skin looking and feeling fresh.

If you pick up some ripe tomatoes at your local grocery store, or for the more organically minded grow your own then you are all set for this beauty hack. Simply slice the tomato in half and rub both halves all over your face. The tomato juice will seep into your pores, and make it feel smooth once it dries. You will want to be careful not to get any in your eyes, though!